The 3 Types Of Each Zodiac Sign: Which One Are You On?

Did you know that there are several types of zodiac signs depending on their stages of development?

Few of us know that the symbols of the signs of the zodiac that are familiar to us actually describe the first stage of development.

But life goes on, we develop, and the stages of our development also change.

While each zodiac sign has a set of similar qualities, there are some differences between the different types.

What type of zodiac sign are you?


Ram, Shepherd, Reborn Sun

3 Stages Of Aries Zodiac Sign


Ram is the well-known symbol of the zodiac sign Aries. People of this type are very passionate, conquerors, and real fighters.

The ram is a sacred symbol for many solar deities. It personifies potential and a hidden, eternally burning fire.

However, over time, these people realize that they too often get involved in conflicts. Moreover, not all of them end in their victory. Due to their recklessness and sometimes irresponsibility, they can suffer significant losses in life. For this reason, at some point in their lives, they become a Shepherd.


When they first grasp the truth, they understand how pointless it is to engage in violent arguments.

Then they become more knowledgeable. They see what the “shepherd” sees - the endless battle they call “life.” It’s not easy for this type. They prefer loneliness and detachment. Sometimes they are a hermit.

At this stage of development, it takes time for Aries to realize that their true potential lies in passion and not anger.

Reborn Sun

The Fire of the Shepherd turns into the Reborn Sun. Aries is the first symbol of the zodiac because its period begins when nature is reborn after hibernation.

The reborn Sun personifies the death of everything unnecessary that a person goes through before realizing one’s true potential.

Once you get rid of pain, regret, and anger, you are reborn in the last stage of Aries development.


Bull, Minotaur, Demigod 

3 Stages Of Taurus Zodiac Sign


The ancient Egyptians, Indians, and Greeks worshiped the Bull as a sacred animal. The Bull is a symbol of nature’s resources. The Bull knows only one way - forward, and nothing can stop it.

Bulls often do not pay attention to the opinions of others, and due to the lack of flexibility, they face life’s obstacles head on instead of tackling them gracefully.

Taurus zodiac sign is programmed to overcome these obstacles, not bypass them. Over time, the Ox realizes that he cannot endlessly impose his power on other people.


For this reason, the Bull moves to another stage of development. It becomes the Minotaur - a man with a bull’s head, who personifies instinctive passions that are not inherent in human nature.

The Minotaur lives by the principle, “Shame is a mortal enemy.” Haunted by shame and regret, he becomes even more stubborn. According to legend, this creature lives in the dark walls of the labyrinth, guarding its rooms.

At this stage of life, the Minotaur is more furious, stubborn than ever but lost in the darkness.

Taurus can lose hope until they realize their decisions. This discovery will allow it to escape from the maze and turn into a demigod.


It is a symbol of the Deity. Taurus has a strong spirit, and at this stage, it knows where to direct itself and learns to create.

The demigod realizes its power and frees itself from the boundaries of physical reality.

In the developmental stage of a demigod, Taurus enjoys life in all its beauty, without feeling any guilt.


Gemini, Ship, Stars

3 Stages Of Gemini Zodiac Sign


Gemini zodiac sign is curious and craves new experiences. They are constantly searching for new incentives, and as they develop, they apply different theories and engage in different activities, often becoming successful.

They often feel like they are running out of time.

However, at some point, often after losing at a young age, they begin to feel an empty heart.


According to the myth of the twins, the twin brothers wanted to find the treasure. At this stage in life, they get bored with their lifestyle and seek more truth.

It’s a long journey, and at some point, they find themselves lonely and frustrated. Many Geminis then return to the first stage of development.

But if they find the strength to overcome disappointment, they become a Star.


This is the final stage in the development of the zodiac sign.

Once a Gemini realizes that their curiosity and thirst for knowledge is nothing more than a love of life, they accept their failures and disappointments, then they can get rid of the pain and move on.

It is then that they become a natural source of light - the Stars!


Crab, Hydra, Peacock

3 Stages Of Cancer Zodiac Sign


This sea creature is a symbol of the aquatic nature of Cancer zodiac sign. People of this zodiac sign are emotional and rarely guided by logic in the same way that a crab never moves in a straight line.

Just like the changing sea, there are always changes in the heart of a Cancerian. At a certain point, cruelty and betrayal destroy the strong carapace of the crab’s devotion.


Hydra represents the blind fury of the sea. When the head of a hydra is cut off, two new ones grow in their place. Broken Hydras are capable of terrible things.

Trying to stop them - is trying to stop a colossal wave - it is entirely useless.

Cancers are changeable, and they need to understand that the sea is enormous, and there is a place in the world for both evil and arrogant people, as well as genuine and devoted people. At such moments, their faith is restored, and they move to a new stage.


The peacock is a sacred symbol of the Great Mother Hera - the queen of the gods. At this stage, Cancers are adored.

They don’t flaunt themselves, but their great deeds speak for themselves. They become the embodiment of mercy and blessing.


Lion, Warrior, King

3 Stages Of Leo Zodiac Sign

A Lion

The typical Leo zodiac behaves like the king of the jungle as if the world belongs to him. He is strong, loyal, and passionate. However, their power is questioned at some point in their lives, and things can go awry.

Their hearts are filled with rage, and all the time, it seems to them that another person will overthrow them from the throne. This turns them into warriors.


The warrior feels the urge to prove his worth. For many years they can fight in a war they did not choose. They get lost trying to achieve unattainable goals and waste energy on stupid fights.

In fact, warriors are afraid of time because time takes away beauty, strength, and greatness. They become proud and arrogant. But when they understand that power comes from their bright spirit, they become real Kings.


At this stage, they know that the Lion is the real king of the jungle. They have an ageless spirit and royalty.

This type of Lion is full of love and understanding.


Virgo, Dark Maiden, Queen

3 Stages Of Virgo Zodiac Sign


Virgo zodiac sign is the young Persephone, the Virgin goddess who realizes her true potential during the first stage of development.

An innocent, intelligent, and graceful Virgo seeks the truth, revealing herself in this reality. However, when Persephone is kidnapped at a certain point in her life, Virgo is forced to go to the underworld.

Dark Maiden

At this stage, Virgos are scared and sad. Their hearts are filled with regret, and they try to put their minds in order. They are lost in the Darkness of the underworld.

Many Virgos go through a long period of prolonged depression. However, if she manages to forgive and accept the world as it is, she becomes a real queen.


At this stage, Virgo is capable of a lot. She is open to the truth and accepts the fact that there is a place for both light and darkness in the world. At the same time, they can control both, possessing integrity and a pure spirit.


Libra, Bandage, Sword

3 Stages Of Libra Zodiac Sign


The first stage of Libra zodiac sign is the scales of Themis - the goddess of justice. She always tries to see all points of view, hear opinions, and heed everyone’s advice.

For this reason, Libra often appears to be dependent on others and indecisive.

What others see as a lack of courage is actually a complex process as Libra tries to weigh the various options and be fair.


At this stage, Libra is frustrated and angry, and their energy is depleted. They often make the wrong choices, which is why they accuse themselves.

They are no longer guided by virtue. Once they realize that everyone is making mistakes, and it is important to also listen to their instincts and heart, they turn into a sword.


The sword is the embodiment of right decisions and strength. At this stage, nothing can stop them, and their spirit is in harmony with the higher will.

Everything they think about becomes a reality.


Scorpio, Eagle, Phoenix

3 Stages Of Scorpio Zodiac Sign


Scorpios are born to overcome any challenge, and they use their instincts and passion to get what they want. Scorpio always strives for success and satisfaction but does not always win.

Failure can plunge them into the abyss of Darkness, and many scorpions remain there forever. However, some realize the futility of their searches and become Eagles.


Scorpio zodiac sign no longer hides and tries to see the big picture. They strive for all sorts of success in other areas of life.

The Eagle always aims higher, and no one can fly as high as they do. And then the Eagle realizes its loneliness.

Neglecting their human nature is a wrong choice, which prompts the Eagles to transform into the Phoenix.


At this stage of development, the Scorpio spirit reaches its most excellent brightness. Phoenix lets go of all painful memories and embraces its true potential.

Phoenix is eternal, and nothing can stop its power.


Sagittarius, Arrow, Centaur

3 Stages Of Sagittarius Zodiac Sign


In the first stage of life, the children of Jupiter feel that the sky is their limit. Sagittarius zodiac sign feels guided by a divine hand.

They walk through life armed with optimism. However, each failure throws them off balance and turns them into an Arrow.


They aim but cannot see the big picture because they are too focused on their target. Success is not always victory.

They can win, but the goal is useless. Sagittarius at this stage need to expand their consciousness and revise their original goals.

They strive for freedom and are well aware that they are enclosing themselves. If they can boldly face the truth, they move to the next stage.


This legendary creature is the embodiment of the freedom, will, wisdom, and strength of man.

Sagittarius becomes a sensible and successful person at this stage of development, a teacher for everyone.

Exceeding human capabilities, the Centaur achieves its goals with ease and grace.


 Goat, Cave, Cornucopia

3 Stages Of Capricorn Zodiac Sign


This down-to-earth animal is not as majestic as the Lion, but people depend on goats for many reasons. Society depends on Capricorns because they are reliable and hardworking.

However, they often feel that others are using and abusing them, and then they turn into a Cave.


At this stage, Capricorns isolate themselves from toxic people, cutting off both painful and healthy relationships. Just like Amalfi, the goat nymph who tended Zeus in the cave, Capricorns seek solitude when they sense danger.

They lose touch with the people they once loved. Fortunately, some of them realize this and become a Cornucopia.


The Horn of Plenty is the symbol of Amalfi. Capricorns are beginning to realize that true wealth comes from abundance as a way of thinking.

They become rich in every sense, enjoying both material and spiritual benefits.


Butler, Eagle, Angel

3                                                                                                Stages Of Aquarius Zodiac Sign


At this stage, Aquarius zodiac sign is alienated from other people. These are unusual and strange people who try to explain their differences to a dull and simple world.

The bearers are pulled to Mount Olympus, where he turns into the Eagle - the symbol of Zeus.


The next stage that Aquarius finds itself in is the Eagle, when he wants to get the experience of the whole world. He strives to travel a lot; see, feel, and understand more.

At some point, he begins to feel lonely and separate from everyone, lonely Eagle flying up. Aquarius begins to realize that he does not feel what others are feeling and becomes an Angel.


Some people recognize and accept their angelic nature. These are wise people who walk among us, shedding light on the darkest aspects of the Earth’s world.

Among them, there are healers, helpers, and those who share their divine powers. They are successful and truly happy finding their place in the world.


Fish, Darkness, Ocean

3 Stages Of Pisces Zodiac Sign


In the first stage of life, they feel like fish in a vast ocean space. They are constantly influenced by changing waves and live in their emotions and the energies of their environment.

They are true empaths who both enlightened souls and evil entities easily influence.

Sometimes they get lost in disappointment and sadness. Then they become Darkness.


Pisces zodiac sign can feel betrayed and lost. They try to forget their frustration, so they don’t feel pain.

Fish plunge into the darkest depths of the ocean, waiting for the next miracle. But the miracle they are waiting for is next to them. Their spirit is very vibrant, and they take on their true identity by becoming an ocean.


Pisces accept the matrix as part of themselves. Their real strength lies in their hearts, and they become fully aware of this.

Their desires become real almost immediately because they belong to something great and wise. They are like a vast and deep ocean.

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