Gemini Soulmate Compatibility


Gemini Aries Soulmate Compatibility

Such a marriage is like a vivid, adventure romance. Gemini beautifully and deftly caring for Aries. Those begin to experience a huge attraction. Both are impulsive and agile, always ready for exploits, trips, adventures. Even in marriage and with children, they can at any moment break away and go to the ends of the world. The Gemini needs a strong partner, and Aries, if not rude, is able to keep the Gemini. They often have a feeling of brotherly love. They are lovers and friends. But Aries man can suffer from the frivolity of the Gemini woman, and the unexpected pressure of the “Sheep” can scare away the Gemini man. Over time, such a marriage develops for both spouses an optimal strategy and tactics of behavior, and a common household and attachment to children make it even more durable.

Gemini Taurus Soulmate Compatibility

A complex, ambiguous, but often found alliance in which Taurus for Gemini will never be finally known. Taurus are attracted to the partner for lightness, contact, trading and business talent and a huge amount of information that they have. Gemini, on the other hand, seeks in Taurus loyalty, constancy, solidity, the ability to lead a house and household, which they lack so much. The most difficult problem in such an alliance is jealousy. Gemini mobility and volatility will cause uncontrollable outbursts of rage in Taurus. As a result, they live by different interests, not understanding each other.

Gemini Gemini Soulmate Compatibility

If two Gemini marry, this union rests only on friendship and complete freedom of relations. Both too well understand and feel each other, and this does not always bring happiness.

Gemini Cancer Soulmate Compatibility

Gemini is a sign of eternal seduction for Cancer and therefore attracts uncontrollably. Both Cancer and Gemini are unstable, changeable, infantile, they find it interesting together, especially intellectually. Cancer gets to the bottom of the cause and essence of the phenomena, and the Geminis grab everything on the fly and systematize this information. But marriage is preserved only under the condition of ease and freedom of relations, which is not always given to sentimental, affectionate Cancer. If Cancer tries to completely tie the Geminis to himself, he suffers a fiasco.

Gemini Leo Soulmate Compatibility

The Geminis are blinded by the brightness of Leo, his generosity, diversity and richness of nature. If the Lioness is a woman, then the Gemini man is her obedient page in love. If, on the contrary, the man is Leo, then he treats Gemini women as if he were a child who is nursed, pampered and entertained. Playful, agile and cheerful Gemini impresses Leo with their diverse interests and sociability. Over time, they develop friendships, which further strengthens the marriage. True, they can be fed up with each other, but if both can forgive, this union will never break up.

Gemini Virgo Soulmate Compatibility

Despite the fact that these two signs are united by Mercury (the patron saint of both Virgo and Gemini), it manifests itself in them in completely different ways. They are attracted to each other, but the union is strong only if it is based on common interests and if they make mutual concessions, which is very difficult without stress for the Geminis. Marriage is usually kept on the patience and rationality of the Virgin.

Gemini Libra Soulmate Compatibility

Libra gives Gemini harmony and orderliness of relations, and if both work in the same field or have common interests, they are all the more inseparable. They tactfully but adamantly directs his partner in the right direction, creates the illusion of freedom, but secretly controls the Gemini. Libra women are good mothers, wonderful teachers, their house is tastefully furnished, and Gemini is always pleased to return to this oasis of balance and harmony.

Gemini Scorpio Soulmate Compatibility

The union is heavy, but often found. Gemini is incomprehensible to Scorpio. To understand them, he lacks lightness. The partner seems to Scorpio either as a child, or as a sage, and this secret absorbs him for life, forcing him to follow the Gemini. The moment comes when Scorpio begins to realize his subordinate position, to suffer and suffer from it. But it is precisely such relationships that attract Scorpio - for him it is a kind of purification, transformation. Hypnotized by Scorpio’s heavy attraction, the Gemini will not immediately feel their power over him. However, having realized this, they will try to “re-educate” Scorpio or leave him. But both are very difficult.

Gemini Sagittarius Soulmate Compatibility

The union is rare, atypical, based, as a rule, on the calculation. Their relations, in order not to run dry, require constant updating: travels, guests, entertainment programs. In this marriage, the Geminis play the role of conductor of the will of Sagittarius. If Gemini is weak in character, then Sagittarius leads them: leads through life, guiding in everything. In spiritual terms, this is a union of teacher and student. Their complete opposite gives both the opportunity for spiritual growth.

Gemini Capricorn Soulmate Compatibility

The union is extremely rare. Capricorn for Gemini is a mystery that attracts with its unsolvedness. The coldness, inaccessibility of Capricorn seems like an interesting mask. Gemini is curious: what’s behind it? But Gemini for Capricorn is like a child: frivolous, superficial, naive. As a rule, a marriage made between Gemini and Capricorn collapses with a bang, and if held, it is only on Capricorn’s desire to “fix” the Gemini at all costs. Or atypical of these signs.

Gemini Aquarius Soulmate Compatibility

Despite frequent quarrels and disagreements, this is a good union. Aquarius teaches Gemini transformation, insight. Their love often grows into friendship. They have many common spiritual interests, and this union contributes to the evolutionary development of both. Aquarians are so original and capable of reincarnation that Gemini, as a rule, does not have the need for other partners. They never miss each other. But if the Geminis nevertheless cheat on Aquarius, they do not forgive. They tolerate to the last, and then leave recklessly, irrevocably, forever.

Gemini Pisces Soulmate Compatibility

A partner born under the sign of Pisces, intellectually the pinnacle of achievement for Gemini, they are ready to “pray” to Pisces. Teamwork or marriage between them is similar to the relationship of two investigators: Gemini sees that Pisces knows everything about them, and Pisces understands that Gemini sees it. Intense game of two intelligences. But they rarely have the patience for a long marriage, as Pisces does not forgive inconstancy.

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