The Celtic Goddess Of Each Zodiac Sign

Each sign of the zodiac is influenced and protected by a Celtic goddess. Do you know yours? We list below all the corresponding signs and goddesses. Check yours and have another weapon for protection and energy work.

Aries - Morrigan (Goddess of war)

Morrigan is, like the Aryans, fiery and with a strong personality. It favors virtues in Aryans through the recovery of sovereignty over their own lives. To invoke your Goddess, use figures or images of crow or rook and light a black candle. Every Tuesday, wear red underwear or burn an absinthe incense together with a black candle.

Taurus - Arianrhod (Goddess of the home)

The Goddess Arianrhod was presented through the duality of Virgin and Mother. She is a warrior who desires harmony within her home and aims to teach this virtue to all Taureans. It also shows a vision of wholeness. For the protection ritual, use a light green piece of clothing on Fridays.

Gemini - Maeve (Goddess of hunting and war)

She is a highly seductive and sovereign woman. Symbolizing female power is the personification of the Earth. It brings out the wild Gemini and reinforces the innovative spirit. For the protection, ritual use a lot of silver and light a gray candle every Saturday.

Cancer - Dana (Triple Goddess of Home and Family)

Like the typical nature of Cancerians, the Goddess Dana is known as “mother” in Greek mythology. She has a strong maternal spirit, an immense tendency to love, and the most simple and genuine emotions. For the protection ritual, light three white candles, three pink candles, and three yellow candles and chant the mantra “Goddess of three faces, bring me the Gift of the Moon! In the crescent, give me courage; in the flood fill me with love; in the waning, wisdom, virtue and magic! “

Leo - Macha (Goddess of sovereignty)

She is a goddess connected to Morringa and Dana but who invokes the solar spirit. It helps to enhance the mood, attracts wealth, success, and more dynamism for the natives of this sign. The protection ritual is simple: wear a yellow garment on Wednesdays.

Virgo - Brigid (Goddess of wisdom and the arts)

The Goddess of creativity and poets inspires Virgo natives to encourage themselves to fulfill their secret fantasies and follies. For the protection ritual, light a verbena incense during Wednesdays.

Libra - Branwen (Goddess of love)

Similar to Aphrodite, she is the Celtic Goddess of beauty and love. It aims to strengthen the connection of Librans with their essence. For the protection ritual, wear a pink outfit and light a rose incense every Wednesday.

Scorpio - Cerridwen (Goddess of fertility)

The Goddess who makes everything happen. Combined with the Scorpios’ magnetism and ambition, it can be synonymous with success in what they set out to do. It retains all powers related to wisdom and knowledge. For the protection ritual, wear red clothes every Tuesday.

Sagittarius - Sadbh (Goddess of the hunt)

It is the Goddess of all wild things. Like the natives of Sagittarius, he prefers nature and the spontaneity of things far from routine than a romance scene. It is governed by fire and lives in search of freedom. For this Goddess’s protection ritual, light a jasmine incense for seven calendar days.

Capricorn - Scâthach (Goddess of sovereignty)

She is a strong and sexual goddess, able to rule the world through her power. It gives Capricorns the necessary power to achieve their goals and can also provide the necessary strength for a fresh start. For the protection ritual, it is necessary to use a perfume with the essence of roses every time you feel that you need help in matters of love or work.

Aquarius - Rhiannon (Goddess of depths and another world)

She is considered the Goddess of nature, enchantment, and fertility. Help the natives of Aquarius to have the wisdom and strength to explore the new world they are looking for. For the protection ritual, it is necessary to light a violet incense and use the white color on Saturdays.

Pisces - Blodeuwedd (Goddess of love and beauty)

She is the most feminine Goddess of all, which significantly influences the causes of love. It radiates great sexual attraction and has its most significant power during the ovulation period of the natives of this sign. It can help in love life and guide personal relationships in general. Ideal for your protection ritual, it is necessary always to carry a moonstone.




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