Leo Compatibility - Love, Dating, Obsession, Attraction and Breakup

Learn the keys to love for Leo people and their compatible and incompatible signs, as well as the love predictions for the next 3 months.

How should you relate to Leo to get the best version of him in love?

Every sign has harmonic and inharmonic traits associated with it that will be reflected when interacting with other people. In this post I will tell you 5 keys that you should know if you relate to a person with the Leo sign:

1) Leos in love need, above all, to feel special, worthy, valued, and emotional demonstrations will be very well received.

2) The problem with many Leo people is that they tend to be individualistic, self-centered or proud and this can affect their relationships.

3) At their best, Leos are fun, warm and romantic.

4) People of this sign find it difficult to tolerate envy, idealism and possessive attitudes in their relationships.

5) For Leo, loyalty is everything, so never betray him.

What energy is Leo compatible with?

Leo is compatible with the energy of the Fire signs (Aries, Leo and SAgittarius), as well as Gemini and Libra. For example, if you are a Leo and you are related to a person with the Moon in Gemini, there will be a part of that person (his/her Moon) that will tune into your basic nature (Sun).

What energy is Leo incompatible with?

Leo will tend to be incompatible with the rest of the fixed signs of different elements (Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius). For example, when a person with the Ascendant in Aquarius is very radical and irreverent, the incompatibility with Leo will be accentuated.

Leo compatibility with the 12 signs of the zodiac

LeoLeo with… Compatibility
Aries Aries High
Taurus Taurus Low
Gemini Gemini High
Cancer Cancer Medium
Leo Leo High
Virgo Virgo Medium
Libra Libra High
Scorpio Scorpio Low
Sagittarius Sagittarius High
Capricorn Capricorn Medium
Aquarius Aquarius Low
Pisces Pisces Medium

Compatibility and incompatibility at the level of signs

When talking about compatibility or incompatibility, it is important to say that the energy of one sign is compatible or incompatible with the energy of another sign, but this does not mean that two people with incompatible signs, such as Leo and Scorpio, cannot function in a relationship. that there are other elements in the birth chart of both people that must be taken into account. If a person has a Leo sun sign and has Scorpio as an Ascendant, there will be a first level of compatibility with other people who have Scorpio as a sun sign since this energy is similar to the person’s Ascendant sign, although there is no compatibility with their Sun.

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