Leo Woman and Virgo Man Zodiac Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship

Yes!!!!! I can’t live without my beloved Virgo, nor can I breathe! He is certainly unbearable, but I’m ready to hide my character and be what he needs. Och I’m afraid to lose him.

I am a Leo woman, dating a Virgo man for three years. We have amazing love. We always smile when we see each other. He is very patient, cautious, but I am opposite playful and courageous. We can talk for hours and perfectly complement the friend’s arc, however, he likes to listen more than talk, and I’m a real talker. He analyzes everything, but can criticize him from time to time.

Disputes mainly arise from the fact that he constantly argues with my decisions. But on the other hand, very caring and worried about my success. Do not rush to draw conclusions, you need a lot of time before it opens.

We have been together for three years! Sometimes it seems to me that I spent this time in hell! Jealous, not emotional, secretive, generally parted every day, but I can’t live without him for more than two days, and he’s less in total! So tell me, is it love?

We are 2 years married. With the understanding of huge problems, too “mundane” look at everything around is annoying. The first year was terrible: they could quarrel several times a day – they almost broke up! We both understand that we are very different, but gradually everything is changing for the better. Probably, over time, everything will be fine, but so far it is far from ideal. But we love each other very much, although it surprises me very much despite the fact that we are so different! His secrecy, insensibility annoys me, I am a direct and very emotional person and I don’t understand why I need to hide something from my loved one (for example, problems at work – she prefers to worry alone). In general, when girlfriends talk about their husbands, I understand that the comparison is in his favor! So maybe everything is not so bad … Probably, the beginning of the relationship is difficult and this must be experienced!

We have been living for 2 years !! Full hell, I can’t do this anymore (The first wife left him and all his problems from a past life, he dragged into mine (constant suspicions of treason. (((Virgos are not confident people !!!!!

And we’ve been married for 15 years! It was said in the saying “winter is not without frost”! And parted and went crazy! But now we are waiting for the third child! happy together!!!

I have been married to Virgo for 11 years, if I had the chance to choose again, I would choose someone more passionate and emotional. We have very few common features and qualities. But because of my loyalty, it seems like I have to come to terms and live my whole life. I would prefer something hotter, I want crazy love!

I don’t know, I don’t know, comrades … my husband and I are like a cat and a dog. So I’ve been married only a year. I can’t imagine what will happen next.