Leo Monthly Love, Work and Well Being Horoscope

In the sentimental sphere, Leo men and women will suffer some disappointments throughout this month. You will be sad to discover traits about your partner that you didn’t know about. You thought he was a very different person. You will find in this person aspects of other couples who, in the past, hurt you with their attitudes and omissions. It is not an alert that you can ignore.

In the workplace, they must endure great demands. Changes will occur in the management of your workplace. This will bring big changes, not entirely positive. They are going to push you to the limit of your capacity. The stars advise you to resist. This situation will not last forever. If you demonstrate that you are able to work efficiently under this pressure, you will be rewarded with a promotion over the next few months.

In the field of business and finance, you are going to receive an alert. For some time now you have found yourself in a kind of lethargy. And you have missed great opportunities. At the beginning of this month they’re going to tell you how much money you could have made in one of these businesses that you didn’t take advantage of. That amount is going to keep you awake, it is going to wake you up and it is going to give you back that ambition that distinguishes you.

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