Libra Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Libra Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Refined, smart, kind and very seductive. This is how Libra women are, who achieve what they set out to do with a smile and their ability to convince. They are also very loyal and fight tirelessly for their ideals.

Libra woman personality

Libra natives are very special women who are tremendously appreciated by those who know them. They do not stand out because they are giving the grade for life, the other way around. They always know how to be in their place, but that does not mean that they are shy or that they do not show their opinion. But like everything, Libras do it in a balanced way.

It is no coincidence that the symbol of Libra is the scales. And balance is very important for them. Moderation is something they look for throughout their lives. And it is also the balance that leads them to have a great taste for aesthetics. They want to surround themselves with harmony, both in relationships and in the objects that surround them.

The Libra woman: flirtatious, kind and persuasive

The Libra woman has very good taste and likes to dress up. She knows how to behave with exquisite elegance and capture the gaze of locals and strangers. But she does it naturally, without imposing, it is something that comes as standard. However, if she goes overboard, she can become somewhat vain and superficial. But most Libras know how to find the right balance.

The search for balance is also transmitted in personal relationships. She wants everyone around her to be well because it is the best way for her to feel good too. Therefore, she is very kind to everyone and very persuasive. When she wants to get her way, she does not impose her ideas, but rather she tries to convince others. And in a very high percentage of cases she succeeds.

One of the reasons she has this attitude is because she hates conflict. It’s something she can’t handle. She doesn’t understand why there are so many people who pick fights for life and want to impose their will without listening to others.

The Libra woman is a fighter and empathetic

The only problem is that this pacifying attitude leads her to avoid confrontation. And there are times when unfortunately there is no choice but to fight a little, no matter how much one doesn’t want to. In these situations, the Libra woman has a hard time, because she is not her thing, but she is not one to let herself be stepped on either. And, sometimes, she explodes, because she doesn’t lack personality.

The Libra woman’s search for balance is very laudable, but it has its downside. Sometimes she hesitates too much. Would it be fairer for me to do this or that? And with that question she can become a prisoner without being able to make a decision. She wants to find a rational answer, but what she would have to do is let herself be carried away by her intuition, which is much more refined than she imagines.

The Libra woman cannot stand injustice. But she’s not one to complain and she expects others to do something. She rolls up her sleeves and fights to change things. It is likely that she is active in political parties or joins worthy causes. And if not, she will manifest that personality trait in her daily life, preventing injustices from being committed around her.

Libras are very social. Surely one of the most social signs of the horoscope. They need to be surrounded by people with whom they can share their lives. The social is what structures its existence.

The strengths of the Libra woman

Persuasive  . It is one of the signs with the greatest ability to convince others. And without deception. His arguments and his kind way of presenting them take care of that.

Demanding . It is in the sense that it believes it deserves the best and does not settle for less. And that is of great help throughout his life.

Sensitive . In addition to feeling everything very intensely, you are also very susceptible to criticism that can affect you more than others imagine.

This is how the Libra woman is in love

Venus, the planet of love, is the ruler of Libra, so matters of the heart play a very important role in the life of the Libra woman. She has a curious duality: she is in love, but on the other hand she has to be very sure – due to her dubious character – about the other person to take the step of committing.

The Libra woman is very romantic. As a couple she is very sweet, she has details with half of her and in addition, she is also fun and proposes crazy and unforgettable plans. What she can’t stand are arguments and bad vibes. Few Libra women will extend a toxic relationship. They will nip it in the bud because they find it very unpleasant to be with someone who is confrontational.

The Libra woman seeks stability , but curiously she usually has several relationships throughout her life. Basically it is difficult to find a single Libra, because sometimes she goes from one relationship to another, because she always feels more comfortable in a relationship. And since she is so seductive, she is never short of proposals.

This is how the Libra woman is in friendship

The Libra woman is highly valued by her friends. They know that they can always count on her and they greatly admire that she never judges them and that she always tells them the truth. And the Libra friend will tell you with great sweetness that you have not acted well and she will help you repair what you have done.

She is also an exceptional counselor, although she has a hard time applying the wise advice she gives. She will worry about her friends’ problems almost as if they were her own. And she will have to learn to slow down a little because she can’t suffer a lot of stress.

The kind and sincere Libra also has a problem: she takes criticism to heart. A casual comment that calls her into question can hurt her. She may be offended, she may withdraw into herself, or she may become depressed without saying a word. In that sense, you have to learn that your self-esteem does not depend so much on the opinions of others.

The health of the Libra woman

Natives of this sign spend their lives looking for balance. And sometimes they become overly tense if they don’t succeed. This leads them to develop psychosomatic ailments, such as allergies, skin problems or asthma. They must learn to relax with natural therapies that will suit them like a glove, as they are very mystical.

The lower back is the weak point of the Libra woman. You may suffer from colic or urinary infections. And these appear more frequently when your immune system is going through low hours. And that also happens when she’s nervous. A vicious circle that if they manage to break, will allow them to enjoy very good health.

Exercise is something that Libra women will benefit from. Finding a discipline that has a slightly mystical touch or that really helps them understand their body will be of great help throughout their lives.

Famous Libra Women

Libras are very beautiful and seductive women, always with a special style that makes them different from the rest, like Catherine Zeta Jones, Bella Haddid, Kate Winslet, Rita Hayworth or Brigit Bardot.  Libra women fight for what they believe in and have a different concept of the things they expose in everything they do, like Rosalía, Serena Wiliams or Leticia Dolera.

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