Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

See what the stars say about the Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August!



In August, two eclipses promise to shake Gemini’s world. Begin the period by slowing down your daily activities, and keep going throughout the month – especially on the days around the eclipses.

The first phenomenon will take place on August 1st and will be a solar eclipse. It will impact your personal and family planet, Mercury, bringing some turmoil into the home, with parents, family members or authority figures.

Throughout the month, family issues will be fundamental, and events will be reasonably dramatic in this sector. Work on good communication to enhance family harmony by the 10th. After that date, it will require something more physical and personal.

Love, on the other hand, will be happy and romantic as of Day 5. Single Gemini will see their family playing cupid, as love can come at family reunions or through their contacts.

Basically, throughout the month of August your main focus will be career. However, after the 22nd, personal life gains strength due to the power of his fourth Home and Family Home.

This will be a time to put order in the house, spend more time with the family and make psychological progress. You will go through a moment of discovery about yourself.

For the committed, the love life goes very well. Your current spouse or partner will continue to prosper and will be generous to you. However, between the 18th and the 23rd, Jupiter will square Uranus, so that the partner can behave in a more temperamental manner. Work patience.



Still on July 12, planetary power passed to the lower half of its horoscope. In addition, both planets related to your career will be in retrograde motion this month. So, you know! It’s time to put your career a little aside, doing just what it takes to keep you active. Your energy should be in the emotional and family life now.

While this period is not over, work on your feeling of emotional harmony. Seek to achieve those professional goals that are within you, not the external aspects.

August is a month to set goals and visualize what you want and where you want to go. It costs nothing to dream. Try to imagine how things will be when you reach your goals.

For now, a career is a matter of suspension – but don’t settle for it will grow stronger than ever in a few months. Many of the work-related issues that will come up will need time to resolve. Just give you time and everything will be fine.

Despite this break in working life, finances will go well this August. Mars and Venus will be at your Money House, bringing luck in speculation and a good intuition for money by the 26th.

The presence of Venus in the Money House is indicative of happy earnings, that is, money made by pleasant and pleasurable means – sometimes this may even be possible while having fun.

Take the time to seize new opportunities that come through your creativity and social contacts.
We also remember that Venus is your spiritual planet. In other good news, the planet will bring a very sharp financial intuition, and the right perception can save you years of hard work.

As for the planet Mars, it will enter the Money House on the 26th, shortly before the departure of Venus. It will bring a renewal in its philosophy of financial well-being. The Gemini will feel more stimulated and even aggressive when it comes to money.

Gemini will be unstoppable during this period. With a desire to conquer the world, you will create wealth, conquer new markets and take risks. Basically, your sign will want financial life to be a real adventure, and you will need to take some risks.

Although all is going well, some setbacks are also predicted for the life of the Gemini. Beware of impulsive spending or badly calculated investments. Tune in to your intuition well, or you’ll end up paying dearly for the hype.

Perhaps the impatience for results is also a villain. In the rush for returns, you may end up making the wrong decisions. But you needn’t worry, as the cosmos tends to show you the way, and it will help you overcome any fears, leading you to better handle finances.

Even your friends will be around to give you financial support or refer you for opportunities. Invest in your network because it will be critical for you to stand out. Also get involved with professional organizations as this will be a great way to make a profit.

By the 22nd, your third House of Communication and Intellectual Interests will be greatly strengthened. This is a good time to put into practice the things you love to do. Professions like teachers, journalists, writers and public relations will have an amazing month ahead.

Gemini students will have problems in college. They may not enter the desired institution and eventually opt for another – or even switch courses on their own.

During the solar eclipse of the 1st, there will be tests of household items, communication equipment and cars. Identify the flaws that will surface to correct them.



Throughout August, Gemini’s health should be in good shape. However, it is important that you set the brake and give yourself more rest and relaxation after day 22. Even without eclipses, your health still needs and care. There will be a lot of planetary stress on your sign.

Maximize your energy as much as you can. Listen to what your body has to say and rest when tiredness arises. Don’t be shy to retire to answer his call. Pay attention to the heart, thighs, livers and detoxification processes.

If you have been careless about eating, it is possible that this month your body performs a kind of cleansing and detoxification. A redefinition of your self-image will occur in the months ahead, as your sign is now changing the way you see and define yourself.

Mars will square Uranus on days 1 and 2. So drive more carefully and be more attentive on the physical plane. The tip also applies to your friends and loving partner. Avoid futile discussions.

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