Gemini Monthly Love, Work and Well Being Horoscope

In the Gemini horoscope for December, the New Moon will transmit you a happy emotional state that will make you attract new people and experiences. On the other hand, you will focus on obtaining bank loans and refinancing.

So that you can orient yourself in this stage of your life, adequately project your work goals, as well as maintain a harmonious social and love life, I will explain how the energies of the Universe influence you this month.


During this month, through the Sun and Mercury , you will have good proposals to carry out your projects of associating with other people and stabilizing your economy, as well as to obtain better bank refinancing. On a sentimental level, the New Moon in the partner sector of your horoscope will bring opportunities for recovery to your heart.


During the first three weeks, more precisely until the 21st, the Sun will stimulate you to expand your economy by forming commercial companies. With this move you will have to be careful, since you may want to obtain more dividends than the rest of the partners and they may object to signed agreements.

Meanwhile, Venus starting on the 4th, if you are in a dependency relationship, will signal to you that it is time to discover new skills in yourself and attract new jobs and promotions. In addition, it will motivate you to improve work relationships.

After the 13th, you should pay attention to Mercury’s retrograde. As this will occur in the sector related to bank loans, they may be delayed if you have requested them. Also be careful about signing important papers.

Later, starting on the 21st, the sun’s rays will activate your concentration; particularly, in ordering your bank accounts and reducing your credit card payments.

This way you will prepare yourself financially to end the year with few debts. Finally, the Full Moon on the 26th will be in Cancer and will show you what errors you have in managing your finances and that you should now correct.

Best week of the month for your prosperity and work:

It will be the week of the 4th, since you will have the support of the Sun and Venus to renew goals and discover new abilities in yourself. Plus, Mercury will still be direct.


Until the 21st, the Sun will illuminate the area of ​​love relationships in your horoscope so that you can intensify your current emotional bond. With this influence, you will show your feelings freely and sincerely.

The above, especially if you already feel in your heart that he is the right person to maintain a deep relationship. If you are alone, during the first week Venus will bring opportunities for joyful and fun romances.

To this energy, the effect of the New Moon on the 12th will be added, which will transmit you a very special state of joy. Above all, so that you attract new people into your life with a different way of thinking and thus see life in a more beautiful way.

Best week of the month for your heart:

The third week of the month because the New Moon will bring the right person to your heart to fill your heart with love and thus build a relationship based on commitment.


Throughout the month, Mars will pass through Sagittarius and make you more irritable and impulsive. With this influence, your mood will be very unstable and you could feel very nervous when experiencing situations that could affect your health.

Additionally, you could experience increased blood pressure, chest pains, falls and accidents. Then, it will be important for you to be careful with the Full Moon on the 26th, which could cause body inflammation. For this reason, I recommend that you try to keep your chakras better aligned.

Week of greatest vitality:

The second week of the month will be the best, since you will not yet have the sensitive effects of the Full Moon and you will be in control of your own body.

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