Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope

See what the stars say about the Libra Monthly Horoscope for August!



Even with 40% of its planets in retrograde motion, Libra will make great and rapid progress in personal life. Your ruling planet, Venus, will be moving fast, and must pass three House and signs in your horoscope.

This means that you will feel confident and be able to cover various aspects of life. The slow pace of events in the world should help you further with this.

Most planets still remain in the eastern sector and Mars moves to its sign on the 19th. This means that the time has come to take decisive action and change what is not going well in your life. You may have already realized this, but it is hard to stress that happiness only depends on your initiative.

Also among the events of August we have the presence of two eclipses. The first one is solar and occurs on the 1st in his 11th House of Friendships. Severe testing will be applied to their friendships and much turmoil in this industry can be expected.

Already on the 16th, a lunar eclipse happens in its 5th House of Children, Loving Cases and Speculation. This setup will bring some dramas to the lives of Libra’s children and subject a love affair (not a stable relationship) to testing. For singles, much love is written in the stars.

From the 19th, love will go in search of Libra . Those married or in a serious relationship will be spoiled by their partner, who will do everything to please them. Singles will have good opportunities and will not have to do anything for them to find them.

On the 24th, Mars enters its tenth House, and Libra’s loving needs will change once again. Single Libras will find romantic opportunities in the workplace. Love should come from superior bosses and positions, people involved in the career or while looking for professional opportunities.

Good providers, prestigious, high-status people will make your heart beat faster — especially if those people also have good family values.

This is a behavior that also shows a certain charm of your sign for power. Therefore, you may be a little more pragmatic in love, and you will see a romantic opportunity as a career lever, not as a life partner.

In single Libras, the highlight is greater contact with powerful people throughout the month. Both you and your spouse or loving partner will enjoy professional advancement. Your success will come first, and your partner’s success after the 24th.

After the 22nd, it is spirituality that gains importance in the Libran’s life. All year long this topic has been important in your life but now it will be even more so as it will create interesting challenges.

Even with a more ambitious focus on material matters, your spiritual desire will be greatly outlined. Perhaps if you can bridge these two aspects, you’ll have a key to success and happiness .

While your career is taking up a lot of your time, try to find room on your calendar to attend spiritual talks or even weekend retreats. If you can’t, at least try to get up early and take a few moments to practice meditation.

Get more involved in altruistic and charitable causes. Eliminate internal blockages so that the Higher Power can flow within you. Libra people are naturally lively and sociable, but now they may feel a need to be alone.

There is nothing wrong with that, but it is normal to happen when we have a fortified 12th House. Spiritual activities are always lonely, inner, and personal experiences – no one will go through what you are.



His annual career peak seems to have extended. This means that in August increases and promotions are very likely. Although the Sun has left its tenth House, the planet Venus will be there until the 26th, and Mars will enter it on the 24th.

You will feel more enthusiastic and feel that you have more authority, prestige and power. Expect honors or at least due recognition for being who you are – not so much for your accomplishments.

Not only a matter of feeling that way, but Libra really seems to be above any other family member, which includes the spouse or loving partner. Maybe you start a kind of dispute for the highest place on the podium.

Career progress will come through personal effort. Bet on good looks, dress for success, behave as if you are already in the position you want, work your social skills better.

Of course, Libra has the ability to deal with other people very gracefully, getting the cooperation of others and convincing them that you have done a good job. Maintaining this management skill will be very important this month.

The lunar eclipse of the 16th will influence the planet Neptune, which governs Libra’s work , so it is possible that a job change or physical changes in the workplace will occur. If you are an employer, you will find that some casualties may arise in the company.

Despite all its success, finances will still be struggling at least until the 22nd. Work to always be mentally clear. Analyze, study and gather facts – strive to get it. Eventually, clarity will come.



August reserves major, and long-term, changes in Libra’s health practices. Generally speaking, the planets will be kind to you and your health is good, but excesses can be bad for your well-being.

With Mars in its sign, Libra will have the energy of ten people, as well as the power of fire to do whatever it takes to reach its goals. And that’s where the danger lies. Be careful not to fall into exhaustion. Do not let your body go beyond its limits.

With personal magnetism soaring, your appearance will be radiant, charismatic and vivid. People will notice one more thing in you.

Although you have a lot of energy, try not to expose yourself too much. Last month you went out a lot and were focused on the outside life – which was great. Now try to withdraw and feel your own aura (again the tip to connect more with your spirituality ). Health is going to improve a lot this month, but it still needs some care.

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