Aquarius Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Aquarius Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Dreamer, rebel and altruistic. The Aquarius woman has a magnetic, unique and irresistible complexity. We tell you the main features of it.

Aquarius woman personality

The Aquarius woman was born to be free and will defend that value above all else. She knows how to take care of herself and rarely asks for help. When she doesn’t know something, instead of getting overwhelmed, she tries to learn it. And if not, her prodigious intelligence whispers a different solution than the one most people follow. And in that process, she opens her mind and has a blast.

The Aquarius woman cannot stand impositions. She is willing to listen to all the arguments and understand them, because she has a very open mind. But she can’t be forced to do anything. And if she tries she will rebel. She may explode or simply turn around and walk away from any situation that imprisons her.

She will never give up her independence. And to be able to live with those clear values, she has great self-confidence. She is convinced that her path is the right one, but she does not try to impose it on others, as other signs do. It is enough for her to apply it to her daily life and benefit from her way of doing things.

The Aquarius woman: close, empathetic and altruistic

Still, the Aquarius woman does not look down on those who do not act like her. Quite the opposite: they are fascinated by them. She feels the need to meet people, the more different from her the better. Because she feels that she expands her knowledge of the world, of human nature and of relationships.

The Aquarius woman, in a way, is constantly evolving.  She observes how the world works and changes depending on the conclusions she draws. To clarify: if something makes her angry, she doesn’t complain about it or attack others. She analyzes the reasons why this bothers her, tries to find out why it affects her so much and change her attitude. She wants to be happy and in that search for happiness she improves aspects of her personality.

The Aquarius woman really cares about others and is very altruistic. It is common to see her participating in social struggles for just causes. She also tries to help everyone around her. But yes, without giving up her independence or her moments of solitude to connect with herself. That is another of her characteristics: she is very social, but she also needs to take time to be alone.

But not everyone understands that you suddenly disconnect from the world. She, who is so independent, does not need the continuous presence of anyone and she cannot understand that others do. Some people accuse her of not bonding enough in relationships. And that saddens enormously because she feels misunderstood and she also regrets that her attitude can make someone suffer. But she is clear that limits must be set on relationships and that she is not going to give up her way of being.

The Aquarius woman is intelligent and practical

The Aquarius woman is usually a very cultured woman, with different, but very well-argued opinions. It’s a delight to hear her talk about it. Furthermore, she usually has very creative and surprising hobbies because she always likes to learn new things. There are signs that have a kind of anxiety about living new experiences. She is not like that, she enjoys living in the moment without thinking if later she will want to do something different.

And the Aquarius woman is very situated in the here and now.  She is not usually nostalgic or anxious about the future. That also helps her in her desire to be free of it. She is light of burdens from the past and is capable of enjoying every moment of the present.

The strengths of the Aquarius woman

Creative: The ideas of the Aquarius woman are always surprising and different from those of the rest. Also her way of overcoming the problems she encounters in her daily life.

Safe: She doesn’t doubt herself. She has too many things to enjoy in life to waste her time with such a detrimental attitude.

Altruistic: The Aquarius woman wants to help make this world better. Although she doesn’t say it in these words, it is something that she has recorded in her unconscious and that guides her actions.

This is how the Aquarius woman is in love

The Aquarius woman is tremendously attractive. She has a very seductive personal style and her intelligence and her way of seeing life make up the rest of her. There is no one who can resist her. And she can have a great time with the little game of seduction, but she is looking for something more.

The Aquarius woman wants to be with someone who makes her vibrate in every way. Physical attraction is important, but you also need mental and emotional attraction. Be with someone she truly admires and who understands her. The Aquarius woman will wait until she finds that person. However, she may have shorter stories in which she will not be fully involved.

When she finds what she is looking for, she gives herself completely to the relationship. But it will not be a conventional union. She will make it original and different, always full of stimuli and based on respect for the freedom of both. In that sense, the Aquarius woman will always maintain her independence  and she will have some dilemmas. If she is very in love, she may become a little jealous, but she will feel bad and will try to correct that attitude because she wants the other person to be free too.

This is how the Aquarius woman is in friendship

Having an Aquarius friend is a joy. She is a person who does not demand, who makes things easy and with whom everything flows. The Aquarius woman is very sincere and it is very strange that she lies. She doesn’t even tell white lies to avoid harm, because it seems disrespectful to her to imagine that others can’t accept the truth.

What she cannot stand in any way is betrayal. Since you trust her judgment so much, if she interprets that they have failed you, she may not even wait for an explanation. She is clear about what has happened and also that she is not going to prolong something that only hurts her. So in those cases, she will most likely just disappear. Her without even reproaching the other person for what she has done to him. So that? She wants to be well and that would not help her achieve it.

The Aquarius woman respects her friends’ freedom and expects them to do the same with hers. Therefore, signs that are very demanding or dependent on her will not be part of her circle of friends. It is likely that in this one you will find very different characters, some strange or bizarre, because she likes variety and learning from people who are very different from her.

The health of the Aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman takes care of everyone and sometimes forgets about herself. That is an attitude that she will have to change to avoid suffering from discomfort that can be solved with a visit to the specialist.

In general, the Aquarius woman usually has problems with anemia, which she will solve with a balanced diet.  If she persists, she may need to take vitamin complexes at specific periods of her life. She also has a tendency to have varicose veins or circulation problems. In addition to visiting the doctor, you should not forget to drink enough fluids.

To release physical and mental tension you should exercise. There are stages in which she is very sedentary and that is precisely what does not suit her.

Famous Aquarius women

They are beautiful women with strong personalities and a style and way of life different from the rest like Shakira, Sara Carbonero, Jennifer Aniston, Lucía Bosé, Yoko Ono, Paris Hilton or Natalie Imbruglia.

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