Aquarius Man Secret Desire, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Intelligent, surprising and unpredictable. Aquarians are different and they don’t hide it, they are very proud of it.

Aquarius man personality

Aquarius has Uranus as ruler and Saturn as co-ruler. It is said that depending on the influence of each of these planets there are two types of Aquarius. One would be calm and sensitive, while the other would be extroverted and hedonistic.

Perhaps these two tendencies coexist in some way in the Aquarius man and depending on his life path, one manifests more than the other. But what is true is that the Aquarius man is unpredictable. You never know where he’s going to come out. And that makes them tremendously attractive for signs that avoid monotony and somewhat burdensome for those who seek stability.

The Aquarius man: creative, altruistic and intelligent

The Aquarius man is very intelligent and his conversations are always interesting and in most cases surprising. He has very original theories and is always up to date with all the innovations. His privileged mind has no problem handling large amounts of data and relating them as if by magic.

Look for the company of different people like him. He is bored by knowing what his interlocutors are going to say and that is why he looks for colorful, extreme or misfit characters who can give him a different point of view. He is addicted to novelty and boredom terrifies him.

It is said that he is cold and individualistic, but the truth is that he is also very altruistic. He focuses more on the common good than on the individual. This makes him give himself over to great ideals that sometimes seem to matter more to him than people. But it’s not true either, because when he wants, he does it with all his heart.

The Aquarius man  is very frustrated by selfish and conventional attitudes. And he gets angry about it, but normally he uses irony, which ends up being sarcasm to ridicule those people who bother him so much.

The Aquarius man: resourceful and susceptible

It is fun: You can really chill next to an Aquarius. His ideas and attitudes are unlike anything else. It has a humor that borders on the surreal. In addition, he is usually optimistic and spreads his good vibes to the people around him.

The Aquarius man also has a bad temper. The most disconcerting thing is that he just goes out, for things that no one expects. His inner world is changing and sometimes leads him to dark places and in those moments everything bothers him and explodes without any reason. In general, he has a problem controlling his reactions. And he usually regrets and apologizes for it, because he knows himself. But he is also very proud and even if he does it, he can continue to insist that he was somewhat right.

The Aquarius man is very social, but he also needs time alone. It is an urgent need that suddenly leads you to distance yourself from everything and everyone and take refuge in your thoughts and his imagination. It is a way to recharge, to understand yourself better, to focus. And it bothers him a lot that people don’t understand him or that they pressure him not to do it.

The strengths of the Aquarius man

Big heart: Beneath that provocative surface, hides a huge heart and a kind man, who wants all of humanity to be happy.

Independent: The Aquarius man is surely the most independent of the entire zodiac. He is happy with company, but not out of necessity. He can provide himself with everything he needs in life.

Stubborn: He is very sure of himself and his opinions and has a hard time changing them. He will never give in.

This is how the Aquarius man is in love

When the Aquarius man falls in love, he is capable of doing anything for his partner. He feels happy, euphoric, he stops having depression and he could take on the world. The Aquarius man praises the person he is with both in public and in private.

He wants it to last forever and in many cases it will. But in others he will lose steam and withdraw from the relationship. In most cases, not even he knows the reason. It has nothing to do with the other person but with his changing feelings. Without further ado, he can fall out of love and Aquarius will never be with someone for the sake of being. If he doesn’t feel a deep love, he will disappear.

In this sense, some Aquarius can be cruel and not give an explanation, because they believe that what has happened is obvious. But later they will feel ashamed and run away from that person so as not to face their attitude. Others, however, will be extremely delicate and will try to cushion the blow and help the person in any way they can.

But let’s not get into the worst. It is necessary to know that this can happen, but in general Aquarius are a couple that goes out of their way for their half and wants them to feel good in all aspects of their life.

How to conquer an Aquarius man

Aquarius is very charismatic and sometimes outshines people. He will feel admiration for women who do not allow themselves to be intimidated, those who provoke him, those who question him and make him use all his ingenuity to conquer them.

The Aquarius man also admires independent women. He is very caring when he is in a relationship, but he likes to know that he is with someone who knows how to do it for herself. Dependent people scare him a little.

He also likes unconventional women. Sometimes you can also focus on very extreme personalities because they are the ones who give you something you don’t know.

This is how the Aquarius man is in friendship

The Aquarius man has a magnetic personality. And more than friends it seems like he has fans. People who want to be close to him to see if some of his charisma rubs off on them. He feels flattered and treats everyone very well, but his real friends will be others.

Aquarians do not have the most diverse friends. In general, they are people with whom you agree in opinions, but who lead a completely different life from yours. He establishes very close and sincere relationships and cares about them, but he is not the type of person who is available 24 hours a day. He will come whenever they have a problem, but if he thinks it is not important and has something else to do, he will politely apologize.

Aquarius is a very social sign. You need contact with people, group plans, laughter with friends. You also need that space in which to isolate yourself. This may seem contradictory, but it is actually complementary. And this is how Aquarius manages to establish healthy bonds that are not based on dependency.

Famous Aquarius Men

There is no one Aquarius man pattern. There are some characteristics that make individuals unique and always very special. We can find somewhat different characters such as  Javier Calvo, Melendi, Rubius, Joaquín Sabina or Carlos Latre. Reserved and jealous of their private life like Maxi Iglesias or Maluma. Tender like Álex Ubago or Ed Sheeran.

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