What is Numerology? Discover the Meaning and Significance

Numerology is a tool to study the numbers and influence, and the vibration that they have in our lives. The numbers are present in the day-to-day, all the time, and represent us. Just think about your date of birth, your ID number, CPF, your address, phone number, the letters of your name, etc.

Everything is represented by numbers and each one of them has a different vibration that influences our personality, spirituality, intellect, personal relationships, professional gifts, etc. Through the study of numbers, we can better understand our soul, our challenges, our relationships, our thoughts, our tendencies, and our way of destiny.
Numerology is a powerful instrument of self-knowledge. Through it, we can understand our nature and of all those around us, we can understand our path, the cycles of life, our weaknesses, and strengths, and thus overcome the difficulties of life.

In numerology, each number is a different cosmic vibration, which has a positive side and a negative side. Your number is determined by your date of birth, making the sum of the figures. From this operation, we obtain personalities that fit into numbers from 1 to 9, and there are three “special” personalities, determined by the master numbers 11, 22, and 33, which are irreducible. That is, if these numbers appear at the end of a calculation, the reduction is not done in a single digit. Find out your numerology number, look for the number of people closest to you ... you will understand your personality traits better.


The Kabbalistic numerology analyzes the date of birth to determine the influences that the numbers bring to your personality and your target path. Through simple but exact calculations, we can understand a lot about our essence.
When we are born, the earth’s vibration in the minute we breathe for the first time brings influences to our way of being. The day and hour of birth act in the formation of our character, personality, and destiny. This numerical vibration accompanies us for the rest of our lives, they function as keywords for our self-understanding and acceptance. The calculation of the number that represents you in numerology gives a basic idea of the influence that the Universe of numbers had on you when you were born, for a more advanced and detailed understanding, the realization of a numerological map is suggested.


To calculate the number representing the numerology of the date of birth, simply add up all the numbers that make up your date of birth: the day numbers, the month numbers, and the year numbers. In this sum, you should get a number between 1 and 9 or 11 or 22. These last two are master numbers and significant because it has a lot of symbological significance in the numerology of the date of birth. Except for numbers 11 and 22, you should always add the numbers to get a one-digit number. To show you how to make all these sums, here is an example:

Example : Suppose you were born on March 15 (3rd month) 1985:

Day and month calculation: 15 + 3 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

Calculation of the year: 1985 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 23 = 2 + 3 = 5

Final calculation: 9 (day and month) + 5 (year) = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5

So, for numerology, you have the personality number 5. 


Pythagorean numerology analyzes the personality of each person from their name. This science is very old and is developed by the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. He has developed a table that distributes a number to each letter of the alphabet. By adding the numbers equivalent to each letter, we find a key number that influences our personality.
What is most interesting is that this analysis of the numerology of the name allows us to know the description of our interior (how a person is with himself, his affectiveness, loving and emotional sides, his behavior and attitude towards people), the exterior side that is visible as the public personality, how people, in general, see him, how he behaves in society, at work, and parties, etc. Our synthesis helps is composed of the combination of the inner and the outer, that which is part of our essence.


The numerology of love is nothing more than a more in-depth analysis of the love field of the result obtained by the numerology of the date of birth. In this section of numerology, numerologists point out how one behaves in personal and intimate relationships. It shows how each number relates, what is the importance of love in your life, of sex, of company, and other such aspects. It also shows how to best deal with the person of each number in love. That is why love numerology is a good tool to analyze your relationship and the loving characteristics of the person you love. It will help in making the relationship more healthy and harmonious.


Numerology is also able to point to present-day karmas of past lives. This more in-depth analysis needs to be done by a numerologist, so he will be able to see from the numbers the weaknesses and negatives present in your present life originate in other incarnations. It shows how to interpret this karma, perceive its mission and walk towards higher evolution. The numbers show how one must deal with this difficulty and how to seek the growth needed to face this limitation and to have a better future in this life and the next incarnations.


All signs have their lucky numbers: numbers that have special meaning for each sign and that bring more luck when they play or bet on those lucky numbers. Check out the lucky numbers of your sign!


The influence of birthdays extends beyond our personality: it also provides information on how to face and solve problems, our social and professional relationships, as well as the field of achievements and accomplishments.

Meaning of Numbers in NUMEROLOGY

Now that you know how to calculate the numerology of your date of birth, clock on the following links to know the meaning of your Numerology number in detail!


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