August 31 Zodiac Sign Personality, Compatibility and Soulmate Predictions

The people of the zodiac who are born on August 31 are driven by a desire to be of service to their communities. You have a strong sense of responsibility. You offer your services and resources wholeheartedly.

Birth chart

August 31 Birthday Zodiac Sign Virgo
August 31 Birthstone Blue sapphire
August 31 Zodiac Symbol The Virgin
August 31 Strengths Helpful, Honest, Organized, and Reliable
August 31 Weaknesses Stubborn, Critical, and Jealous
August 31 Life Path Number Life Path Number 4
August 31 Ruling Planet Mercury
August 31 Element Earth
August 31 Lucky Day Wednesday
August 31 Lucky Colors Aqua
August 31 Lucky Numbers 10, 13, 20, 31, 42, 50, and 58
August 31 Zodiac Stone Peridot
August 31 Zodiac Compatibility Most Compatible With Capricorn and Taurus. 

Being a hardworking person, you enjoy the company of like-minded people. You partner with people who will add value to your transformation agendas.

It means that you have nothing to do with lazy and messy people. In fact, you want to keep them at bay so that they don’t interfere with your noble ideas.

Your sharp mind and focused personality are important when it comes to thorny matters. You are good at giving quick results. Of course, you rely heavily on your resourcefulness and practical nature on these matters.

However, you do have some character flaws that you need to be careful of. These weaknesses will derail your progress unless you handle them decisively.

For example, you tend to worry even when there is no cause for alarm. You have made this a habit. Now what you are doing is wasting valuable energy. Redirect your vital energies to the most important spheres of your life.

Also, you tend to be overly critical. You don’t see any reason to smile. You don’t take the time to reflect and enjoy your achievement. Believe me; this is the recipe for frustrations and exhaustion.

All in all, you are destined to fly high. Use the amazing gifts that you have received from Mother Nature and aim for the top.

Virgo Compatibility Chart

VirgoVirgo with… Compatibility
Aries Aries Medium
Taurus Taurus High
Gemini Gemini Low
Cancer Cancer High
Leo Leo Medium
Virgo Virgo High
Libra Libra Medium
Scorpio Scorpio High
Sagittarius Sagittarius Low
Capricorn Capricorn High
Aquarius Aquarius Medium
Pisces Pisces Low

Common characteristics of people born on August 31

The people of the zodiac who are born on August 31 are in the 1st decan of Virgo. You are in the same category as those born between August 23 and September 2.

The planet Mercury plays a supervisory role in your life. It means that you exude the most outstanding characteristics of this celestial body. For example, you are charming, funny, sociable, and ambitious. In other words, you exhibit the most positive qualities of Virgo.

You have a strong innate sense of perfection. You have set an incredibly high bar for yourself and others. Now you have to go slow on this. Stop setting yourself up for failure.

Your birthday is synonymous with imagination, friendship, loyalty, and enthusiasm. Put it to good use!


Normally, people born on August 31 are Virgos who tend to have an impetuous character. They are usually helpful. They are usually the first to offer themselves to do favors and they are very modest people. In turn, as a negative note of their personality, they are people who get a little stingy and a little irresponsible at times.

The zodiac sign Virgo is usually associated with Wednesday as its day of the week and dark green as its color. Its star is Mercury and its related element is the Earth element.

For people born on the thirty-first day of the eighth month of the year, their associated season is summer. This season does not have to be related to the season of the year associated with the day of birth, since August 31st is summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the south.

Therefore, if you were born on August 31, it is normal to share the aforementioned characteristics and to associate it in a very direct way with the different elements related to this zodiac sign.

Famous people born on August 31

You share your August 31st birthday with many famous people from all over the world. Here are five of them:

  • Caligula, born in 12 - Roman Emperor
  • Comfortable, born in 161 - Roman Emperor
  • Susan Gritton, born in 1965 - English soprano and actress
  • Ceallach Spellman, born in 1995 - English actor
  • Saya Kawamoto, born in 1998 - Japanese singer

Career horoscope

You can do very well as a mid-level manager. This may surprise you, considering that you have a burning ambition. Of course, you want to be on top, right?

It is possible to reach the top. But there is one thing that works against you. You are too harsh a critic! You have set incredibly high standards for yourself and everyone else in your life. This is what limits your progress to the top.

Final thought ...

Aqua is the magical color of people born on August 31st. This color has two faces. Either it is concentrating or weakening. A strong and positive side; and a negative and weak side. That is your personality!

Your lucky numbers are 10, 13, 20, 31, 42, 50, and 58.

August Zodiac Calendar

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27 28 29 30 31

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