Virgo Man Secret Desire, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Intelligent, loyal and true to his word. This is the Virgo man, who always analyzes the issues to find the right decision. In most cases he succeeds, because he is practical and determined and knows how to get along in life.

Virgo man personality

They may seem cold right off the bat, but they are not cold at all.  They have a big heart, which happens that they don’t give it away until they are sure. And they are also a little shy and need time to get to know others and feel confident.

The Virgo man is very organized. In fact, he spends a lot of time creating methods to make everything run like clockwork. The only drawback is that he sometimes gets a little nervous if things don’t go as he has planned. Over the years he will learn to be more adaptable, but he may also become a little grumpier.

The Virgo man is protective, helpful and perfectionist

Virgo is a person who takes care of others, but in their own way. He tries to have a practical solution to problems. He will not be the one who spends hours feeling sorry for anyone, he will look for a way to solve what worries them. And many do not understand him and think that he is not empathetic. But they are totally wrong.

The Virgo man is helpful and chivalrous. He never shirks his responsibilities and always keeps his promises. That is why, perhaps, he does not dedicate himself to doing many things even if he wants to: he only commits himself to what he can carry out, because he would feel very bad if he could not do it.

At work, he is very thorough and a perfectionist. And that makes it usually very appreciated. However, many Virgo men lack a little ambition to take advantage of all their abilities. And they must be careful, because there are smart people who will try to appropriate their merits. This happens because most Virgo men are not competitive, they go their own way and do not enter into power struggles. Their way of seeing the world, much nobler, means that they do not understand them and they distance themselves from them.

The Virgo man is very patient. He takes things slow and doesn’t mind waiting. In fact, since he is very analytical, having to make quick decisions stresses him out. There’s nothing worse than pressuring him to do it, because then he might explode and no one will like to see it that way. Giving a Virgo man an ultimatum is a declaration of war for him.

The Virgo man is sincere and discreet

It is surprising that  some Virgo men are a bit childish. They are smart and analytical, but they keep in their hearts the innocence of a child who never quite understands the world, especially that of complicated feelings, because he is more direct and frank.

And the Virgo man is discreet with his feelings. He doesn’t usually make dramas for nothing, the procession goes inside. This means that sometimes, by not expressing what he feels, they can accumulate a lot of tension. And it can come out unexpectedly.

Virgo men can have a slightly pessimistic streak. But it is not a whiny pessimism, it is a way of protecting oneself. They prefer to wait for the worst to be happy if it doesn’t happen in the end. This way they don’t suffer more than necessary and if they’re lucky they get a surprise.

The strengths of the Virgo man

Analytical: Most Virgo men have a brain that never stops and reaches rational and very accurate conclusions.

Sincere:  The Virgo man is not a liar at all and not a hypocrite either. Sometimes he can seem a little terse, but what he says, he means it from the heart.

Resolute: Since he lives in a very rational world, he always knows what to do and how to solve any eventuality.

This is how the Virgo man is in love

The Virgo man is much more romantic than he may seem at first glance, when his shyness can make him seem somewhat distant. But to bring out all that sweet potential he has, he must truly fall in love. And that only happens when he finds someone who touches his heart.

That is the only case in which the Virgo man will truly commit. He is not with anyone because he is not alone, but because he has fallen completely in love with that person. He will not be one of those who praise him daily or buy very expensive gifts for his beloved, but she will always be able to count on him. A Virgo man never fails and is very protective of his partner and his family.

The Virgo man will always have a word of encouragement for his partner and will remember perfectly the commitments he has. He’ll send you a message before a difficult meeting and another to see how he’s been doing. That will make the other person fall out of love for him.

How to conquer a Virgo man

The Virgo man likes women who are groomed, who take care of themselves, but who are rather classic. The very eccentric ones can pull you back a bit, things as they are. He also can’t handle those who tell his life story or air his dramas without barely knowing the other person.

The woman who seduces the Virgo man will be one who does not go for anything, who appears authentic , who does not try to impress him and who is sincere. That is the most attractive thing for this type of man who is looking for a companion who shares his calm vision of the world.

The Virgo man is faithful and although he flirts very sporadically, it never usually leads to anything more. He is not jealous, because he trusts her partner and expects her to be jealous too. In fact, he is not jealous because he cannot conceive that the person he loves could deceive him. And if something like that happened, he would pull away immediately, because he could see the analytical part of him more than what he would have felt towards that person.

This is how the Virgo man is in friendship

The Virgo man needs time to get to know people and open up to others. He is not the one who makes friends at first sight. Nor is he the one who has an endless list of colleagues. He has a few, but they are trustworthy and he would do anything for them, because he is loyal and generous like few others.

You can always count on a Virgo friend. Although he sometimes seems a little serious, he is not one of the people who judges others. He is very understanding and can understand behaviors that he would not carry out and comfort the person who has chosen them without ending up uttering the typical “I told you so” phrase.

Furthermore, the Virgo man will put his practical sense at the disposal of his friends, to help them get out of any situation or make a complicated decision. It is worth listening to them and it is very comforting to have them by your side. That is priceless.

Famous Virgo Men

Virgo men are willful and when they get what they want, they don’t feel the need for change. They build a solid career, like Freddie  Mercury, Antonio Lobato, Jesús Vázquez, Tom Hardy, Sam Neil, David Trueba or Bill Murray.

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