Capricorn Love Matches: Exploring Compatibility with Each Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Aries Soulmate Compatibility

Such a union is loneliness together. For Capricorn, marriage is a newfound soil. Capricorn wants to “re-educate” Aries, to direct his emotions in the right direction. Hence the antagonism, flashes, breaks. If Aries is weak, he becomes a limp husband (or wife). If Aries is strong, you can say about this union: “Found a scythe on a stone.”

Capricorn Taurus Soulmate Compatibility

This is the most favorable of alliances. It combines a community of interests and sexual compatibility. The leading role is played by Capricorn, who monitors Taurus and teaches him everything, from how to put things in a closet, and ending with life principles, sometimes bringing Taurus to anger. Feeling that he had “gone too far,” Capricorn temporarily gives Taurus the illusion of freedom, then begins to command again. Taurus peculiar. on inertia, and he internally admires Capricorn’s stamina and performance, trying to follow his example.

Capricorn Gemini Soulmate Compatibility

The union is extremely rare. Capricorn for Gemini is a mystery that attracts with its unsolvedness. The coldness, inaccessibility of Capricorn seems like an interesting mask. Gemini is curious: what is behind her? But Gemini for Capricorn is like a child: frivolous, superficial, naive. As a rule, a marriage made between Gemini and Capricorn collapses with a bang, and if held, it is only on Capricorn’s desire to “fix” the Gemini at all costs. Or atypical of these signs.

Capricorn Cancer Soulmate Compatibility

The union is problematic and rare, as these signs are not compatible. Capricorn makes exorbitant demands on Cancer, seeks to establish his own order in everything, to “fix” a partner in his own way. And Cancer cannot be fixed. Prolonged conflicts begin, mutual attraction and repulsion, and, finally, complete disappointment and breakup.

Capricorn Leo Soulmate Compatibility

The union is difficult, but possible. Capricorn is often deceived, bribed by the generosity of Leo and the promise of half the kingdom. Leo, of course, may not fulfill the promise, but Capricorn will wait and wait until he realizes that he was deceived. Then - shock, disappointment. Leo seeks for Capricorn’s external severity of passion (and often does not make mistakes), but gets tired of the constant direct strategy of Capricorn’s life - he wants change.

Capricorn Virgo Soulmate Compatibility

A balanced and lasting alliance. Both really look at life, sober and practical. Reasonable demands and the critical mind of Virgo impress Capricorn, he also appreciates her ability to notice the detail without which the global problem cannot be solved. And Virgo learns with Capricorn the secrets of love hidden for her, she needs his gentle words praising her virtues. Children make marriage unbreakable.

Capricorn Libra Soulmate Compatibility

Capricorns admire pedantic Libra, their judiciousness and moderation. And for Libra Capricorn - a fortress and support. But at the same time Libra direct Capricorns, they are teachers and mentors for them. In all but love, they easily find a common language. Against the background of complete well-being, they can part coldly and sharply, showering each other with curses.

Capricorn Scorpio Soulmate Compatibility

A brilliant union of two strong signs (subject to the higher types of both). Even if they diverge, they become enemies, as if playing with each other a fascinating and dangerous game. But their love, as a rule, is constant, strong and deep. Over the years, feelings do not cool. Their children are happy because they grow in an atmosphere of love and harmony.

Capricorn Sagittarius Soulmate Compatibility

Sagittarius is the guardian of social law, order and generally accepted attitudes. For Capricorn, they do not exist at all - only his internal settings are important to him. Union is possible as much as it is generally possible to combine one’s internal law with a public law, individual with collective. It can be a marriage of convenience, when the spouses are connected by common interests and affairs. Or absolutely spiritual.

Capricorn Capricorn Soulmate Compatibility

The union of two lonely people. Well, and the rocks stand nearby silently. But their connection does not give them development, only a business partnership, when everyone “pulls a blanket over himself.” As a rule, they do not manage to rearrange each other - and they begin to seek consolation on the side, without having time to truly converge. But there is also a very happy marriage, when two halves are one.

Capricorn Aquarius Soulmate Compatibility

At first glance, they look alike, enchanted by each other. But this is a short-lived illusion. It will remain as long as both are very lonely. The whim of nature created them for mutual deception: Aquarius thinks that Capricorn is constant and absolutely reliable, he does not even suspect that he is absolutely free and very cunning. Capricorn will not let anyone into the world of his inner freedom, and Aquarius will fight like a moth against a light bulb to penetrate his soul until it burns out. And it seems to Capricorn that Aquarius is precisely the man who, having fallen in love, will not encroach on his freedom, he does not understand that Aquarius wants, like everyone else, to tie him to the house, having received complete independence for himself.

Capricorn Pisces Soulmate Compatibility

It could be a perfect union. Selfless love turning into complete dissolution in a partner. All the heights, depths and open spaces of the world are open to these two idealists and mystics. Their union, if it is not built on pragmatism, is eternal and similar to rocks and the ocean. Together they are able to learn all the secrets of the universe. But if Capricorn is too “grounded”, if its formula is: only a person with money has self-consciousness, he will want to make Fish work tirelessly in his career. The fish will not accept this and sooner or later will leave in grave disappointment. Or, having reconciled and having accepted such a lifestyle, he will not feel happy.

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