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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Compatibility, Influence, Colors, Talismans, Stones, Flowers, Favorable numbers, Birthdate Horoscope for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.

He is a fiery sign that loves action, sports and entrepreneurship, in short he is a lover of life in style. It is ruled by Jupiter which makes it have an open spirit, very frontal and direct.

They have a way of being unpredictable since they do not like monotony or routines, which makes them very restless and a lover of traveling, always in search of new emotions. Sports lover and especially extreme sports.

In short, it is a sign that likes to feel free and enjoy in a big way. A person who is a couple of this sign will never feel that he falls into the routine but, on the contrary, he will see a lot of dynamism, surprises and adventure.

Because it is a sign of fire, any annoyance or anger that you may have will pass quickly, leaving it behind because you are always more worried about the future than about the past. They have a contagious spirit and people who are close to them will feel it.

Sagittarius Zodiac Features

  • Affinities: He gets along well with the signs of: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius.
  • Element: Sagittarius is a Fire sign.
  • His Colors: Purple, blue, violet and love.
  • Metals and Stones: Tin, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Turquoise and Amethyst.
  • To get along: Share and participate in their activities. The opposite means that they ignore you.
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 3 and 4.
  • Conflictive relationships: In general, it does not have good compatibility with the sign of: Pisces.
  • Planet that rules it: The Sagittarius sign is ruled by Jupiter.
  • Day of the Week: Thursday.
  • Symbol: The archer.
  • Against: They are somewhat reckless, radical and capricious.

  • Perfume: Violet, Thyme, Laurel.

Sagittarius Zodiac Personality

  • Spontaneous.
  • They don’t mince words if they have to recriminate a friend for something, but they know how to forgive when necessary.
  • They have lots of love to give.
  • His love is unique.
  • Sagittarius are versatile and love adventure and the unknown.
  • They are reliable, honest, good and sincere and willing to fight for good causes at any cost.
  • Sagittarius love taking on new projects and learning about new things.
  • A Sagittarius usually likes luxury and power.
  • They are capable of using tricks and lies to discredit their enemies.
  • If their relationship is stable, they are excellent husbands and parents, although they rarely succeed in suppressing their adventurous spirit.
  • They need to feel free and sometimes put their professional interests ahead of the interests of their partner. Sagittarius are friends of friends, reliable and loyal.
  • They are also impatient when others are not keeping up with them.
  • A big attraction.
  • Love long relationships.
  • Someone you should not mess with. Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone.
  • Sagittarius is one of the most positive signs of the zodiac.
  • They are open-minded to new ideas and experiences and remain optimistic even when the going gets tough.
  • Sagittarians tend to believe in ethics and like to follow the rites of religion, a political party, or an organization. This can lead to superstitious tendencies at times.
  • They are intuitive and good organizers and, although they are generous, they are also very careful, which makes them good managers of situations and projects.
  • They are able to sacrifice for realize one objective. This makes them sometimes too demanding of others.
  • Sagittarians are basically sincere and controlled in their relationships, although if they are betrayed they can lose their roles.

Sagittarius sexuality

Sex through wit. Sagittarians cannot imagine bonding with someone less capable. Sex is a natural extension of the search for someone to fill you with truth and a Sagittarius lover tries to find answers in pleasure.

Communicate honestly and sincerely with him. Those belonging to this sign have no hesitation in expressing desires, needs and opinions. With them you have to be frank, and Sagittarius lovers will appreciate it.

Sagittarians value freedom and independence above all else. This sign will be willing to give up any relationship that becomes a burden. You have to leave a Sagittarius lover a lot of space. If this is done, they will reciprocate with care and passion.

For the Sagittarius you have to find a mixture of distance and proximity. We must have confidence in ourselves to interact with them in this field. If it is done in this way, generally Sagittarius lovers will not resist and will have sex as something close and important in their mind.

Sagittarians like new things. Take advantage of their ability to learn, experiment, and become a skilled lover. You have to be ready for anything.

Some Famous Sagittarius Celebrities

  • Bruce Lee, 11-27-1940
  • Jimi Hendrix, 11-27-1942
  • Tina Turner, 11-28-1938
  • Woody Allen, 12-01-1935
  • Monica Seles, 02-12-1973
  • Walt Disney, 05-12-1901
  • Kirk Douglas, 09-12-1916
  • Dionne Warwick, 12-12-1941
  • Steven Spielberg, 12-18-1947
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven, 12-16-1770
  • Brad Pitt, 12-18-1963
  • Nostradamus, 12-14-1503
  • Jane Fonda, 12-21-1937
  • Christina Aguilera, 18-12-1980
  • Winston Churchill, 11-30-1874
  • Joe DiMaggio, 11-25-1914
  • David Carradine, 08-12-1936
  • Frank Sinatra, 12-12-1915
  • Jeff Bridges, 04-12-1949
  • Britney Spears, 02-12-1981
  • Sinead O’Connor, 12-08-1966
  • Don Johnson, 12-15-1949




centaur - shooter, stars, wands, raised index finger.


blue, cyan, violet, crimson.


topaz, amethyst, chrysolite, turquoise, opal, carbuncle, sapphire, emerald, agate.


zinc, tin.


clove, daffodil, cornflower, palm.

Anatomical Emphasis

hips, joints, liver, head and throat diseases up to 30 years, nerve (brain), after 50 years, vein expansion, thyroid gland.


Horseshoe, Salamander.

Happy day


Unlucky day


Favorable numbers

3 (all numbers divisible by 3), 4, 9.


Portugal, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Spain, Latin American countries (except Mexico and Brazil), Arab countries.

Born from November 23 to December 2 - under the influence of Mercury - nature is brave and independent, sensual with a strong spirit, fond of hunting and sports.

Important years: 36, 40.

Born from December 3 to 12 - under the influence of the Moon - they have imagination and fantasy, like long journeys, have a changeable mood.

Important years: 15, 30, 40, 45, 60.

Born from December 13 to 21 - under the influence of Saturn-nature persistent, sensitive, loving luxury and gourmet, not averse to food in general, secluded to satisfy their gastronomic needs.

Important years: 19, 36, 38, 40, 45, 57, 75.

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