Gemini Monthly Horoscope


In the Gemini horoscope for May, you will spend a large part of your time evaluating your material goals, as well as the way forward. As for personal relationships, Venus will activate your outings and social groups so that you increase and improve affective and emotional communication.

So that you can orient yourself in the cycle in which you are, program your work and ritual goals, as well as your social and love life, I will explain how the planetary energies influence you this month.


During the first week, you will not feel very sure where you are going in terms of your material goals. Then, the Lunar Eclipse will help clear your horizon and open new work doors for you. As for personal relationships, these will be active due to the good influence of Mercury and Venus.


From the beginning of the month and until the 20th, the Sun will influence you to take stock of your projects and your finances over the last twelve months. The objective of this is that you review your material goals, which one you must conclude and which one you have to put more will into to boost it.

Meanwhile, you will have the support of Mercury until the 10th that will guide you to know who you can approach in your business and also with that of Mars that will continue to stimulate you to stand out and be the first in your professional career.

After the 10th, Jupiter will be in charge of opening your paths and making you upbeat and positive in order to attract better opportunities for progress. Also so that you can receive offers to hold important positions, but without neglecting to sign important papers, since Mercury will begin its retrograde path.

Later, the Lunar Eclipse will help clear your horizon and open new career doors for you. Then, starting on the 20th, the Sun moves into your sign signaling a new cycle in your life in which you will be able to promote your new ideas and launch projects assuming key positions.

Keep in mind that it could also increase your desire for power and your tendency to selfishness; therefore, you could not have consideration for others to increase your profits. Here it will help you to do a personal cleansing with herbs to eliminate bad energies .

Best week of the month for your work and economy:

The last week of the month thanks to the fact that you will have the help of the Sun and Jupiter to shine in what you do and implement productive and effective procedures in your business.


From the beginning of the month with Venus, passing through the sector of your horoscope of social relationships, you will be in a good mood and with the desire to have fun and enjoy friends and pleasant moments more. With this movement, your social encounters will be livelier and more pleasant, and it will be easier for love to be a reality in your life by opening your channels of emotional communication.

Then, on the 20th, the Sun will also pass into your sign, illuminating you with its rays so that you can recognize all your internal and external beauty and attract the people who really should be by your side. Finally, on the 30th, the New Moon in your sign will make you renew both your energies and your way of giving yourself in relationships.

Best week of the month for love:

The first week will be the best for you, since Venus will be benefiting you for new love relationships.


From the beginning of the month until the 24th, you will receive the strong influence of Mars, which will increase your impatience. You will have to control that overload of energy in your horoscope so as not to be in a bad mood and with nervous reactions. If you don’t, you could go through an increase in eye pressure and skin problems.

Later, on the 15th, you will have the eclipse and the Full Moon in the health area of your horoscope. Try to maintain a healthy and light diet the previous days so that your body adapts to so much energy change.

Week of greatest vitality:

It will be the last week of the month because you will have the solar energy increasing your immune system.

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