Libra Monthly Love, Work and Well Being Horoscope

In the sentimental sphere, Libra men and women will have to control their temperament during this month. You are going to be very impatient with your partner. You will not tolerate any mistakes or jokes. This irritability will be due to the fact that there are recent situations that have remained unresolved. Your partner, however, behaves as if they have already discussed and settled it. It is necessary that you abandon the path of passive-aggressiveness, and put that issue back on the table.

In the workplace, people of this sign will have to face some challenges during this month. A delicate situation will arise, perhaps a robbery within the company. Despite the friendship that unites you with the person in charge, you will act appropriately and do what you are supposed to do. To some of your coworkers, that act will seem disloyal. The stars advise you not to pay attention to them and not to be influenced by them. You did the right thing and your conscience will be clear.

In the field of finance and business, people of this sign will experience a very stressful period. You’re going to find yourself in the red. Your situation will be critical and your competition will take advantage of it to gain space. This is because you have acted too naively in your business dealings. It is time to get out of the morass to find a way to recover what you have lost.




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