Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope for Singles and Couples


Love: priority to privacy!

Venus invites you to pass your messages as smoothly as possible with your family where you could be a little interventionist in this month. You undoubtedly aspire to manage efficiently the stewardship, friend Gemini but will not have too much advice from the delicious planet to succeed in smoothing the edges, closing ranks and maintaining harmony in your home! From the 16th, Venus should take charge of boosting your charisma, your power of seduction and your libido. What to spend the summer in the sun and hit the mark or tenderly rekindle the flame with the chosen one of your heart.

1st decan (May 21-May 31): Do Not Play With Feelings!

From the 4th, Saturn reinvests the space of your theme dedicated to your ambitions of all kinds but this time the austere planet should allow you to make them concrete, to build on something solid and to increase your level of requirement on all levels. From the 16th, count on Venus to brighten up your summer and bring color to your privacy. Sensual charming, you should have no trouble captivating whoever you want! From the 22nd, the Sun invites you to take care of your loved ones. The opportunity then (why not) to offer yourself a little family getaway. Note that, whatever your desire to love and to be it at the end of the month, you will undoubtedly privilege the deep feelings and the idylls which make sense!

In a Relationship: A month in which you will undoubtedly aspire to have a good time. Especially in the second half of the month when not only do you display a skin-deep sensuality which should have an effect on the partner but where the Sun promotes exchanges and good understanding with the family. Take advantage of these good cosmic dispositions to close ranks with those around you and strengthen the bond with the chosen one of your heart (the 23rd)!

Single: From the 4th, Saturn will (by next mid-December) move you away from any frivolous and casual approach to love (and everything to be honest)! You will therefore be inclined to make choices that in one way or another respect your aspiration to set the bar high. However, count on Venus (between the 16th and the 24th) to warm up the atmosphere and exalt your power of seduction even if indeed you will probably only be attracted by the prospect of forging a serious bond (the 23rd)! The Sun, which also illuminates your private life from the 22nd, could make you want to go on holiday with your family or improve your living environment!

2nd decan (June 1 - June 10): play fair!

The current will certainly have a bit of trouble to pass during the first fortnight of months when your thirst to free yourself from a past that is suffocating you could lead you to send subliminal messages to an entourage who will not appreciate and could you. let it be known. You will often feel like you are talking to a wall (the 1st and 2nd) and will probably add fuel to the fire (the 4th and 6th). So maybe bet on a desire to ease tensions in family (the 3rd) to try to get your messages across smoothly rather than sending spikes to everyone! Despite an obvious desire for control over those around you (from the 14th), you will undoubtedly be more able to communicate effectively around the 19th, 20th and 22nd.

As a couple: The first half of the month promises to be rather stormy, upsetting and likely to sow (or maintain) chaos in the ranks. You will have a knack for opening up conversations with the deaf (the 1st and 2nd) and hurting your loved ones by addressing them not necessarily direct but certainly irritating (the 4th and 6th). Perhaps prefer to play with your charm to calm things down (the 3rd). From the 14th, you will seek to master the situation (and the people) and manage the stewardship in your home. Why not if you use your energy to advance the schmilblick (the 22nd) and your patter to untie the palpable tensions (the 20th)!

Single: You will tend to seek (even casually) the fight at the beginning of the month where your intentions (not always very clear or benevolent) will only reinforce your inability to reach the other (the 1st, the 2nd ). Avoid provoking anyone at all costs (the 4th and 6th) and try to use wisely what remains of your good will to smooth things over (the 3rd)! From the 14th, you will not be in the lace but will have the merit of announcing the color in family where you will take things in hand and try to untangle the existing discomforts and to clarify (the 19th, the 20th, the 22nd) what gets stuck in the shadows!

3rd decan (June 11-June 20): Want to be understood.

Jupiter retraces its steps from the beginning of spring (between mid-March and mid-May) and should (by the end of next December) help you broaden your horizons, surpass yourself and achieve goals that you stimulate (whether in love or in business)! However, avoid getting too high at fifteen thousand (the 10th and 25th) when you try to make your loved ones understand what lifts you off the ground and which they may have trouble picking up (the 11th and 20th). No doubt you will be found a little too enthusiastic but this tendency to exaggerate your possibilities should not prevent you from accomplishing miracles as a family or at least from succeeding in transforming (for the better) who should be. (the 11th and 26th)!

As a couple: Jupiter gives you wings and boosts your desire to take off (move, open the hatches) since the end of July! An opportunity for you to imagine the future in pink. You will try to share your exciting perspectives with relatives who will no doubt have a hard time following you (the 10th and 25th) and will find you a little disconnected from reality (the 11th and 20th)! It does not matter since you will manage (the 11th and 26th) to make the changes within the clan that were necessary to improve the understanding and perhaps establish it on more authentic foundations.

Single: Jupiter has been bringing back openings and hopes since the end of July that you had between mid-March and mid-May. You see everything in a big way and everything seems possible to you. However, be sure to moderate your enthusiasm a little if you want us to understand how often you are currently evolving (the 11th and 20th)! Your ideals will not necessarily always be very clear to everyone and you risk worrying your loved ones a little (the 10th and 25th)! Then try to take advantage of a real desire to fix things or to reestablish real family contact to actually put the exchanges back on the right track and make your links evolve in the right direction (the 11th and 26th)!

Our advice:

In this month, if some have the good life and the opportunity to have a good time, others will have to row more to hope to get out of a dead end (in family) or at least to open a dialogue likely to generate effective and constructive changes!

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