Virgo Compatibility: Love, Relationship, Soulmate and Friendship

Virgo Aries Soulmate Compatibility

The union is rare, since Virgo does not understand and does not perceive the impulsive, impatient energy of Aries. The coolness, courtesy and coquetry of the Virgo will kindle Aries and push him to action, but without meeting the return fire, Aries will be shocked and will quickly move from passion to irritation. Aries will decide that he was deceived, not realizing that such is the emotional structure of Virgo. Such a drastic change will offend the Virgo, she will begin to hurt Aries in the details, but she will never be able to comprehend his impulsive suffering nature. They quickly disperse or live like strangers: for Aries, love is creativity, and for Virgo, it’s an unsolved mystery.

Virgo Taurus Soulmate Compatibility

A frequent and happy union. Both are wonderful hosts, sober, practical realists. If Taurus is stubborn, Virgo makes any concessions in order to keep calm and peace in the house. Virgo admires the harmony of Taurus. She learns from him the taste for life, the joy of being. Taurus is happy with the constancy, thrift and patience of the Virgo. Unites them and a mutual desire for earthly pleasures. Children make this union inextricable, as they mean a lot in the lives of both. Relations can be aggravated due to attacks of Taurus jealousy caused by coquetry and coolness of the Virgo (this applies to male Virgos).

Virgo Gemini Soulmate Compatibility

Despite the fact that these two signs are united by Mercury (the patron saint of both Virgo and Gemini), it manifests itself in them in completely different ways. They are attracted to each other, but the union can be strong only if it is based on common interests and if they make mutual concessions, which is very difficult without stress for the Twins. Marriage is usually kept on the patience and rationality of the Virgo.

Virgo Cancer Soulmate Compatibility

Good union. Virgo more than other signs are able to forgive and understand the vagaries of nervous, chaotic Cancers. Virgo gives Cancer the freedom he needs to sin and repent, to leave and return again. Who, if not she, will understand, accept, forgive and heal the wounds of the repentant Cancer, each time believing that this is the last time! Cancers like the constancy of Virgos, rationality and the ability to sacrifice themselves for the sake of children, families, and close their eyes to many things. And Virgo - the sensitivity and subtlety of Cancer.

Virgo Leo Soulmate Compatibility

A union full of misunderstanding and alienation. The cool and flirty Virgo, fixing any trifle, at first skillfully ignites Leo. But then they begin to see each other a lot of flaws. The pettiness and pickiness of the Virgo hurts Leo to the very heart, especially if the woman is a Lioness. Leo Virgo seems cold. Or her flirty nature (even if she doesn’t betray him) drives Leo to a rage. Marriage can be successful only under the condition of common high creative interests or with atypical signs.

Virgo Virgo Soulmate Compatibility

The union is most often successful and happy, since only two Virgo are able to understand each other’s tastes and requirements.

Virgo Libra Soulmate Compatibility

Also a frequent and very successful union. They are united by a mutual desire for balance, to create comfort, coziness and prosperity. Libra knows a little about everything, and Virgo deeply studies the problem, analyzing all sides of the issue. Both complement each other’s missing qualities.

Virgo Scorpio Soulmate Compatibility

(similar to the union of Pluto and Proserpine). In order for the union to be successful, Virgo and Scorpio must have strong characters. In such a marriage, do not wait for peace - the spouses always experience each other, their relationship remains on the verge of crisis. The magnetism and super sensibility of Scorpio excite the Virgo. To confront him, she exerts all her strength, from this - an eternal state of alert. Only the meek, wise and patient Virgo can curb the passionate, active Scorpio.

Virgo Sagittarius Soulmate Compatibility

A rare union. The Thrifty Virgo suffers from the wastefulness and generosity of Sagittarius. They can be united by mutual service to society in the social or religious spheres. In this union, Virgo serves the goals and plans of Sagittarius, as well as her patron - Mercury - serves Jupiter.

Virgo Capricorn Soulmate Compatibility

A balanced and lasting alliance. Both really look at life, sober and practical. Reasonable demands and the critical mind of Virgo impress Capricorn, he also appreciates her ability to notice the detail without which the global problem cannot be solved. And Virgo learns with Capricorn the secrets of love hidden for her, she needs his gentle words praising her virtues. Children make marriage unbreakable.

Virgo Aquarius Soulmate Compatibility

The union is rare. Virgo loves home, order, home building. Aquarius is free, for him the main thing is that, tired of friends, from travels, from problems, where to return. The marriage lasts while the Virgo has enough patience.

Virgo Pisces Soulmate Compatibility

Complex and rare union. Virgo is economic, marriage for her is frugality and hoarding. In love, the Virgo can be likened to the beautiful Snow Maiden: she is sweet and pure, but “I want to love, but I don’t know the words of love.” It is especially bad if Pisces is a woman: she is humiliated by the criticality of the Virgo-man. Mystical, scattered Pisces and concrete Virgos often do not understand each other at all. In fact, they just have a different energy and worldview.

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