PISCES ZODIAC SIGN EXPLAINED: Dates + Traits + Personality

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign is Pisces if your birthday occurs between February 19 and March 20. These sensitive people enjoy losing themselves in their feelings and fantasies. We can tap into this dreamy energy whenever we need to connect with our emotions.

Zodiac symbol Fish
Duration (tropical, western) February 19March 20
Constellation Pisces
Zodiac element Water
Zodiac quality Mutable
Sign ruler Jupiter (traditional), Neptune (modern)
Detriment Mercury in traditional, Pluto in modern
Exaltation Venus
Fall Mercury
Birthstones Amethyst

10 things that you will only be able to understand if you are an Pisces sign

  1. You will probably need time alone
  2. You fall in love quickly and after the first date you wants to get married
  3. Easily absorbs the energies of other people
  4. You are very creative
  5. You likes to talk about spirituality and mystical topics
  6. You are very compassionate and loving, which is sometimes your downfall.
  7. You are very sensitive
  8. You have a very powerful intuition
  9. You tend to create a very easy connection with others
  10. You are responsible for helping other people in their work

The Pisces zodiac sign people are gregarious and frequently find themselves in the company of individuals from many walks of life. They are unselfish and constantly want to serve others, which is beautiful as long as they don’t ask anything in return. Based on natural order and senses guiding them, people born with their Sun in Pisces have an intuitive awareness of the life cycle and build excellent emotional relationships with other individuals.

Pisces is a Water sign that ends the Cancer-Scorpion cycle, dispersing everything that has happened in the past and changing anyone’s perspective on forgiveness. They are known for their empathy and enormous emotional capacity, but only if they maintain solid boundaries. They do not allow external emotions to overwhelm them.

Open-minded and Sensitive

The ruling planets of Pisces are Neptune and Jupiter, and intuition is their best trait. Every Pisces has a gift that they need to employ in order to feel creative and free. This talent is linked to art, music, and any form of liberal expression. Tolerant and empathetic, they may go above and above in their good intentions for others, neglecting their own well-being in the process.

The Fish of Love, Pisces Imagine two skinny humans dipping and then transforming into two fish swimming around each other in a sparkling lake. This is what the image of Pisces should represent. Yet, it is more typically associated with the historical and mythological background of a Capricorn follower. Fear might push individuals apart from loved ones into romance or make them quiver, powerless and unwilling. Despite this, love propels them through the muddiest rivers in search of the one with whom their hearts connect. They are looking for their soul mate, someone who has an umbilical cord with them and is willing to share everything they have with their Pisces spouse for the rest of their lives and beyond.

Pisces, the Emotional Dreamer of the Zodiac

Pisces is symbolized by a fish, which represents their free-flowing personality. The elusive and spiritual Neptune is Pisces’ ruling planet, indicating how easy this sign can drift away from reality and into a mystical way of thinking. As one of the fluid zodiac signs, Pisces struggles to thrive in too structured environments or under stringent regulations. As a water sign, Pisces is known for being one of the zodiac’s most emotional signs.

Pisces energy is imaginative and sentimental, making it an excellent choice for channeling your deepest impulses into something creative. While Pisces is known for living in a fantasy world, their ethereal nature makes them one of the most spiritually aware zodiac signs. However, don’t confuse their gentleness for weakness.

Pisces can be as sweet as candy, but if they are insulted, offended, or disrespected in any way (whether perceived or actual), they can transform from angelfish to piranha in a moment. Their bite is possibly the most dangerous of all the zodiac signs!

Pisces Zodiac Sign in Love and Romance

Pisces’ romantic qualities abound as one of the zodiac’s most passionate and sentimental signs. They fantasize about finding a fantasy romance that will completely enthrall them. Pisces are prone to falling in love soon since they can’t help but put their hearts on their sleeves. While Pisces’ idealistic nature can cause people to have high (and possibly unrealistic) expectations in a relationship, it also makes them empathetic companions. The ideal companion for a Pisces is someone who can gently ground them while still respecting their sensitivity. Aggressive personalities may make Pisces feel like a shrinking violet or misunderstood, which will not be suitable for the partnership in the long run.

Cancer and Scorpio, as well as the earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, are the ones that are most compatible with Pisces. Lean into your creative side if you want to impress a Pisces. These water babies enjoy expressing themselves through drawings, words, and music, so bonding around a mutual interest in art or creative expression is perfect.

Hopeless Romantics

Pisces is the sign of hopeless romantics. It exalts Venus and serves love, devotion, pleasure, and all that is lovely and tender. They are exceedingly loving and generous with their partners. Still, in their pursuit of love, they can lose sight of their moral principles. They need to experience a genuine connection with their spouses in order to open up and discover that inner sense of absolute faith in an ideal love that keeps them from contemplating change.

Short-term relationships and adventures are not characteristic of this zodiac sign. Still, they have a changeable quality that allows them to be somewhat careless when it comes to picking a new daily fling. They become genuinely devoted and honest when they discover the inner state of belief in someone with whom they begin sharing their lives as if their whole mission in life was to find and make happy the person in front of them.

What to Do To Attract a Pisces Man?

If a man’s Sun is in the sign of Pisces, he lives solely to please and adore his partner. He needs a realistic and caring partner who is willing to keep at least one of his feet on the ground and linked to the physical world. Sensitivity, sympathy, and kindness will not be in short supply. Yet, he may engage in several nefarious activities in his spare time. He gets much pleasure out of figuring out what gifts their girlfriend wants and purchasing them for any forthcoming event.

A Pisces zodiac sign man enjoys laughing and requires a companion who is both amusing and easygoing. On the other side, he is compassionate. He has a strong desire to please others in his life, making him vulnerable to manipulation and deception. This is a man who fights between solid emotions, without revealing them to the rest of the world, by using his imagination to please his loved one.

What to Do To Attract a Pisces Woman?

This is a woman who is thoughtful, imaginative, caring, selfless, and highly sensitive. Attraction happens in a matter of seconds in her life, and it either happens, or it doesn’t. She won’t usually feel it with folks she’s known for a long time but has never met. Despite her calm, quiet demeanor and position on the defensive line, this is a woman who will never be boring in her sexual interactions.

Finding beliefs and directions you have shared in life is safe to approach her if you enjoy lively debates about spiritual matters. Her primary goal is to be treated with dignity while maintaining her personal space and limits. By nature, a Pisces zodiac sign lady is exceedingly sensitive, and she is slow to forgive and forget. Even for new amazing people and relationships that are just beginning, if her heart has been injured in the past, she will find it difficult to open it up again.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Family and Friends


A Pisces might be the ideal buddy for those who are patient enough to wait, as they are gentle, caring, and always ready to listen. They will be perplexed, lost, change plans, and arrive late, but the sympathy and love that one feels around them will frequently be enough to keep them close. They have a tendency to prioritize the needs of others before their own, which is detrimental to everyone. This is why they need to be surrounded by people who respect their boundaries, no matter how hazy they are, and who can assist them in conserving vital energy.


Pisces is a profoundly intuitive sign that may sense when something is amiss even before something unpleasant occurs. This can be an issue in their primary connection because the cloud in which they grow up dictates their emotional states, regardless of how hard their parents attempt to make their relationship functioning and their child happy. Pisces spouses must remind themselves that inner peace, not perfection, is what they seek while beginning their own family and a new way of life with a loved one.

Career and Wealth for Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces is intuitive and dreamy, and they thrive in environments where their creative abilities may shine, such as working for a higher cause through imaginative charity events. Pisces-friendly occupations are sympathetic and filled with faith and dedication; therefore, priests, doctors, veterinarians, singers, painters, and any other occupation that requires working in the shadows are ideal. They might have much fun playing different parts and hiding their genuine identities while undercover and hidden.

For the most part, Pisces does not give money much thought, and they are usually more focused on their dreams and goals and will only work as hard as they can to achieve them. Depending on the strength of the dream they hold and the sense of purpose they were raised with, each Pisces devotes as much time as is required to follow it.

If your Sun Sign is Pisces

If Pisces is your zodiac sign, you’re a sensitive dreamer who enjoys immersing yourself in alternate realities. You like to feel your way through life rather than follow reasoning; therefore, you lead with your emotions. Your feelings are so strong that you may feel as if you’re drowning in them. This is why so many Pisces choose to express themselves symbolically, such as through poetry, visual art, or creating meaningful playlists. Because Pisces are natural mystics, you may feel drawn to mystical experiences or a natural connection to the universe’s energy. Thanks to Pisces ’ deep sensibilities, you’re one of the most compassionate and empathetic people around, and everyone can trust you to comprehend their most tender feelings.

Pisces may be dreamers, but their emotionally intent and spiritual energy seems like a breath of fresh air in a society obsessed with timing, logic, and physical objects. Others are inspired by your energy to connect with their emotions, unleash their creativity, and imagine how wonderful the world might be.

If your Moon Sign is Pisces

Your moon sign is a symbol for your more intimate, emotional, and vulnerable side, as well as what makes you feel safe. If your moon sign is Pisces, how you feel is frequently just as significant as what you know. As you have a tendency to idealize the past, you may find yourself becoming longingly caught up in recollections on a regular basis. You will feel nourished and help process your feelings if you lose yourself in the imagination of a film, song, or daydream.

If Pisces is your Ascendant Sign, then

If Pisces is your rising sign, you have a warm and kind attitude that makes you easy to be around. You have a dreamy element to your demeanor, and you come across as compassionate and quite go-with-the-flow. Pisces risings may prefer a more whimsical look, but their emotions are constantly on display no matter what they wear.

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