Aquarius Love Matches: Exploring Compatibility with Each Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Aries Soulmate Compatibility

Aries who is active by nature is always attracted by Aquarius, who is ready for changes and adventures, who goes to great lengths for his friends. The marriage of Aquarius, who respects personality, freedom and independence in a partner, and Aries, who receives encouragement and limitless open spaces for creativity and development from Aquarius, can be an ideal union.

Aquarius Taurus Soulmate Compatibility

The heavy, hardly compatible marriage of Aquarius is attracted to Taurus by devotion, home-taking. Although he himself prefers freedom, he needs a house in order to return. For Taurus, the freedom of Aquarius is unbearable. In marriage, they are waiting for either a cold, or a fever of relations, outbursts of feelings, conflicts and alienation. Such a union is rarely held.

Aquarius Gemini Soulmate Compatibility

Despite frequent quarrels and disagreements, this is a good union. Aquarius teaches Gemini transformation, insight. Their love often grows into friendship. They have many common spiritual interests, and this union contributes to the evolutionary development of both. Aquarians are so original and capable of reincarnation that Gemini, as a rule, does not have the need for other partners. They never miss each other. But if the Twins nevertheless cheat on Aquarius, they do not forgive. They tolerate to the last, and then leave recklessly, irrevocably, forever.

Aquarius Cancer Soulmate Compatibility

Crazy, heavy, but often found alliance. They are attracted to each other and again repelled. They diverge and converge. Their relationship is similar to catharsis, transforming both of them. Cancer is used to holding and seducing a partner, but Aquarius cannot be seduced by anything: one day he will definitely leave. And Cancer will wait forever. But as soon as Aquarius returns, Cancer again begins to build a home prison for him. Aquarius immediately destroys it, and it all starts all over again.

Aquarius Leo Soulmate Compatibility

At first, they feel a great attraction to each other, but then, realizing their complete opposite, as a rule, diverge. Leo loves to be the center of attention. Aquarius does not distinguish his personality, he tries to stay quietly and independently. He does not attach importance to “trifles”, which are symbols for Leo. Only with high spiritual potential and at a more mature age do these people understand that the two opposites are whole.

Aquarius Virgo Soulmate Compatibility

The union is rare. Virgo loves home, order, home building. Aquarius is free, for him the main thing is that, tired of friends, from travels, from problems, where to return. The marriage lasts while the Virgin has enough patience.

Aquarius Libra Soulmate Compatibility

Successful, fruitful union. They have common creative plans, joint original ideas. Both love to travel, they love cheerful companies, friends. As a rule, they are engaged in one thing, mutually complementing each other.

Aquarius Scorpio Soulmate Compatibility

In this alliance, with rare exceptions, Scorpio takes over. He explicitly or secretly directs Aquarius. Their love is original and has an unexpected eccentric character. They always come up with new and new twists in fate. Peaceful periods of life together are replaced by a long war, then happy reconciliation before a new war. But at the same time it is very difficult for them to refuse each other.

Aquarius Sagittarius Soulmate Compatibility

Ease, friendship, adventurism and mutual understanding, growing stronger over the years, reign in this marriage. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius love trips, changes, society, companies. Both give each other a certain share of freedom, remembering the generally accepted attitudes. Fantasy and humor do not leave spouses even during a period of deprivation. Children for them are friends and the meaning of existence. They live a new life with their children, renewing themselves, discovering their second and third youth.

Aquarius Capricorn Soulmate Compatibility

At first glance, they look alike, enchanted by each other. But this is a short-lived illusion. It will remain as long as both are very lonely. The whim of nature created them for mutual deception: Aquarius thinks that Capricorn is constant and absolutely reliable, he does not even suspect that he is absolutely free and very cunning. Capricorn will not let anyone into the world of his inner freedom, and Aquarius will fight like a moth against a light bulb to penetrate his soul until it burns out. And it seems to Capricorn that Aquarius is precisely the man who, having fallen in love, will not encroach on his freedom, he does not understand that Aquarius wants, like everyone else, to tie him to the house, having received complete independence for himself.

Aquarius Aquarius Soulmate Compatibility

A rare union that can only be built on friendship and equality in the family. Otherwise, a joint life will not work, and both will have the feeling of an “empty house”“.

Aquarius Pisces Soulmate Compatibility

Idealism and faith in the unknown, unfulfilled, inventions and fantasies, illusions of the mystery of life attract these people. They seem mysterious countries to each other, but not always “crossing the border” is possible - fear prevents losing your identity and disappearing into a partner. In marriage, magical pictures can be replaced by a sober and unattractive reality. Life for both will become a stumbling block. No matter how he became the cause of lack of money and homeless wanderings.

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