Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

See what the stars say about the Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for August!



The eighth House of Capricorn became very strong on July 22, and will remain so until the 22nd of this month. Now your focus is much more on sex and involvement with your personal transformation and reinvention.

The month is also conducive to cleaning up the house, getting rid of excess possessions, expenses and spare material on your mind and body.

With the presence of two eclipses this month, personal life will be hectic. On the very first day, a solar eclipse occurs in its eighth House, eclipsing the ruler of that House. This setting calls for caution.

This eclipse can bring psychological encounters with death . Perhaps these encounters happen through recurring dreams, near-death experiences of acquaintances, or dramatic and catastrophic events in the world. It is possible that older Capricorns who are between life and death may decide to make the transition during this period.

It is important to remember that no one will leave early, but meeting with the angel of death helps us understand the way we should live. This contact shows us the weaknesses of external life and how the human being is a mere particle under the evaluation of eternity.

This process helps us establish values ​​and priorities. The angel of death is feared only by those who have no knowledge – it is enough to understand and understand his function to live in harmony with him.

On the 16th, the lunar eclipse will test weddings, love relationships and even business partnerships. Twice a year the cosmos offers the opportunity to improve the tune in your relationship by bringing up pending issues, allowing you both to take dirty clothes.

This period will bring obstacles that are difficult to overcome and highly unusual. Any minor faults between you will be corrected. Only a solid and true relationship will stay alive after the stresses of this eclipse.
Although love is undergoing testing, Capricorn’s sex life goes very well. Singles will find romantic opportunities with past passions and people introduced through family contacts.

Spiritual environments will also be conducive to love. Yoga classes, meditation seminar, prayer meetings, charity events are all possibilities. You will also feel more excited during this time – especially between the 6th and 21st, when the moon will be rising.

Love will become more aggressive after the 24th. Children of marriageable age will find love in this period.
Still in August, the Water element remains very present, making all people naturally feel more emotional. Be careful with words and body language so as not to be insensitive.



Even on June 21, planetary power shifted from the lower half to the upper half of its horoscope, placing it at a more ambitious time. Even though home and family remain important to Capricorn , this month it will be safer to divert attention to career.

You will finally be ready to get involved in a larger, more important, grandiose and delicate project.

With the strengthening of the eighth House of Capricorn , your sign will pay more attention to issues such as debt or loan repayment and the prosperity of others. Your career becomes more important and will benefit from the detoxification process you are going through – from attitudes and secondary issues that are overshadowing your primary purpose.

Take it easy during the August 1 solar eclipse, as your loving partner will be forced to make drastic and long-term financial changes. Unexpected expenses are possible – or sudden events capable of exposing illusions of what they are currently living. It is likely that things will not stay as they are.

If there are any outstanding issues regarding real estate or insurance, the moment will be a turning point, where the situation will progress further.

On the 16th, the lunar eclipse will occur in your Money House, indicating possible financial and personal changes. Your thinking and money strategies will need revisions. Chances are you underestimated yourself and your skills.

The last two eclipses have had a major impact on the spouse’s or partner’s financial life, but it should have a more personal aspect. However, it will be possible to celebrate, as Capricorn’s prosperity will be great this year.

An eclipse in the Money House often brings disturbances that bring about change. You may have to deal with sudden spending, a setback in some financial process , a change in macroeconomic factors (such as changes in interest rates, the stock market, etc.) or positives such as a big profit or good financial tide.

All of your finance planets will be in retrograde motion this month, so whatever you want to do, you better think and plan your new actions.

Again impacted by the eclipse, we have Neptune, the ruler of his third House, indicating tests on automobiles, communication equipment, or even important educational changes for school-age capricorns.

Between the 18th and 25th, Jupiter will be squaring its finance planet. Be careful of overspending.
On the 22nd, your ninth House will get stronger, bringing good opportunities to travel and improve educational issues. College students will have good news in this regard.



In August, Capricorn will see health reach much better levels. This will be a great time to perform detox practices . If necessary, it is worth betting on dietary education or specific exercises for weight loss.

The cosmos will be motivating your success. And you can improve your health even more if you pay more attention to your heart (until day 2) and your small intestine (after that date). Take better care of food as it will be an important issue.

From the 16th, health will need your attention more. Also, take better care of your stomach, breasts and diet until day 8. Between that date and day 24, detoxification regimes will have greater power.

Take care of the safety of your home between 1st and 2nd. Keep sharp or dangerous objects out of the reach of children. Also make sure safety devices are working as well.

Parents or guardians of small children and other family members should take care when driving and avoid risky activities. Take care of your temperament as people will be prone to extreme and aggressive reactions.

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