What is the September Zodiac Sign?

What are the zodiac signs corresponding to the days of the month of September?

The zodiac sign of people born in September can be Virgo or Libra. The zodiac symbol associated with a person born in September will depend on the exact date of birth.

That is, if the person is born between the period between August 24 and September 23, the sign of the zodiac that will correspond to him will be Virgo. And if the person has a birthday in the period from September 24 to October 22, his sign will be Libra . Therefore, you cannot directly associate a zodiac symbol with a month, you must take into account the exact day you were born.

What personal characteristics are associated with the zodiac sign of those born in the month of September?

As mentioned above, those born in the month of September can be Virgo or Libra .

In the case of Virgos (August 24 to September 23) they are usually perfectionists, they are people who are usually helpful, they are usually the first to offer themselves to do favors and they are very modest people. As a negative aspect of their personality, they are people a little stingy and a little irresponsible.

In the case of people whose zodiac is Libra (born from September 24 to October 22) they are usually friendly. They are usually people who are usually quite sociable, delicate and usually have great artistic gifts. Although as a negative aspect of their personality, they are a bit indecisive, superficial and tend to be very flirtatious.

The good and the bad about babies born in September

Did you know that September is the month with the most births in the world? Many studies have been done in this regard and the reasons are always the same: if we take into account, the moment of conception of these babies coincides with the arrival of winter, the Christmas holidays ... But not only are there more babies, but on top they could have been shown to be the smartest.

Although not all are advantages ... We tell you all the good and bad of babies born in September.

There is more and more scientific evidence on how the lives of individuals, health, profession, intelligence and other aspects are determined by the month in which we are born. The matter seems esoteric, but it is not. Science has been finding evidence that the calendar interferes in the gestation of the little one and that being born on August 31 is not the same as doing it on September 1, even though the two dates are only 24 hours apart.

This small variation can determine if our son ends up being a pilot or a physicist, or if he suffers from asthma or schizophrenia . Do you want to know what awaits your baby if it has been born or is about to arrive in this month of September? Keep reading with us.

People born in September are special for many reasons. Their intelligence and the depth of their dialogue make them good coffee companions, although they can be irritating at times. But they have huge hearts and loyalty is extremely important to them.

Below we offer you some common brushstrokes that will be given if your baby has arrived with the start of the course.

1. They will be realistic

They are not very fanciful, but on the contrary, they will have their feet on the ground. You will not have problems with decision making, because they see things very clearly and without thinking about it. And the thing is, they are very practical people. This way of being has the advantage that it helps them to face difficult situations without too much trouble. the bad? They can be very critical and find it difficult to make decisions guided by intuition.

2. They will be a lover of beauty

Those born with the start of the course adore beauty in all its forms. From objects to people, they value what is beautiful and harmonious. For this reason, they are usually very sensual and romantic people. Sometimes they can even come to pass for superficial, but in reality it is that they especially appreciate what they can register with the senses. This makes them end up being great artists, if they dedicate themselves to it.

3. They will be very intelligent

They see things as they are, they are not fooled by fantasies and they have no problems studying or solving logical problems. However, this is not so good when it comes to interpersonal relationships, as they can be very sarcastic and not very tolerant of the thinking of others.

4. They will have strong relationships

When someone born in September loves someone, they will commit to that person to the fullest. In general, they are from long-lasting relationships because they easily make the commitment by being very loyal and generous with the people they love.

5. They want to know everything

They have a great nose to detect when something is wrong and know how to pull the rope until they find the truth. Better not lie to them! Not only will they find out but they will have tests and they will leave you completely ‘off side’. And it is that their thirst for knowledge is infinite.

6. What diseases will they be prone to?

Those born in September will possibly face and therefore have to watch out for thyroid problems , asthma and osteoporosis and will be prone to vomiting.

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