Virgo Man Pisces Woman Love and Friendship Compatibility


Love compatibility between Pisces woman and Virgo man

The horoscope gives the Pisces-Virgo bond low love compatibility. This relationship is more of a sexual adventure, but many times it does not go beyond that. Anyway, all is not lost. We will first focus on the negative aspects of this relationship.

At first, the Pisces personality can be very attractive to the Virgo personality, but in the end, things will end. He’s too intimate and messy, and that’s how they like to live.

Virgo like order and perfection, therefore they will try to change the Pisces, which they will not be able to do.

Pisces is the dreamer and Virgo is the practical

Virgo is the practical and Pisces is the dreamer. Pisces can help Virgo relax, while he can teach Pisces how to bring stability to their life.

In order to lead a happy life, Virgo will have to put aside his practical point of view at times, otherwise Pisces could get bored very easily.

If Pisces and Virgo accept the fact that they cannot expect perfection with each other, then alone they will realize that the kind of compatibility they share with each other is difficult to find with each other.

The positive aspects of the Pisces-Virgo relationship

In some unions, the Pisces woman and the Virgo man seem to have been created to complement each other in many ways.

Your mutual desire to improve and develop in the spiritual plan will strengthen both mutual interest and union.

Through caring and awareness of your own mistakes, both of you, as you develop the relationship, will eliminate them, which will lead to the strengthening of the union.

Virgo man in this relationship

The Virgo man is unpretentious, he is only looking for an understandable woman, with natural desires. For him, a woman’s ability to create a homely atmosphere of warmth and comfort is paramount.

The Virgo man seeks in the Pisces woman someone who brings him closer to the idea of a family life. In general their points of view converge.

The Virgo man can give his partner a calm, measured, secure life, full of material prosperity and spiritual perfection.

In this union, the Virgo gains greater confidence in himself, which will have the most favorable effect on the relationship. She is no longer afraid to give in to her feelings.

The Pisces woman in this relationship

The Pisces woman looks for an excuse to manifest her brilliant creative nature, looking for an opportunity to differentiate herself from others. In your life there is an inner world of dreams, unreal illusions. Sometimes it comes in, it tries to bring madness to life, it is in these moments that it can be directed to the correct channel and “come down from heaven” thanks to the Virgo man. The problem is that Virgo, although he can be responsible, decisive and firm, often does not want or does not take the time to “bring reality” to the Pisces woman.

The Pisces woman is sensitive and vulnerable. You like the stormy urges of romance and the pleasures of love. Unfortunately, the Virgo man can be very disappointed by his cold, reserved nature.

For this relationship to float, the Pisces must show patience and delicacy.

The Pisces woman will endow her Virgo man with tenderness, care, attention, she is a wonderful hostess and cook. In her there is a “woman’s beginning”, inherent desire for motherhood, infinite love for people.

A notable characteristic of both is that they do not aspire to re-educate and subordinate their partner to their own wishes.

Pisces woman and Virgo man compatibility

The compatibility between the Pisces woman and the Virgo man is good in many respects.

He will be captivated at first glance by her serenity and ability to listen.

She, in turn, is perceptive and easily understands what is necessary for a man from Vigo. Furthermore, she cleverly uses her knowledge in attempts to conquer him.

The Virgo man is usually helpful, so he will always prefer a woman with the same characteristic.

The more romantic and dreamy the Pisces is, the stronger Virgo will become for her. For a Virgo man it is necessary to create a fairy tale world full of love and romance, which he will not want to abandon.

The common ground: the key to this relationship

A trait of both signs of the zodiac is calm and circumspection. They never get into the heart of events, rarely meet up at noisy and joyous festivals - they are self-sufficient.

The Pisces woman recognizes behind the apparent coldness and practicality of the Virgo a caring man, and appreciates his subtle nature.

For the ideal Pisces and Virgo couple to be harmonious, each one must obtain what they need most: For the Pisces woman it will be material support, fidelity and help with housework. The Pisces woman, not burdened by domestic problems, will fully endow him with her love and attention.

Their compatibility is based on the fact that they are interested in each other, even though they have diametrically opposite characters. Furthermore, they are incredibly similar - both cautious and insightful and capable. However, their unstable nature often puts them at a dead end.

The Pisces-Virgo marriage

Once the biggest problems of this relationship during the courtship have been overcome, the official confirmation of the marriage for these signs of the Zodiac is just a formality. You can both start a family even before you get married.

They don’t recognize conventions, so they have thoroughly studied their compatibility even before the wedding.

In marriage, the wisdom and prudence of both will help to always find a compromise with each other. They will easily overcome difficulties.

Possible difficulties in the union

The most difficult task for both of you will be to put things in order, since each has his own idea on many issues. Although most likely Pisces will have to rationalize their life a bit.

The Virgo man is reserved and does not know how to open his feelings. Therefore, your partner may experience that she is not loved. This makes Pisces suspicious and jealous the more confused Virgo is.

Pisces women are not able to correctly calculate the family budget. They are mostly impractical, and do not seek to handle the financial affairs of the family.

In any case, Virgo is unlikely to like the way a wife spends money. They have different ideas about life and opinions about what to spend on.

Pisces should pay more attention to the actions of a loved one. He is inclined to show his love with facts, care and little surprises.

The one born under the sign of Pisces will have to get used to the rudeness of her husband and the lack of compliments from his lips.

Regarding the family budget, Pisces can trust her Virgo husband because he is usually efficient. As Virgo respects the rights of others, so he will not control or tell his wife how to handle money, as long as there is some slack in the family budget. Conflicts can arise if the budget is somewhat limited.

Sexuality in this relationship

Your intimate relationships will never lose their fire and shine. They are good together, and they are ready to please their partner with something new and original.

Both Zodiac signs are not afraid to fantasize and embody their wildest dreams in life.

Behind the external coldness of its nature, an unbridled passion hides, you just have to give it an outlet. Day after day, they open up to each other, opening at the same time a new world of feelings and colors.

Intimacy for them will not only be a way to enjoy themselves, but rather a need to feel a sense of security and peace.

She needs to feel protected, and he is able to give her this feeling. Virgo will fully enjoy their harmony and their ability, without shame, to unleash their emotions.

These signs of the Zodiac share many characteristics of friendship when they are in a relationship: they both love long conversations. Both are not against spending a serene and enjoyable afternoon watching a movie or discussing an exciting book.

A serious problem that can arise between Virgo and Pisces is that sometimes there is no openness, something that is essential in a healthy relationship.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Pisces woman and Virgo man
Emotional connection Very strong 5 STARS
Communication Average 3 STARS
Trust and dependency Below average 2 STARS
Common values Below average 2 STARS
Intimacy and sex Very strong 5 STARS

How to improve this relationship

The Pisces-Virgo bond has low love compatibility. In fact, couple crises, although they are not very frequent, can be lethal. But don’t be disappointed! a happy bond can be achieved with the right harmony.

First and foremost, for the duration of this relationship, they should base their bond on the same components that a good friendship would have: companionship, sharing moments together, joy. Share a book, a sports activity, have adventures; always look for the novelty so that the spark is not extinguished.

Beware of immature Virgo! They are men who find it difficult to assume responsibilities. Virgo has a great need for independence ... loves to feel free. Any attempt to stifle or hold him can take it badly; therefore it is important that the Pisces gives her a little air and does not demand too much time from her man. It is essential together that they discover the balance between his needs and his.

The Pisces woman always seeks justice and usually has enough patience to wait for it. Finally the Virgo will end up giving everything to his woman if he really loves her.

An important problem can arise in a Pisces-Virgo relationship that has been going on for several years: boredom. You should look for more fun and different activities together, it is good to be encouraged to do things that you would never think of: practice a sport together, grow a plant and wait for its beautiful flower, share a book and then discuss it with each other, etc. They are tiny changes that help to get out of the routine.

Sometimes the Pisces woman tries to change the Virgo man, she may achieve some improvements but she will have to accept certain uncomfortable characteristics as they are if they want to continue with this relationship.

Pisces Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility Reviews


I’m a Pisces woman, I met a Virgo man ... I’ve done well, secretive, a hard worker who is trying to do everything well, but he absolutely did not have passion and emotions, in the end I washed him down. I think I need someone more juicy and emotional ... Scorpio can ...


Fell in love with a man Virgo. It has everything that I wanted to see in a man, but over time I realized how insensitive he was. I read horoscopes, I understood why he is so not emotional. I love him with all my heart, I will try to accept him as he is.


I am a Virgo man, married a Pisces woman, have been living for 20 years. In general, there were ups and downs. In general, we are true minded people. Sex by the way has always been excellent!


I’m dating a Virgo man for about 5 years and one day we plan to start a family. I feel that this is my own person, but sometimes it gets on my nerves. Despite the fact that we are complete opposites, everything is going well with him. I think he is the man of my dreams.


We have been dating for about 5 months, I have never experienced such feelings towards anyone. There are both good and bad, in bad times it can be very cruel. Both of us have problems with controlling anger, but over time we have known each other better and understood how to deal with it. The Virgos know very well what they want from life, we are complete opposites, but at the same time we have learned to communicate and understand each other and this is great.


I am a female Pisces. And around me there are a lot of male virgos. Yes, and my beloved man is also a Virgo, as well as a brother, godfather. All three are very close to me people. Everything that they write about Virgo is true only partially. In relations, they are always leaders, their word is law. And if a woman at least pretends to be so, then they can make her happy.

In material terms, they always know how to make money, family and children are nothing. They don’t like romance, don’t scatter compliments, but they are very reliable, they will always put a strong shoulder in hard times.


I am a Pisces, my husband is a Virgo . We live happily 5 years will be soon. But! I want to note that this is the only Virgo man who does not annoy me. All the other Virgo men I met cause irritation and rejection.


I completely agree with you all! Virgo men cannot be tolerated as husbands !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I also want to add they are selfish and sissy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this is very terrible in marriage, especially when a child! !! bring up two children !!!!!!!!!

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    Susan Miller

    Virgo and Pisces are two opposite and very different signs, but precisely because of this, they can complement and integrate: Pisces can bring some fantasy to the bureaucratic world of your partner and Virgo can put some order into the chaotic life of the other. However, there is a risk that Pisces will get tired of the opportunistic and methodical rigidity of Virgo; at the same time, he can be baffled by excessive sentimentality, lack of practicality and eternal indecision of Pisces. A Virgo-Pisces couple has a strong feminine influence: those born under the sign of Pisces , whose solar sign of Pisces (female), is ruled by the planet Neptune (female). While those born under the sign of Virgo (female sun sign), whose ruler is the planet Vulcan (planet that has not yet been discovered, but will soon be), it is also feminine and powerful. On the other hand, we have that Virgo's adoptive guide is Mercury, a male planet. So this is where a small difference of characters will be observed, in a sense of active or positive initiation (that is, masculine). This does not mean that the Pisces are not capable of having an "initiating" attitude. Actually, the Pisces believe that the active initiative consumes energy and is tiring, so they prefer not to have to bear this responsibility. Therefore, they will be very happy to allow Virgo to act under the male vibrations of Mercury. The Virgo , show a great talent to efficiently order and archive all types of information in their mental chip and locate, when necessary, any detailed data, whether of a person, a place, a situation, a memory, a problem, etc. . The typical Pisces is the antithesis of everything mentioned above. As regards the order, most of the personal objects of a Pisces native resemble an abstract painting by Picasso. If we also observe his residence, then we will compare it with a painting by Dalí: absolute chaos. In any case, the variety of colors used in his paintings will form a home of warm, friendly and welcoming strokes. The disorder will be something that Virgo must accept and not want to modify if he intends to live with the delusional Pisces. On the sexual level, both can be understood as long as Virgo gives up his methodical and conservative structure a bit, and Pisces can, together with his warmth, provide a little order to his room (at least from time to time to generate visual relief to your partner Virgo).


    Am Virgo with Pisces we r together for 8 years but we separate and met again after 3 years later still we r together but our biggest problem is Financial we don't have good income she is the girl of my Dream but she is so mad in every thing what should i do

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