Capricorn Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Capricorn Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Responsible, empathetic and thoughtful. The Capricorn woman may seem shy, in fact many are, but she is a box of surprises full of good feelings and accurate opinions.

Capricorn woman personality

It is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of time and responsibility. For this reason, the Capricorn woman knows that everything costs effort , that no one gives you anything and that if you want something you have to work for it. It is something that she assumes and that seems fair to her, so she does not hesitate to make an effort.

The Capricorn woman is pragmatic. She always has a plan or a goal to achieve. And she will put all her willpower, which is a lot, into doing it. Many think that she is cold, even interested, but they are totally wrong. She is very sensitive, but she also knows that she has to focus on her goals. In fact, that choice is a lesson in humility. She guards her feelings because she always considers that there is something above them and she cannot give herself so much importance.

The Capricorn woman is very empathetic. She cares about the people she loves and even those she knows. And she will do whatever she can to help them. But she is not intrusive. She doesn’t believe she has the right to interfere in anyone’s life. That’s why they call her cold when she is really respectful and very sweet.

The Capricorn woman: respectful, thoughtful and educated

The Capricorn woman, because of that respectful part of her, does not ask. She thinks it’s in bad taste. This does not mean, as some think, that she does not care what happens to people. She manages her emotions effectively and assumes that the rest of humanity does too. That’s why it seems to her that she doesn’t have to interfere in everyone’s processes.

The Capricorn woman is thoughtful, but without getting too carried away. We explain: she thinks things through and has a very analytical intelligence, but not one to wallow in dramas or torture herself. Her goal is to find a solution. She is convinced that by stopping to think she will find the best one. And she is right, because in most cases she gets it. That reflection of hers helps her not to be impulsive, but also to move forward, because she does not stay thinking so long as to paralyze herself.

One of the characteristics of the Capricorn woman is that she is extremely correct and educated. Even when she is upset or angry and presents her arguments, she does so without insulting, sticking to the facts, explaining the reasons for her anger without getting angry. For her, losing her temper would be a lack of courtesy towards the world that she cannot and will not allow.

The Capricorn woman is very faithful

The Capricorn woman can be a bit pessimistic. But it is internally, it is her vision of her world that is not very hopeful. But she assumes it and she is one of the signs that complains the least. In fact, she resents people who spend their days complaining or blaming others for her problems. She takes responsibility for herself in everything she does.

This sign is very loyal and when the Capricorn woman is confident enough and is sure that they will not harm her, she opens her heart and shows her sweet feelings. She is absolutely irresistible and those who are next to her understand the great humanity that she harbors inside her.

For her, opening the doors of her heart is an act of absolute trust. And if after doing so, she is betrayed she will not speak to that person again. In that she is very radical.

The strengths of the Capricorn woman

Analytics : It seems that the Capricorn woman has a scalpel with which she can dissect the world and understand it better. She reaches conclusions that are always revealing and never clichéd.

Decided: She is a woman who knows what she wants. She manages her goals, never allows them to be imposed on her, and addresses them relentlessly.

Sacrificed: In a good way: she knows the price of things and is willing to pay it without regret.

This is how the Capricorn woman is in love

It may seem contradictory, but having a relationship with a Capricorn woman is very easy , but having a relationship with her is extremely difficult. We explain: it is very difficult for her to gain confidence and get out of that border of shyness with which she defends herself. But when she does, she really gives of herself and makes the relationship a bed of roses.

For a Capricorn woman to open up to love, she must be given time. The pressure doesn’t suit her. She will hardly be one of those who have breakfast with someone after a first date. She needs her time. And she will be sure that the other person truly values her. To do this, details and praise work like a balm.

The Capricorn woman once commits will fight for her love. She will support her partner in everything and will build a sweet and warm home in which they can be happy. She is very homely and also family-oriented, so she is capable of providing a lot of stability to her loved ones.

This is how the Capricorn woman is in friendship

The Capricorn woman is very understanding and caring and highly values friendship.  So much so that you can count her real friends on your fingers. There are many acquaintances, since she is a person who radiates a very special magnetism. But the real ones, to whom she shows her heart, are a small group of chosen ones.

Choosing to have few friends does not only have to do with her shyness, but with her responsibility. She will do everything for the people she loves, but she knows that she has many obligations in life. And in a way she feels that she cannot put the pleasure of friendship before her responsibilities.

The sensitive Capricorn will not tolerate betrayal from her group of friends. Never. Never. Because one of her defenses is resentment. It is surely one of the signs with the greatest capacity to be spiteful. She will not seek revenge, because she is too good, but she will never forgive the affront.

The health of the Capricorn woman

She tries very hard in everything and that, in some cases, takes its toll on her. She may suffer from joint problems. Also tension or circulation. The problem is that she has a tendency to be a bit hypochondriac and sometimes she prefers to look on the Internet and be scared than to go to the specialist and find a remedy, which is what would be best for her.

In general, and despite being born in winter, the Capricorn woman is very cold. And a little weather sensitive: her mood can change depending on the weather. In fact, finding balance is one of her biggest challenges, as she may have a tendency to somatize her emotional changes.

The pragmatic Capricorn woman should learn to trust some natural therapies that will help her connect body and mind. If she is able to let go and not analyze them, she will find great benefits.

Famous Capricorn women

They are women with undeniable charm and beauty, who manage to turn that point of shyness into something magnetically mysterious like Adriana Ugarte, Irina Shayk, Kate Moss or Edurne do.

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