Gemini Monthly Love, Work and Well Being Horoscope

In the sentimental sphere, people of this sign will experience a stormy month. Conflicts will arise with your partner that you will not know how to resolve. They will be caused by those aspects of your personality that you have tried to change, but have not succeeded. They are facets deeply rooted in you. You can hardly overcome them without professional help, on the one hand, and without the support of your partner, on the other. The stars remind you that, if your partner truly loves you, he or she must be willing to accompany you on this difficult path of healing.

In the workplace, people of this sign will have a very tense start to the month. Your workplace policy is going to change. At first you won’t notice any changes, but in a couple of weeks the cuts, new working conditions and layoffs will be evident. Don’t panic and focus on doing your job as you’ve always done. Without a doubt, these new bosses will demand too much from you, but you will pass this tough test and be in an advantageous position.

In the field of finance and business it will be an excellent month. You will be able to successfully conclude your plans. However, you may experience some disappointments when it comes to earnings. And you will get a good sum, but your estimates were much more ambitious. Be realistic about what you dream of and you will always get what you deserve and you will know how to value it.



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