Leo Man Secret Desire, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Charming, cultured, self-confident, protective, scorching… Leo is not one of those men who go unnoticed. As soon as he enters any place, his conversation and feline gestures attract attention. No wonder, the king of the jungle has just arrived.

Leo man personality

The Leo man may seem like a social animal and he is. But he is also capable of having an amazing intimacy, of taking care of the people he loves, of having details to make them happy. The roaring lion is also a sweet kitten.

Loyalty is another of the virtues that most attracts the Leo man. He never betrays and is all heart. It is difficult for a Leo to lie. He goes for the truth ahead, even if he doesn’t like it. But he never appears false or says one thing up front and another behind. Hypocrisy is prohibited in his code of honor.

The Leo man: protective, stubborn and fun

The Leo man is very protective of his people, like a leader of the pack. And he will worry about everything that happens to the people he loves and if necessary he will confront whoever is needed for his people. He wants them to be happy and will work hard to achieve it. Furthermore, he is deeply generous.

We are not going to deny that he is a little bossy. And stubborn to kill. You will hardly change a Leo’s mind. And if you try, it better not be in the middle of an argument. He needs time to understand things and he will never accept them if he sees them as an imposition. He was born to be free.

Another of his most appreciated characteristics is his sense of humor. Next to a Leo man you can die of laughter. As it is. Furthermore, his humor is very healthy, it is never based on humiliating others. He is quick-witted and mentally agile and can master anything.

It is true that he is a bit egomaniacal. She doesn’t do it with bad intentions, sometimes it is very difficult for her to stop looking at her navel. She tries to put herself in the shoes of others, but if they don’t look like him, it is very difficult for her to understand them. But she tries very hard to do it because she doesn’t want the people who are next to her to complain about him.

The Leo man is stubborn and feisty

That egocentrism makes him very proud. Leo is sure of himself and can’t stand others doubting or putting him down. And at that point it’s a little complicated, because sometimes he gets offended by things that don’t really reverse the importance he gives them. Come on, he’s the one who gets angry over something stupid and there’s no one to get him out of there.

He has incredible willpower. He is capable of taking on any challenge and does not stop until he achieves it. In that sense he is competitive, but not too competitive. He almost always ends up competing against himself, because he wants to show that he can achieve what he has set out to do.

It is a very sociable sign. His group of friends is endless and everyone sincerely appreciates him because he is capable of creating very intimate and close relationships with everyone. He truly cares about the people he loves and has a huge heart that makes him irresistible.

The strengths of the Leo man

Chivalrous: He is an educated man who makes his partner feel like the queen of the world… or of the jungle. He will go out of his way so that she is in seventh heaven.

Brave:  Leo is afraid of very few things. He is one of those people who advance against all odds without fearing obstacles because he knows that if he stumbles, he will be able to get back up.

Noble: He is a man who says things face to face, who shows himself as he is, who rarely lies and who values those who are like him.

Leo Man Compatibility Chart

LeoLeo with… Compatibility
Aries Aries High
Taurus Taurus Low
Gemini Gemini High
Cancer Cancer Medium
Leo Leo High
Virgo Virgo Medium
Libra Libra High
Scorpio Scorpio Low
Sagittarius Sagittarius High
Capricorn Capricorn Medium
Aquarius Aquarius Low
Pisces Pisces Medium

This is how the Leo man is in love

The Leo man is very generous, with his time, with his ideas, with his money. He loves to fill his partner with details and gifts or surprising plans, because he can be sure that no woman is bored next to a Leo. What he hopes is that she will be surprised and recognize her effort.

When Leo falls in love it seems to multiply by two. He has even better humor, he is funnier, more handsome, smarter, more witty. And love is very important for this sign; he gives himself deeply to the person he loves and he will do everything in his power to pamper and protect her.

Leo’s element is Fire and that says a lot about his passionate temperament and his burning intimacy. Being with a native of this sign is an incredible experience, no matter how you look at it. Leo will go out of his way to please her partner and will adapt to her needs to make her touch the sky.

How to conquer a Leo man

Leo is a conqueror, that must be clear. He likes to seduce sweets like a child. And that’s why,  when he is free and someone interests him, he displays all his charms, which are endless. However, he likes to extend the game and have the object of his desire play a little cat and mouse.

Leo falls at the feet of determined, different, independent women who don’t seem to need him. He likes to be surprised and above all that the relationship is stable, but does not fall into monotony. They are capable of truly committing themselves if they find the person who wins their heart.

Leo likes to be admired. Very critical women, who spend the day pointing out his flaws, will give him a hard time and will surely end up running away so that his self-esteem does not suffer. It’s not a question of saying yes to everything. The basic thing is that he does not feel judged by his way of being, which is different from that of the majority.

This is how the Leo man is in friendship

Leo is a loyal and dedicated friend, who is always surrounded by people. He is very generous with the people he loves and you can always count on him. He will come to see you from the other side of town if he feels you need him without you having barely opened your mouth.

Leo is also a very positive sign. He is not one of those who complains all day and spreads bad vibes. On the contrary, he is optimistic and cheerful by nature. He tries to iron out concerns, his own and those of others. There are people who think that he does it because he is superficial, but they are wrong, the reason is that he is very optimistic.

The only thing is that sometimes he gets very touchy. He can be offended by little things and it is very difficult to get him out of there.  Because few beat the proud. Although he is dying to reconcile with someone, he will not make a single gesture. And he will show that he is doing very well, that he no longer needs that person, even though he is dying inside.

Famous Leo Men

There is no shortage of charismatic men among those born under the king of the star: Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck, Robert de Niro, Jorge Javier Vázquez… All of them are winners, but also have overwhelming personalities. Great conquerors like Napoleon Bonaparte were born under this sign.

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