Best Jobs for Aquarius Male and Female: Top 10 Professional Careers and Occupations

Aquarians have an interest in technology, are responsible and intellectual. In their personal lives, they are often very honest and sympathetic, but always very firm in their ideas, not liking disputes much, although they always consider and evaluate them.

Due to their honesty and compassion, Aquarians are committed to relationships and tasks, so they are dedicated and engaged, enjoying leading projects and exploring their knowledge to the fullest.

The best careers for Aquarius are:

1. Computing

Demanding high knowledge, concentration and study, computer science attracts the Aquarian by its challenges and possibilities of constant new learning.

2. Science

The constant renewal of knowledge, experimentation and challenging discoveries make the Aquarian a good scientist, dedicated to his studies and empiricism, as well as interested in discoveries.

3. Engineering

Accurate, determined and realistic, Aquarians like engineering because of the need for accuracy and logical reasoning.

4. Mechanical

The Aquarian likes to understand how things work, to know the actual conditions and processes of organizing things. Therefore, it is well suited to the study and concert of mechanisms for the operation of parts and machines.

5. Broadcaster

Direct and precise, Aquarians adapt to the radio for the fast but deep information format. They like the independence and freedom of action that radio provides.

6. Political

Engaged and involved in his work, he can adapt well to professions that take “all the time” of his day and become his life, despite the independence they can provide.

7. Inventor

The creativity and willingness to make new things work, knowing their production process, make them good inventors.

8. Teacher

The Aquarian has freedom of action and initiative, making himself a good teacher. Knows how to work well in a group and motivate the team to perform well.

9. Musician

With Aquarian’s commitment and creativity, music can be a very successful area for him.

10. Writer

Intellectual and wise, the Aquarian has the full ability to record all his knowledge. Besides, he is engaged in everything he does, which makes him able to turn information into text.

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