Capricorn Woman and Leo Man Zodiac Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship

My Leo husband is 4 years younger than me, how amazing he is cannot be described in words. Before that there was Aries – also a wonderful guy.

In general, I cannot imagine my life without Leo. He is kind, smart, knows how to inspire. Likes to be the center of attention when we are alone, makes me the center of attention. At the beginning of the relationship, there was a lot of struggle for power, but reconciliation was just as passionate and amazing.

I used to be married to Aries, extremely smart and kind. Although my current Leo is much younger, in general, the Capricorn woman and the Leo man can get along well.

I met a Leo man for several years. In the first year everything was perfect, but as the second went, he became a completely different person. I will never meet with men of this sign again.

I will also never meet with Leos again, he is a good person, but the one with whom I met was a complete loony. He casually spent all his money, lives in some kind of his own little world. His appearance is misleading. It may seem like a ladies man, and then it will pour a bucket of shit on you. Absolutely did not know how to control himself, just cheeky without measure.

There is something about Leo that attracts them. He may be kind and gentle, but on the other hand he is very jealous and seeks to control every step, although they themselves do not shine with fidelity.

I am in love with my Leo, he is just wonderful, I could not ask for more. The only flaw in our relationship is his jealousy and desire to control me. He constantly analyzes everything, and a pessimist in life. But so far we have somehow succeeded in protesting through all the problems and difficult times. I love him with all my heart and hope that we stay forever.

I am a Leo man, dating a Capricorn woman. She is amazing and I’m just happy with her, I didn’t even think that such a thing was possible. We both adore each other. I read the comments above and now I understand that I need to be more restrained in my jealousy. I really hope for this relationship, although ordinary horoscopes say that this is not the best union. Glad I found this site, a lot of truth is written.

I am a Leo man, and madly love my Capricorn woman. The problem is that she does not know about it. We have been friends for 4 years, I’m absolutely sure that if I confessed to my feelings, that would be the end. Better we remain friends for now, maybe in time I will become closer to her.

I am a Capricorn woman, madly in love with the Leo man for the past 20 years. We have a common child. He is jealous, stubborn and wants to constantly manage everything. Generally refers to me as a queen. I love him very much.