Libra Man Secret Desire, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Charming, friendly and fun. The Libra man is a breath of fresh air, capable of making everyone feel comfortable and at the same time bringing out the best that everyone has inside.

Libra man personality

The Libra man is peaceful by definition. His symbol, the scales of justice, defines him perfectly. He fully believes in the maxim “live and let live” and trusts that if we are all tolerant there will be no more conflicts. It doesn’t always happen, but at least he leads by example.

Consequently, the Libra man does not like arguments or problems. He can’t stand being made to take sides when two people are at odds. He will be one of those who plays devil’s advocate with both and seeks reconciliation. And in many cases he will achieve it, because he is gifted for diplomacy and negotiations.

The Libra man: dreamer, intelligent and social

The Libra man is very idealistic and dreamy


 but that does not mean that he does not have his feet on the ground or that he gets carried away by fantasies. He fights for his ideals and for his justice, even knowing that it will not be easy, but he does not give up. And that makes him a very special person. He will always defend the weakest no matter who he has to face for it.

It is also a very intelligent sign, which knows everything and is interested in continuing to learn. Libra’s hobbies are endless and he never gets bored. She has a very intense world of her own, but she does not feel, like other signs, the need to take refuge in it or to have periods of absolute solitude.

Libra is a tremendously social sign. He needs to be surrounded by people.  He likes to talk to everyone, because he always learns something. And while doing so, he also teaches others a lot. But it is not superficial, their relationships are usually very deep. You may not be able to see your endless list of friends often, but they will always be there when you need them.

The problem is that otherwise it is more difficult for him to be the one to turn to his people when he needs them.  Perhaps it is because of that need for balance and harmony that he does not want to show himself to the world when he is a little unfocused or overwhelmed. Over the years he will have to learn that it is in those moments when he should call those he loves because they are the only ones who can help him regain his long-awaited balance.

The Libra man is very active

The Libra man likes the good life. He has a very mystical part, but another very earthly part that leads him to be hedonistic and enjoy the pleasures of life. And at that point he is very exquisite and does not admit anything. Since he has a high aesthetic concept, he will want the best of the best. And in some cases, if he does not limit that hobby, he can become somewhat capricious or, directly, a jerk.

Libra is a very dynamic sign. He never gets bored and it is quite impossible for those around him to do so. He has brilliant, creative ideas that no one else would think of but him. And he is able to spread the enthusiasm they produce in him, so being next to him is constant fun.

Libras are usually optimistic and lively, but they also have their moments when they become gloomy and since they are not used to what happens, they have a really hard time and withdraw into themselves or appear moody, which is something very strange for them. .

The strengths of the Libra man

Charming: He is the person that everyone has a good word about, because he is kind, polite and funny like few others.

Sincere: The Libra man has no doubles. He is very diplomatic, yes. And he can turn things around a lot so as not to hurt, too. But a lie rarely comes out of his mouth.

Doubtful: Making a decision – especially if it means giving up something, which is what most decisions do – is comparable to climbing Everest for him.

Libra Man Compatibility Chart

LibraLibra with… Compatibility
Aries Aries Low
Taurus Taurus Medium
Gemini Gemini High
Cancer Cancer Low
Leo Leo High
Virgo Virgo Medium
Libra Libra High
Scorpio Scorpio Medium
Sagittarius Sagittarius High
Capricorn Capricorn Low
Aquarius Aquarius High
Pisces Pisces Medium

This is how the Libra man is in love

The Libra man is captivating. To know him is to love him. Being next to him, a most positive experience. He is made to be in a relationship, because he likes to share everything that happens to him and take care of half of him. However, getting there, to having a relationship with him, is not easy.

Libra’s constant doubts lead him to hesitate when it comes to committing. A clarification must be made here. They are not one of the signs that are afraid of relationships, far from it. It’s that he takes time to decide, because deep down he fears that they will hurt him. Or that decision makes you give up a harmonious lifestyle that has cost you a lot to build. With patience, allowing her time, she will eventually make up her mind. But if she puts pressure on him, we’re in trouble. She will feel that there is bad vibes and she will be tempted to escape.

In a relationship, the Libra man is a real sweetheart. He is very familiar, he likes to spend time with his people, share his new hobbies, make them feel comfortable. He is capable of building a very placid life, but not at all monotonous. And there are few who can achieve that.

How to conquer a Libra man

This Venusian likes beauty, but in the broadest sense. It’s not about following a canon but about having your own style and being convinced of it. This is extremely tempting to the Libra man.

Of course, he can’t stand reproaches, because he is very sensitive and feels deeply hurt. And he’s not into stormy relationships either, because if there’s one thing he wants in life it’s to find stability. And everything that is screaming distances him from her and seems very vulgar to him.

Deep conversations and crazy, original plans are what makes a Libra man fall in love with you. Thinking that he is with someone who accepts and understands him and who also cares about his loved ones, makes him fall in love with that person. Kindness is one of the virtues that he values most.

This is how the Libra man is in friendship

The Libra man is very friendly. He really likes people: understanding them, helping them, enjoying them…  He loves to share what happens to him, although he normally only does it with the good things and the bad things stay inside her. Therefore, Libra’s friends will have to insist a little so that he does not eat all the brown ones by himself.

Libras have a terrible time when their friends get angry. They will try to mediate as much as possible, because they have great diplomatic skills, so that things can be resolved. And if they don’t get it, they will feel tense. And what they will not tolerate is being made to take sides.

The Libra man is very adaptable, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his personality. In fact, he is usually the one who gets the most his way, what happens is that he convinces the others in such a way that in the end they do not remember that they are doing what he wanted. But that doesn’t make them manipulative, they always do it with a good vibe.

Famous Libra Men

Libra men  succeed in whatever they set out to do because they have their own style of doing things, they do not follow the path that others have opened, they investigate to create their own. There we have  Pedro Almodóvar, Julio Iglesias, Eminem or Guillermo del Toro. They also tend to be men who stand out for their charm, like Hugh Jackman, Paco León or Viggo Mortensen.

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