Capricorn Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

Capricorn Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

When the others have barely begun to prepare, she has gone there and done it. She thinks big, tries hard to get what she wants. It is determined, prepared for the possible and the impossible. She is Capricorn and is always on the road to success.

Capricorn is one of those who, as a child, played the little grocery store and already had stock control and profit forecasting. She was the absolute champion of Real Estate Bank and always had a realistic profession in mind when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She is like this: serious since childhood, but jovial all her life. Capricorn is very down to earth and knows nothing falls from the sky. That is why you are always striving to achieve your desires.

She has fun setting professional goals and never thinks of work as a problem. On the contrary, to become a workaholic is a leap. Capricorn is suspicious, always takes a thousand precautions against unforeseen events. It has the plan A, B, C… And it goes all the way, if need be. Her day is done if she has achieved any realization.

Enchanted princes are certainly not in your plans. She seeks her independence with fierce determination. Your boyfriends need to be mates, understand your ambitions and, if possible, have similar plans. She has no patience for people who are accommodated or even soft-bodied.

She loves a compliment, but is embarrassed by too much romanticism. That is, she expects them to speak well of her effort, her work, her outfit (she prizes for her elegance), but if her partner makes up a mushy nickname, she soon rolls her eyes thinking she’s silly.

It may sound cold, but it’s only because you don’t trust anyone at first. A relationship with Capricorn needs to be built gradually. But when things go well, she loves to focus on her partners. It is extremely faithful and expects the same in return. Long boyfriends are her face as she loves stability. Like to take the reins of the relationship, it’s your control craze that never gives a break.

She has an air of mystery, doesn’t like to reveal herself all at once. Hides his feelings and fears getting hurt in any situation that is not right. He rarely loses his temper and doesn’t have much patience for those who publicly expose their passions.

Capricorn lives on thinking about the future, and taking every possible action to prepare for it. Sometimes you need someone to bring you back to enjoy the moment. But if at a party or trip any unforeseen events happen, you can bet that Capricorn is the one who will solve the problem.

She doesn’t take her foot off what she believes, she knows how to make the best of every situation. She knows herself well and does not fall - nor let them get her - stuck. She is a loyal friend and always wants to see well those she loves. She is Capricorn and falls in love too. For your future, your dreams. For your life.

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