Taurus Weekly Horoscope - Love, Career, Money and Health

Taurus Weekly Horoscope: Forecast for Love, Career and Health!


The planetary configuration gives you full permission to be yourself. This should be easy enough, since you can usually do nothing but be who you are. People find it different and exciting to be with you, and they also want to know the secret behind your natural charisma. You may have to fight potential encounters instead of trying to attract them. Life and love are on your side. Enjoy! On the other hand, do your romantic problems start to snowball? If things seem to be getting a little out of hand earlier in the week, look for easy solutions. The answers are closer and more accessible than you think. You do your best during the weekend, but it still may not be good enough to make the impression you want. You can’t force anyone to feel something he doesn’t feel.


You feel restless and unfulfilled this week. When was the last time you felt happy and free? Probably when you were traveling or learning something new. Your brain wants to be stretched. Spending money on an interesting level, a compelling book or a guided expedition may just be one of the things to keep boredom away. The planets are asking how you implement what you have learned. You may be surprised. You may feel spread out or pulled in several directions at the same time. Do as much as possible during the most productive hours of the day. This period can bring high drama. People may be afraid to offend their managers. You can help relieve tension and make it easier for co-workers. If you are stressed, you may need some downtime. If you take a break,


The current challenge for you is to find your balance between the various elements of life. In astrological terms, the elements are fire, earth, air and water. In terms of daily life, they are the spirit, the body, the intellect and the emotions. His natural interest in alternative medicine, psychology, healthy foods and nature points the way to a healthy balance. Paying attention to your body’s needs nourishes your basic well-being. You need to take a look at your overall lifestyle and decide where you are putting your energy to good use and where you may be losing it. You will not have enough to spread too much. This helps to cut out any activity that really is a waste of time and that you focus on what is being accomplished. You will feel better.

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