Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope For November 2020

Open your hatches! The legendary curiosity (well placed) of our Gemini will be able to feast with the many information of his Horoscope of the month.

Detailed monthly forecasts (decan by decan), warned warnings, the auspicious dates, the temperature of your loves, the atmosphere at home: your well-made head (of Gemini) will inevitably make good use of the message of the planets and your monthly sky will soon have no secrets for you.

A (future) Gemini mom knows all too well how useful astro advice is: our Astrologer shows you the pitfalls to avoid and the areas where you have nothing to fear. Going in the direction of the planets is better than taking the lead: follow the guide, follow the sky!

  • 1st Decan Gemini: Born from May 21 to 30
  • 2nd Decan Gemini: Born May 31 to June 9
  • 3rd Decan Gemini: Born from June 10 to 21

Gemini horoscope for the month of December

You were born between May 21 and June 21, you are Gemini. Find your free horoscope for December of the sign Gemini. Atmosphere, love, advice and lucky days: what is our astrologer planning for the month of December?

1st Decan Gemini Month:

By December 9, rock’n roll organization. You will still have to think about defining your priorities because otherwise and by dint of taking the bandwagon, you will miss one or more episodes. And then we do not ask you to use the language of wood, but do not trumpet everything that comes to your mind: it could be inappropriate, unwelcome, badly dosed … After the 20th, your good ideas should not be stay at the idea stage: start considering their feasibility! Opening yourself up to other universes or to a slightly different way of life (in a rapidly changing world) will undoubtedly be the big subject of our Gemini of the 1st decan at the beginning of the year 2021.

2nd Decan Gemini Month:

During the 1st half of December, our Gemini will always be full of initiatives but they will be a little messy. It will also be difficult for you to position yourself clearly: the queen of innuendo, unable to keep a secret … You will interpret everything your way (not very convincing the way …): rather bias, cheat (a little) and circumvent the law (if possible). If you are asked to account, it will be cotton. But it will nevertheless be said that even if you zigzag, your need for action should be satisfied.

3rd Decan Gemini Month:

The trend (between December 13 and 22)? Set the bar too high. Overloaded days, hectic pace: would the pause key be broken? You don’t have to think big to do a good job, so go straight but don’t aim for the feat! Do not think that you have an unlimited “gifts” budget either: it is written that it is a utopia … But as because of the planets in Sagittarius, you will not want to do in the minimalist genre, it is also written that the gifts you will be expensive… The end of the month will always be very dynamic but should not pose any problems for you.

Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

1st Decan Gemini Monthly Love:

The period from December 16 to 25 will be full of pretenses… You will surely have your reasons, but we still wonder why you will struggle to remain frank. Sincerity in free fall. Clear, you? Not at all ! You will evade whenever necessary and he will have a hard time knowing what you are really thinking. Your reflex of the period? Find a way out…

2nd Decan Gemini Monthly Love:

After December 23, atmosphere “the truth, if I lie”. With him, you will not always be very clean, borderline a little schizo … You will not want to face or assume (to keep your promises for example) and will opt instead for artistic vagueness. Will you be really credible? We do not know. But let’s bet that Gemini and smart as you are, you will still be able to save appearances (or at least get back on your feet)!

3rd Decan Gemini Monthly Love:

Not wise, not moderate (between December 12 and 23). These planets have a little liberating side but liberating in “too much” mode all the same … Ah, the pleasure of excess! Yes… but by dint of chasing your dose of adrenaline (which you won’t necessarily find), you will end up tiring your man. Warning: blacklist the excess of franchise with your him anyway, please (that would open the door to some blunders)!

Gemini Monthly Career and Money Horoscope

According to the forecast of the monthly Gemini horoscope, December 2020 will be a favorable period for the sons and daughters of Gemini, in financial matters. The entry of Mercury and the Sun into the House VIII of the sign Gemini (12/20 and 12/21, respectively) refers to income received, through relatives, associates or partners.

The alignments in House VIII of Gemini also favor commercial transactions, the collection of inheritances or old debts, and obtaining returns from banking products.

However, don’t forget that on December 23, Pluto in your House VIII will quadrature with Mars in House XII, so that one can notice an old commitment to pay, with renewed strength.

To counter this tendency, it is advisable to make a budget in advance, which allows the funds to be distributed fairly, prioritizing fixed monthly expenses and settling old debts.

On the other hand, the double full moon in Cancer on 12/29 will touch the House II of Gemini, emphasizing the importance of taking your time, and thinking before making a risky investment, or transactions of a large amount. .

In the horoscope of the month Gemini, on a professional level, the quadrature that will be held by Mercury in House VII and Neptune in House X of Gemini, on 12/13, involves tensions with a partner or a couple, due to business matters.

In the case of partnerships, it is possible that this planetary alignment will lead to the revision of contracts, or the terms of a long-term agreement, taking into account long-term objectives.

Likewise, the beginning of Chiron’s direct journey in House XI of Gemini (12/15), speaks of greater confidence in his dreams (aspirations), and of a connection with people who will bring added value to your projects.

Let’s not forget that Mars is also positioned in House XI of Gemini, so the subject emerges as a determined leader, and ready to take the necessary risks, to be successful.

In this sense, the entry of Saturn into your House IX (17/12) will underline the interest of developing effective work strategies, which will lead you towards your most ambitious goals (you are responsible for your success).

As Jupiter enters the same area of ​​the astral chart (House IX) on December 19, the native will gain greater breadth of sight, renew beliefs, and take on any opportunities for personal growth that may present themselves.

Note: On December 21, the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn will take place in your House IX, a setup that only occurs once every 20 years, so you can take advantage of the energies at your disposal to visualize your future plans. and focus on your expansion.

Gemini Monthly Health Horoscope

According to the forecast of the monthly Gemini horoscope, Eros, the asteroid of lust, will enter House VI of Gemini (12/22), encouraging excess and self-indulgence; it is therefore important to remember (and keep) the promises you made to yourself.

Recall that the Ascending Lunar Node is in Gemini, urging the native to go beyond the limits that he has imposed on himself, to connect to his life mission , and to move towards a higher version of himself. .

However, in the horoscope for the month Gemini, the presence of Lilith and retrograde Uranus in the 12th House of the sign Gemini refers to a rebellious attitude to change and the difficulty of letting go of old structures, although the ‘we recognize the importance of moving forward.

Gemini Monthly Lucky Days

The 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 17th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd and 27th.

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