Best Jobs for Sagittarius Male and Female: Top 10 Professional Careers and Occupations

Sagittarians are good-natured, communicative, and joyful people. Therefore, they should look for professions that emphasize such qualities. Professions that allow them to develop characteristics and strengths to evolve and grow professionally. My Today’s Horoscope lists below ten great career choices for Sagittarians. Let’s go to the list!

What Is a Sagittarius Like in the Workplace?

You can always count on a Sagittarius to enliven the atmosphere at work, regardless of what they do for a living. This is especially true if they are working in an environment that is congruent with their personality, such as a role that requires them to be out in the field or an opportunity that allows them to work from home. These are the kinds of work environments that appeal to Sagittarians because they are people who thrive on flexibility. This is perhaps the most daring sign of the zodiac, as those born under this horoscope defy anything (or anyone) that might prevent them from going on new adventures.

It can be difficult for Sagittariuses to conform to mundane work environments, maintain tact during difficult conversations with coworkers or clients, and finish work that they don’t find meaningful if they don’t have a strong sense of purpose in their work. They can, however, fight these tendencies by engaging in volunteer work that satisfies requirements that aren’t being met. They can have a straightforward conversation with their manager to raise awareness of how the Sagittarius is most effectively engaged at work, or they can seek out ways to incorporate responsibilities that are more fitting into the job description (i.e., signing up to help another department with a special creative project). If the Sagittarius is allowed sufficient latitude in their work environment, they have the potential to make significant advancements. This employee is a great candidate for leadership roles due to his outgoing nature and the fact that he maintains a healthy level of optimism, which helps even the most difficult projects stay on track.

The best careers for Sagittarius are:

1. Advertiser

Sagittarius people will be very successful if they choose Advertising. After all, the fields are numerous because it is possible to work on websites, magazines, newspapers, agencies or production companies. Not to mention that jobs (which in the industry are commonly referred to as “jobs” ) are extremely varied and can change completely according to the client. By the way, it is worth mentioning that an advertiser needs to be extremely communicative, creative and very responsible because he works directly with deadlines.

2. Travel Agent

Sagittarians love to break new ground and know everywhere. So why not combine the useful with the pleasant and work precisely with what you love? Working as a travel agent will be delightful as it will help you set up tourist itineraries, indicate new locations, and so on. You will need to be good at conversation and have compelling arguments to convince someone to buy the trip you are offering - but, as we know, talking is far from a problem ...

3. Flight Attendant

Since you enjoy travel so much, why not travel the world and still earn for it? Of course, it may not be the same as traveling for tourism or with your friends, but it’s a way to have an always dynamic and interesting work routine - there’s no getting sick of travel, right, Sagittarians? You will work directly with the most varied types of people every day, so you will need a certain level of patience. Also, fear of heights or motion sickness is not optional. Stomach steady!

4. Astronaut

Okay, maybe this is a profession a little farther than others for many people, but why not? It is always possible to try and if a Sagittarian likes to know other cities, states and countries, just imagine the space! Being an astronaut is literally daydreaming, it’s seeing not only countries and continents but also planets, stars, the whole galaxy (or part of it)!

5. Dog Walker

Sagittarians tend to like animals very much, as well as being environmentally friendly, valuing outdoor moments. So being a professional dog walker is a great choice for Sagittarians - but beware, the responsibility for this profession is enormous. Many people consider their pets like children, so walking with them is a task that requires a lot of attention and care so that nothing bad happens. Having this responsibility, just enjoy the breeze, the sun, and the animals!

6. Promoter

If you are one of the Sagittarians who love the nightlife of big cities such as Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, for example, being a promoter can be extremely pleasurable for you. The routine is always varied, although its functions are the same regardless of the night. What is unusual is that you deal with different people every day and different things can happen depending on the event. Your job is to make everything happen the way it should, without leaving anyone sad, disappointed or angry about the event. But come on, you can do it!

7. Interpreter

As Sagittarians love to travel and know other cultures and customs, it is not difficult to know other languages, including fluent level. Also, they like to study other languages. Therefore, being an interpreter can be an excellent choice for someone from Sagittarius. You will have direct contact with other people and need to know “backward” the language you translate, whatever it is. So prepare well if you choose this profession.

8. Advocacy

Although it seems contradictory, professions involving the area of law, such as being a lawyer or judge, for example, go well with Sagittarius because of Jupiter’s influence. You will need to be responsible, honest, studious, and extremely dedicated - characteristics present in Sagittarians. If you have identified with the above, why not give these professions a chance?

9. Teacher

You are communicative, cheerful, enjoy talking and interacting with others. Why, then, do not reflect on the possibility of teaching? Sagittarians often succeed in this profession because they are extremely determined and passionate about the world. If you choose segments such as geography or political science, for example, you can’t fail!

10. Human Resources

Being extremely communicative, it is a good option to work in the Human Resources area of companies, as you will have a direct relationship with all employees, evaluate their activities and see how their performance is. Besides, you can solve various people’s relationships or behavior problems through good conversation. Not bad, huh?

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