Capricorn Man and Libra Woman Compatibility: Love, Dating, Obsession, Attraction and Breakup

Capricorn Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

The horoscope gives the Libra Woman and Capricorn Man bond low love compatibility. However all is not lost. Let’s look at the negatives first.

The compatibility of these signs, the Libra woman and the Capricorn man, is negative. They are not compatible.

He is too formal, boring, pessimistic, and cold, contrary to a Libra woman. The only thing attracting the Libra woman to him is his charm and whims.

The Libra will never fully know his personality, and they also have different ways of seeing and understanding life.

The Libra Woman and Capricorn Man in Love

The relationship that forms the Libra-Capricorn couple can be extremely stable if deep trust, loyalty, devotion, and great affection are achieved. If any of these pillars fails, the relationship will precipitate.

They will never stop at anything to satisfy their mutual desires, especially on the sexual plane.

Capricorn man has no problem with his partner being the one who makes all the decisions.

On the one hand, we have the Libra, born under the auspices of Venus, the goddess of beauty and art, is in love with seeking what is most pleasant and satisfying for the senses, the epitome of beauty.

On the other hand, there is Capricorn, who wants nothing but the best and highest quality things in life.

Combine both beauty and sophistication, and a long journey awaits you that will take you through unknown lands full of opportunities and great adventurous dangers. They would be wonderful opportunities to deepen the bond between them.

For this couple to make it out into the real world, surviving amid the dangerous waves of the unjust world, these two must find a balance in themselves. They should treat each other with respect, devotion, and equality that they both want and expect.

How to improve this relationship

The Libra-Capricorn bond has low love compatibility. But they should not be disappointed or lower their arms; which means they will have to try harder to keep the couple afloat.

A serious problem in this relationship can arise from the pessimism and coldness of the Capricorn. In time the Libra woman will notice him as being boring and distant.

You should look for more fun and different activities to do together; it is good to be encouraged to do things that you would never think of practice a sport together, grow a plant and wait for its beautiful flower, share a book and then discuss it with each other, etc. These are tiny changes that help to get out of a boring routine.

What drives the Libra woman crazy is how mysterious a Capricorn can be. Sometimes you will love this, but it can also be a constant cause of relationship problems when you have been together for a long time.

These signs have very different ways of seeing the world. It is difficult for them to agree on certain important issues. Do not try to convince the other at all costs because this can turn into aggressive confrontations. Sometimes they should take this more naturally: accepting “we think differently, period;” do not clash over minor problems.

Luckily for the Capricorn, the Libra is usually organized, patient and stable, especially when she is more mature. They are ideal characteristics to be a good wife and mother, which the man who seeks stable relationship values.

At times she may feel insecure and unloved by her Capricorn partner. You must find out whether this is so or, as is likely, the insecurity comes from itself.

Both of you must learn to highlight and value the good characteristics they have, downplaying the bad ones. This does not imply denying reality, of course, but it should not be a relationship where there are constant recriminations because they will not work that way.

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Capricorn Man Libra Woman Sexually

Something fundamental to keep this Libra-Capricorn relationship alive is: to innovate in bed. Although this couple started their sex life very well, things can wear down, over time and sex can become routine and boring.

Talk about your fantasies, and sexual tastes, and surprise each other. They do not know how much the couple can improve if they improve in bed. They need to understand that men and women function differently in bed and, often, what is erotic for him is not for her and vice versa. Therefore detecting what can turn on and drive the other crazy on the sexual front will help this relationship.

Libra Woman and Capricorn Man dating compatibility

Relationship compatibility between Libra woman and Capricorn man isn’t great. The more serious Capricorn may seem a little boring to the fun-loving Libra, and they might not even get along on their first date, according to Garbis. When compared to Capricorn, Libra craves romance and affection.

Contrarily, Libra naturally has a very flirty personality, which can make Capricorn uncomfortable. These two will need some time to get to know one another well enough to commit to a relationship. Once they start dating, it might work. Said a lot of work would be required.

Libra Woman and Capricorn Man Communication

This is a couple that prefers to argue when it comes to communicating. Capricorn will continue to disregard Libra’s complaints until they become a major issue. Capricorn may shut down, preferring to avoid controversy, while Libra may protest that they don’t feel understood.

Space or a cooling-off period is the only real solution to the problem. After things have calmed down, Capricorn will finally share their feelings about what went wrong and will eventually calm down. Because they avoided saying the worst things that immediately sprang to mind, Libra felt comforted.

When they reunite predict they will both tenderly apologize and perhaps engage in some outrageous make-up sex. It’s possible that these two shouldn’t be together because they feed one other’s dark aspects even though they both dislike fighting.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Libra woman and Capricorn man
Emotional connection Strong 4 STARS
Communication Average 3 STARS
Trust and dependency Below average 2 STARS
Common values Below average 2 STARS
Intimacy and sex Very strong 5 STARS

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