Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

See what the stars say about the Virgo Monthly Horoscope for the month of August!



August promises to be a tumultuous month for the virgoan. However, events will work in your favor. Until the 19th, Mars remains in your sign, causing you to continue acting in your own way, without listening to what others say.

The period is also very spiritual, and will remain so until the 22nd. Enjoy taking part in retreats and getting involved with more spiritual people. If you prefer, you can join charity projects and selfless activities.

Although the Virgoan is feeling stubborn and independent this month, it will be important to accept the influence of the Supreme Power before his own. He just wants to provide you with what you need. Let things go the way the universe planned.

Again about spiritual changes, we have here a solar eclipse right on the first day of the month taking place in your 12th House of Spirituality – remembering that the Sun is also your star of spirituality.

This setting will cause you to change your practices, mentors, and some views. Virgos who are not on a spiritual path are likely to begin this process now in August. Changes in a spiritual or charitable organization to which you belong will also be observed.

Pay attention to the dreams you have during the month, as they will probably have some prophecy or revelation. Whether you are a spiritual person or not, it is worth mentioning that supernatural experiences are foreseen.

If you are already walking a spiritual path, you will probably recognize these signs. The most skeptical should regard these events as mere coincidence.

Even with so many changes that the month of August reserves, as soon as the 5th Virgo enters an annual summit of personal pleasure – and that only tends to strengthen throughout the month.

On the 16th, a lunar eclipse will test friendships. Those who were pure and beneficial should resist, otherwise they will break. Dramatic events are also predicted for the lives of parents, uncles and aunts and co-workers. These people may be more temperamental than usual, so you have to exercise patience .

Embrace the fact that you are close to your personal New Year and that spirituality is on the rise to take control of your destiny. Harness the energy of Mars to change conditions to suit what you desire. And if others don’t agree, do it your way.

On August 22, the Sun enters its first House, starting another annual summit of personal pleasure. Now is the time to please your body. Get in shape, enjoy the pleasures your senses can give you like never before. Channel all that energy into creating what you want for your life – you will have a lot of planetary support for it.

Despite personal benefits, after this date love will become more complicated for the virgoan. Those in a relationship will feel more distant from their partner. This can be a physical as well as a psychological distance, with virtually the same effects.

You and your partner will see things in opposite ways and will enter into discussions by presenting different perspectives on a particular subject. Importantly, there is no right or wrong here. In some situations one will be right, and the other in other circumstances.

You must learn to give in if you want to overcome differences and transcend that relationship. If you do the lesson correctly, the bonds between you can become even stronger.

According to astrology, opposites are perfect partners for a marriage. True power results from the union of these opposites, as they complement each other. However, this month love will be focused on Self, personal interests – both you and your partner should behave like this. And the solution here is in the dialogue.



On the 16th, a lunar eclipse will occur in its 6th House of Health and Labor. Its effects will herald changes in work and working conditions – all of which have positive effects on your life.

Everything is already being prepared for you, virgoan. Unexpected financial luck should come after Day 5. Personal items like clothes, accessories, jewellery or even artistic objects will be on your list of treats. Enjoy, because the opportunities are practically chasing you.

With good financial confidence and excellent judgment, Virgo will succeed if she chooses to make substantial investments or purchases. Give preference to these types of operations between the 5th and 30th. Speculation will be more favorable on the 15th and 16th.

Perhaps job changes within the same company or elsewhere will occur. This month, your sign may even receive a job offer that pays more than your current job. Basically, you will leave August richer than you did.
Virgoans who employ other people should suffer some staff losses.

In general, Virgo people are very focused on work , and they do it impeccably. But remember again that you are entering a period of extreme personal pleasure, and engaging in it will bring more benefits than you might think – even at a professional level.



On days 1 and 2, Mars will be square with Uranus. As it is a very dynamic aspect, it is asked to spend these days with more calm and tranquility. Avoid getting into discussions and attending tense or dangerous places. Do not take risks.

This planetary aspect may cause some health problems, but as this sector tends to be in good shape this month, it probably won’t be anything serious. Control your temperament at work; Avoid stressing with colleagues and bosses.

During the lunar eclipse on the 16th, many Virgos must choose to change their diet, their diet, or their diet – possibly after being startled. Although the cosmos supports these changes, remember that your health planet is in retrograde motion, so think, plan, and rehearse well before taking action.

Despite the eclipse in the sixth house, health looks good. And if there are any problems, the result will be the best possible. Your personal energy now goes through a period of annual high, even though there are 3 slow moving planets stressing you.

The virgoan’s appearance will be radiant this month. You’ll boast more style and a different glamor than usual. Your self-esteem and self-confidence will be at their best.

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