Gemini Monthly Horoscope for Love, Money Luck, Job and Career

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for Love, Money Luck, Job and Career

In the Gemini horoscope for January, you will have a very favorable month for your intimate relationships, since the physical demonstration of feelings will be exalted. Regarding the economic part, you will receive very specific business proposals and the possibility of materializing credits or refinancing.

So that you can orient yourself in the cycle in which you are and program your work goals, as well as your social and love life, I will explain how the planetary energies influence you this month.


This month you will receive the good vibrations of the Sun and Mercury , resuming their direct march in the horoscope to obtain credit approval, receive profits from companies and different types of bonuses.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon will bring a twist to your economy so that you look at other possibilities to earn money. In matters of love, Venus and Mars direct will increase passion and sexual energy will generate improvements in your partner.


From the beginning of the month and until the 20th, the Sun in Capricorn will pass through the sector of your horoscope in which you meet with partners to generate new business commitments; Even if they are friends or family, this influence will help you generate new ventures to increase the percentage of profits.

Additionally, you will focus on ordering your accounting and improving your credit history for your new projects and improving your taxes. With this movement, if you have to request a loan, the mentioned time will be the best to do it.

As the days go by, particularly on the 6th, the Full Moon will be generating different situations for you so that you can go one more level on the road to your economic independence.

It can bring you new business proposals, beyond those mentioned, which you should accept because they will be consistent with your projects. Then on the 18th Mercury will resume its direct path to facilitate financial transactions and obtain more banking benefits.

To end the 20th, the Sun will pass into Capricorn and the New Moon on the 21st will favor you to perceive and open other material horizons. With this aspect, for the next four weeks, you will increase your ability to shine through your knowledge and experiences.

Best week of the month for your prosperity and work:

It will be the fourth week of the month thanks to the fact that the Sun, Mercury and Venus will be favoring you so that you can succeed in business decisions and ventures.


During the first two weeks, the Sun and Mercury will activate the area where you merge your physique and your heart with the most intimate people and with whom you feel united by destiny. These influences will help you create more intense and sexual approaches and bonds.

If you are already in a serious relationship, this astrological influence will help you achieve a complete transformation of love and recover it through a more renewed and fun sex life.

If you are single, the mentioned influence will give you the opportunity to meet someone with whom you will have a lot of physical attraction. Here I suggest you do the ritual to find true love in 2023 .

Best week of the month for your heart:

The third week, since you will have the Sun, Mercury and Venus filling you with moments so that you can fully and happily enjoy sexual relations.


This month the Full Moon on the 6th will affect the way in which you value yourself, for this reason you will be doing a review of the path traveled and your achievements. As it will influence you a lot and it will help you to finish processes, your body will be more sensitive and you could be more anxious and upset.

To this influence will be added Mars, which governs vital energy, will continue in its retrograde until the 12th and it will be important that you spend these weeks more calmly, taking care of yourself with a good diet and exercising a lot so as not to somatize repressed rage.

Week of greater vitality:

It will be the third week because you will have already gone through the Full Moon and Mars will be direct giving you energy and vitality to overcome all kinds of ailments.

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