Gemini Monthly Horoscope For September 2020

Gemini Monthly Horoscope - Love, Career, Health | September 2020

September 2020 is an astrological period characterized by the apparent retreat of Mars in Aries; the beginning of the direct trajectory of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn; the entry of the Sun into Libra; and Mercury’s entry into Scorpio, a sector of the astral chart where it will retrograde in October 2020.

Mars retrograde in Aries, starting September 9, refers to how we deal with pent up anger, the spirit of competition and self-assertion; it is therefore a transit that can generate internal conflicts, and with the people around you.

On 09/28 there will be a trine between Venus in House III of Gemini and Mars retrograde in House XI of the sign, which can lead to disagreements with colleagues or friends (for personal reasons); or a bold romantic statement from an acquaintance, at inappropriate times.

Do you want to know more? Discover, below, all the forecasts of the horoscope of the month Gemini for September 2020.

Love Horoscope

According to the forecast of the horoscope for the month Gemini, from September 5 to 27, Mercury will travel through the V House of Gemini, indicating different opportunities for romance, fun and creative expression, for singles of the sign.

The fact that the Sun enters this location (House V) on 9/22 suggests that there is a suitor who will stand out within the group, capturing the native’s attention.

The Sun in House V of Gemini also alludes to the thanks received by the subject’s descendants, or subordinates, (it can also represent the announcement of pregnancy).

For Gemini couples, the start of the direct trajectory of asteroid Pallas (05/09), Jupiter (12/09) and Saturn (09/28) in House VIII, will ease tensions within the dynamics of relationships. , as long as agreements and responsibilities have been established for the people involved.

It is important to keep in mind that on 09/28 there will be a trine between Venus in House III of Gemini and Mars retrograde in House XI, resulting in disagreements with colleagues or friends (for personal reasons) ; or a bold romantic statement, by an acquaintance, at an inappropriate time.

On the other hand, for the horoscope of the month Gemini, the New Moon in Virgo will occur in House IV of Gemini, promoting family reconciliations, moves, domestic reforms and genealogical research.

Work and Career Horoscope

According to the forecasts of the horoscope of the month Gemini, the asteroid Pallas (09/05), Jupiter (09/12) and Saturn (09/28), will begin their direct trajectory in the House VIII of Gemini, during September 2020. This setup can be a boost for family finances.

Likewise, transits through House VIII of Gemini facilitate commercial operations (with associates); the implementation of investment plans (family); analysis of economic proposals; and resolution of inheritance or insurance processes.

In terms of work, Mercury will visit House V of Gemini, from 05 to 27/09, resulting in a predilection for intellectual activities, and the transmission of knowledge, from the role of mentor, advisor or teacher.

The fact that the Sun enters the V House of the sign, on 09/22, tells us about the important creative potential that this period holds for the natives of Gemini.

It is advisable to keep a notepad or electronic device nearby (at all times), which allows for a timely recording of ideas (the Sun in House V, also refers to a personal project that captures your interest).

On the other hand, for the horoscope of the month Gemini, the entry of Venus into the House III of Gemini (06/09), may be the incentive you have been waiting for, to promote concepts, initiatives and goals, both inside and outside the usual workspace.

However, keep in mind that on September 9 the retrograde of Mars begins in House XI of Gemini, which can cause discrepancies and conflicts with colleagues and teammates, due to hidden rivalries.

This situation is no reason for you to hide your light and your talent, but avoid behaving arrogantly or commenting on your plans before the final presentation, with people of interest.

The trine of Venus in House III with Mars retrograde in House XI (09/28) suggests that being diplomatic in interaction with collectives and working groups will bring positive results.

Note: on 09/29, Mars retrograde in House XI of Gemini will quadrature with Saturn in House VIII, highlighting problems of trust with the environment (difficulty in delegating tasks), and tensions due to economic reasons . Be aware of your responsibility and say no to provocations.

Another astrological aspect to consider, at this time of year, is the entry of the asteroid Juno into House VI of Gemini, which raises a commitment to work efficiency and productivity.

Keep in mind that on 09/27 Mercury will enter this same place (House VI), indicating the analysis of professional goals, job offers and new areas of work.

Warning: the planet of communication will be retrograde in House VI of Gemini, from October 13 to 27 (2020), so the issues under consideration during the previous period will come back to the fore.

Gemini natives should take into account that currently Neptune is retrograde in the X House of the sign, indicating a blurred view of the subject’s professional future.

Fortunately, for the Gemini monthly horoscope, the Full Moon in Pisces on 02/09 will take place above House X of Gemini, allowing you to observe more precisely the context in which you operate and the potential for growth, without forgetting your ambitions.

Finally, on September 27, Retrograde Ceres will enter House IX of Gemini, inviting you to reflect on your beliefs, long-term plans, and academic vocation (in the case of students of the sign).

Health Horoscope

According to the forecast for the monthly Gemini horoscope, on September 20, the asteroid Juno will enter House VI of Gemini, prompting the native to engage in a new way of life and healthy habits that help cultivate the state of integral well-being of being.

It should be noted that on 09/27 Mercury will enter the same location (House VI of Gemini), promoting the exploration of different diet, exercise and self-care plans.

Keep in mind that from October 13 to 27 the planet of communication will retrograde to this location (House VI), so we are talking about changes to consider, ahead of its launch.

Let us remember that the North Node remains in the sign of Gemini, resulting in the willingness to work for a better version of the individual, and alignment with the mission of life.

Finally, according to the horoscope of the month Gemini, do not forget that retrograde Uranus is present in your House XII, which implies the possibility of experiencing episodes of phobias, sequestration or dependence on technology.

It is possible to take advantage of the apparent regression of Uranus in the 12th House of Gemini, to examine the factors or conditions which seem to restrict your freedom of action; and experience new ways of connecting with the Divine.

As a recommendation, avoid making drastic last minute decisions as they could lead to unwanted situations.

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