Monthly Horoscope for October 2019

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A horoscope for a month gives everyone a unique opportunity to plan in advance which way his life will go. One can argue about the accuracy of the prediction of astrologers, but this discussion can last forever and is unlikely to change anything. Astrology has been one of the tools for predicting events in entrepreneurship for a long time, needless to say, many keep this a secret.

General horoscope (for all zodiac signs)

October 2019 is not rich in astrological events, however, even this month several characteristic features are observed in the planetary motion. First of all, a powerful harmonious configuration attracts itself, in which five planets will be involved: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. 
Astrologers call this configuration a bisextile, and it is formed when the planets line up in a triangle with sides 60-60-120 degrees. The validity period of this configuration covers almost half a month – from October 11 to October 27. Therefore, mid-October can positively affect the events and affairs of many people. The powers of heaven will help people in their good intentions. 
Most of all, the harmonious influence of bisextiles can be felt by representatives of the water element – Scorpions, Pisces and Cancerian’s. At the beginning and at the end of the month, the Sun and Mars will make a quadrature to Saturn, which can lead to complications in the representatives of the signs Libra and Capricorn, or in those in whose horoscopes these signs are especially strongly accented.
Over the course of a month, the planets will not change direction, which suggests that the trends that began on the eve of October will continue. The only exception to this rule concerns the movement of Mercury. This planet by the end of the month begins to slow down its speed, moving to a stationary position from October 27. And on the last day of the month of October 31, Mercury will unfold in retro. In general, this characterizes a slowdown in the processes of exchange of opinions, contacts, and negotiation processes at the very end of the month.
Failures in the operation of communications and the Internet can also become more frequent, and traffic jams in large cities can become more frequent. October is also interesting for planetary ingressions. At the beginning of the month on October 3 and 4, two planets immediately pass into other signs of the zodiac: Mercury passes from Libra to Scorpio and Mars passes from Virgo to Libra.
This may indicate a change in the style of communication and behavior of people. People can for the most part be less sociable and deepened in their psychological problems. However, the style of behavior will become less critical and less aggressive – that is, more harmonious in terms of compliance with social norms and standards. Then, on October 8, Venus, following Mercury, will go into the sign of Scorpio.
This will increase people’s interest in money and topics related to financial borrowing: taking loans and paying off debts. In a love relationship, physical attraction to a partner comes to the fore. Sexual attraction will be a very significant factor in love and relationships.
The most successful days in October: 12, 13, 16,

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