Gemini Free Monthly horoscope for Love, Money Luck, Job and Career


In the Gemini horoscope for September , the New Moon will be responsible for expanding your desires and desires to fall in love. Meanwhile, the Sun and Mars will generate a great expansion of your ambitions and competitive level.

So that you can orient yourself in the cycle in which you are and program your work goals, as well as your social and love life, I will explain how the planetary energies influence you this month.


It will be a very special month for love, since the New Moon will be in charge of expanding your desires and desires to fall in love, putting new people on your path. As for work life, the Sun and Mars will increase your competitive spirit and your ambitions to acquire more material goods.


From the beginning of the month and until the 22nd, the Sun and Mars will stimulate your most ambitious side and thus your desire to advance various hierarchical positions will grow; many times without taking into account your own co-workers. You will consider that it is time to not think so much about others and you will act selfishly because you want to obtain the recognition that corresponds to you.

Mercury, for its part, will add its contribution to this influence so that you can carry out better negotiations in commercial agreements. Then, starting on the 10th, you will have to be more careful when signing important papers, since the planet just mentioned will begin its retrogradation.

On the other hand, the Full Moon of the same day will be helping you according to your horoscope to encourage you to accept more responsibilities so that you can grow and mature professionally.

Later, on the 22nd and for the rest of the month, the Sun will favor you even more to carry out your responsibilities without attracting so many rivalries or envies. In addition, it will activate your ability to do business and obtain more profits through investments online.

Venus will also make its contribution and help you solve all kinds of obstacles at work. At that time, you will have enough charisma to convince your bosses to improve your current working and economic conditions.

Best week of the month for your work and economy:

The second week of the month will be the most favorable for your sign because the Sun, Mercury and Mars will be activating all your skills and tricks to earn more money.


During the first weeks, the Sun and Venus will influence you to share more time with your family group and be aware of their needs for their well-being. To amplify this good influence, I suggest you attract the blessings of the angels to your home with these five actions .

As for your sentimental life, if you are still without a partner, Mars will generate a very favorable period for you to start a loving and very sexual relationship. If you are in a committed relationship, these qualities will increase in your relationship and you will enjoy a more pleasurable sex life.

In the last week of the month, the New Moon will be transmitting a positive emotional state to you. This will be so, especially, so that you are able to attract new people and in this way you can fall in love again and in a healthy way.

Best week of the month for love:

The last week with the arrival of the New Moon. This will help make your love life more exciting and happy by bringing you the right person for a good relationship.


Throughout the month, Mars, the aggressive planet, will pass through your sign and you will have to be very attentive to your state of nerves, mental disorders and anxieties. These days, it is important that you manage to maintain your internal balance by making contact with nature to relax and not live under pressure.

Keep in mind that if you do not achieve the above, you will be prone to bumps, falls and possibly accidents as well. For this reason, here I recommend channeling these energies by walking more or doing the most effective exercise for your zodiac sign according to your personality.

Week of greatest vitality:

The last week of the month, since the Sun will pass through Libra, it will take care of your entire immune system and bring more peace to your mind.

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