Libra Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

Libra Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

She is harmony and delicacy. She dreams of a more beautiful and fair world. The Libra may be the kind that puts on lipstick to go to the market, or it goes from jeans and flip-flops to a party, but whatever its style, it’s always tidy, there’s something about its lightness that delights. She is always surrounded by friends, is cheerful, smiling. He likes to find balance in everything he does.

Libra is all thoughtful and hates to dislike. It’s the diplomat who wants to keep the class of friends together, regardless of differences. Sometimes this is reflected in a frustrating indecision. She’s the person you’ll never want in front of you in the cafeteria line when you’re in a hurry. So many options, so many qualities, that Libra needs a couple more hours to decide.

She enjoys conversations and always has something to talk about. She is friendly to everyone, wants to know people better and treats well even those who do not like. It’s because she hates arguments. You can always see her running away from conflict, but she raises her voice if she sees any injustice being done. She is disappointed when the real world disappoints her, but always fights for some cause that can make things better. Her suffering does not make her give up, but gives her strength.

Her charm always carries a legion of suitors she sometimes doesn’t even realize she has. The Libra dreams of a fairytale love, but don’t expect to see her sigh in love from the corners. She hides her feelings. But when you fall in love, you want to live in romance and a beautiful love story. Her relationships need cooperation and companionship, she loves dating and doesn’t like loneliness. She is not jealous and also hates to be controlled. For her every relationship is equal to equal, balanced. You can discuss the relationship for hours, but it’s not a fight.

If you suffer for love, it’s yours, you don’t want to share your suffering with others. And soon she recomposes herself, all full of positivity and hope, seeking other ways to be happy.

Libra has an artistic side, and when she is not a painter, dancer or music, she is always in art galleries, museums and exhibitions. Her eye for aesthetics is sharp, she always knows a color combination that will match. She likes to talk about jewelry, makeup and hair but it’s not futile - she just likes what’s beautiful, and knows there’s no harm in that. She’s one of those who thinks the world would be better if more people wanted to make it beautiful too.

Her heart is giant and her smile is contagious. She may be honest enough to be tactful, but her intentions are the best, so no one gets mad at her for long. It is feminine and in this delicacy, reveals its strength. She lives in clouds as well as on earth. Libra always chooses to be happy.

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