Leo Sex, Love and Relationships Compatibility With Every Zodiac Sign

Leo Aries Soulmate Compatibility

A difficult but creative and vibrant union. The love of such a couple resembles an exciting game. They “turn on” each other with the immediacy of feelings. Aries are impulsive, impulsive, but their harshness and rudeness can complicate life with Leos. If Leo is noble and “not sick of pride”, and Aries is a quiet lamb, love and prosperity are provided. The marriage of a typical Aries-military or Aries-Amazon with Leo is possible, provided that Leo is ambitious and strives for power. Such people are often united by joint creativity in a professional way or at home, in raising children. If Aries is a knight in spirit, and Leo is a queen, you can say about them: “They lived happily ever after and died on the same day!”

Leo Taurus Soulmate Compatibility

The union of love and passion. The regal splendor of Leo attracts Taurus, but he is afraid to “get lost” in this splendor. The Leo constantly needs worship, adoration and admiration, is looking for adventure, and Taurus prefers a calm affection, a balanced lifestyle. The secular “game” of Leo in society causes him attacks of irritation, jealousy and anger, which proud Leos do not forgive. The union may rely on sexual compatibility. Taurus holds Leo firmly in the house, but over the years this alliance can exhaust itself.

Leo Gemini Soulmate Compatibility

The Gemini are blinded by the brightness of Leo, his generosity, diversity and richness of nature. If the Leo is a woman, then the twin man is her obedient page in love. If, on the contrary, the man is Leo, then he treats Gemini women as if he were a child who is nursed, pampered and entertained. Playful, agile and cheerful Gemini impresses Leo with their diverse interests and sociability. Over time, they develop friendships, which further strengthens the marriage. True, they can be fed up with each other, but if both can forgive, this union will never break up.

Leo Cancer Soulmate Compatibility

A union of love, mysterious and interesting, but not very suitable for marriage. Cancer entangles Leo with a veil of secrets, his tricks, tricks and decoys make Lviv completely helpless. In marriage, they have difficulty adjusting to each other. It is impossible to make a Leo forever home. He needs brilliance, society, the stage. And Cancer wants to own it all. Mutual insults, quarrels begin. Or Cancer suffers all in silence, but his suffering makes the situation in the house unbearable for Leo. If both are primitive people with low intelligence, then their union, like an eclipse, quickly disintegrates. In another case, having learned to understand and forgive each other, they live like a brother and sister, the Moon and the Sun, sharing the spheres of influence and constantly renewing themselves.

Leo Leo Soulmate Compatibility

The union is rare, but possible and even successful, provided that both of them are atypical. They are born interesting children, bright and creative. Less often, the opposite happens: children with bright parents turn out to be completely colorless, which gives spouses a lot of grief.

Leo Virgo Soulmate Compatibility

A union full of misunderstanding and alienation. The cool and flirty Virgo, fixing any trifle, at first skillfully ignites Leo. But then they begin to see each other a lot of flaws. The pettiness and pickiness of the Virgin hurts Leo to the very heart, especially if the woman is a Leo. Leo Virgo seems cold. Or her flirty nature (even if she doesn’t betray him) drives Leo to a rage. Marriage can be successful only under the condition of common high creative interests or with atypical signs.

Leo Libra Soulmate Compatibility

Regal Leo and harmonious, balanced Libra. They are waiting for marriage shine, harmony, constancy. Libra is the most successful partner for Leo of all air signs.

Leo Scorpio Soulmate Compatibility

A union united by a strong masculinity and incredible feminine magnetism. It gives birth to a crazy passion beyond the control of the mind. But living together in such a strain is impossible, unless their feelings burn out over the years, like an extinct lava. Then they live on their own memories of the past.

Leo Sagittarius Soulmate Compatibility

Their love and marriage are often built on mutual authority, on a common worldview and joint work. Both love adventure, travel, are prone to excitement and adventure. Their relationship is not only the nature of the holiday, pleasures, social life, but also intense joint creativity. Together, they achieve the impossible.

Leo Capricorn Soulmate Compatibility

The union is difficult, but possible. Capricorn is often deceived, bribed by the generosity of Leo and the promise of half the kingdom. Leo, of course, may not fulfill the promise, but Capricorn will wait and wait until he realizes that he was deceived. Then - shock, disappointment. Leo seeks for Capricorn’s external severity of passion (and often does not make mistakes), but gets tired of the constant direct strategy of Capricorn’s life - he wants change.

Leo Aquarius Soulmate Compatibility

At first, they feel a great attraction to each other, but then, realizing their complete opposite, as a rule, diverge. Leo loves to be the center of attention. Aquarius does not distinguish his personality, he tries to stay quietly and independently. He does not attach importance to “trifles”, which are symbols for Leo. Only with high spiritual potential and at a more mature age do these people understand that the two opposites are whole.

Leo Pisces Soulmate Compatibility

The most difficult union of all the signs for Leo. The leo here is like a knight who brought the whole world as a gift to a tender girl. It melts and melts from the depths and mystery of Pisces. After all, this love is tragic for him, it brings death. Or the rebirth of personality, if Leo is ready for metamorphoses and without looking back follows Pisces.

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