Cancer Soulmate Compatibility


Cancer Aries Soulmate Compatibility

A heavy combination. At first, Cancer likes the impetuosity, ardor and determination of Aries, then conflicts and hostility begin. The active nature of Aries runs into the emotionality of Cancer, seeking to curb, subjugate, tie his partner to himself. Often Cancer’s unjustified jealousy - the result of his suspiciousness - makes Aries go on to be rude and tear. Cancer suffers from the sharpness of Aries, the upright Aries from Stealth of Cancer. Aries will strive to challenge Cancer for frankness, but will never achieve it, since Cancer is a “thing in itself.” An annoyed Aries will leave, slamming the door. Marriage is possible only if both signs are atypical.

Cancer Taurus Soulmate Compatibility

Often, harmonious union. Despite the mysticism of Cancer, with which he infects Taurus, his desire to “embrace the immense”, many of them unite. Both love the house. Both are good parents. Even if they cheat on each other, this only strengthens their union, as both begin to understand that there is nothing better than their own home, where everyone will forgive you, where they care and understand you. Taurus tries not to let Cancer away from him far and for a long time, understanding the variability of his nature. Taurus is jealous and quick-tempered, but Cancer deftly reassures him with words, gifts, goodwill. Cancer like the coziness, comfort created by Taurus, their ability to work and tastefully relax. They are brought together by caring for children, both love accumulations and small material joys.

Cancer Gemini Soulmate Compatibility

Gemini is a sign of eternal seduction for Cancer and therefore attracts uncontrollably. Both Cancer and Gemini are unstable, changeable, infantile, they find it interesting together, especially intellectually. Cancer gets to the bottom of the cause and essence of the phenomena, and the Twins grab everything on the fly and systematize this information. But marriage is preserved only under the condition of ease and freedom of relations, which is not always given to sentimental, affectionate Cancer. If Cancer tries to completely tie the Twins to himself, he suffers a fiasco.

Cancer Cancer Soulmate Compatibility

A fairly common marriage, since the Cancer are looking for a “double” who would react equally to the environment, forgive and understand his complexes and did not touch his little secrets. The union of the two Cancers is like a stormy stream - bursts of emotions, tears, scandals, but also forgiveness. In youth, they, as a rule, choose partners more solidly and older, and in adulthood they prefer young ones, and this is also a manifestation of the paternal-maternal complexes.

Cancer Leo Soulmate Compatibility

A union of love, mysterious and interesting, but not very suitable for marriage. Cancer entangles Leo with a veil of secrets, his tricks, tricks and decoys make Lviv completely helpless. In marriage, they have difficulty adjusting to each other. It is impossible to make a lion forever home. He needs brilliance, society, the stage. And Cancer wants to own it all. Mutual insults, quarrels begin. Or Cancer suffers all in silence, but his suffering makes the situation in the house unbearable for Leo. If both are primitive people with low intelligence, then their union, like an eclipse, quickly disintegrates. In another case, having learned to understand and forgive each other, they live like a brother and sister, the Moon and the Sun, sharing the spheres of influence and constantly renewing themselves.

Cancer Virgo Soulmate Compatibility

Good union. Virgo more than other signs are able to forgive and understand the vagaries of nervous, chaotic Cancers. Virgo gives Cancer the freedom he needs to sin and repent, to leave and return again. Who, if not she, will understand, accept, forgive and heal the wounds of the repentant Cancer, each time believing that this is the last time! Cancers like the constancy of Virgos, rationality and the ability to sacrifice themselves for the sake of children, families, and close their eyes to many things. And Virgo - the sensitivity and subtlety of Cancer.

Cancer Libra Soulmate Compatibility

Union is possible subject to patience on the part of Libra and if they assume the role of Mother and mistress, and Cancer will be able to fulfill the functions of the Father. Often such a marriage is preserved subject to material well-being and position in society, but there is an invisible distance between partners: I am me, and you are you.

Cancer Scorpio Soulmate Compatibility

The union is more suitable for the relationship of lovers than spouses, since the Cancers cannot be under the pressure and control of Scorpio for a long time. And at the same time, Rakov is attracted by the strength and energy of Scorpio, and he, oddly enough, is often helpless in the face of the variability and incomprehensibility of Rakov. They are interested and very difficult with each other.

Cancer Sagittarius Soulmate Compatibility

This is a bright, multi-faceted, deceiving, like a fake diamond, and a fairly frequent union, where there is an abundance of enthusiasm, sex, scandals (sometimes reaching the court), as well as disappointments and insults. Sagittarius is just as difficult to master Cancer as Cancer - Aquarius, and he unsuccessfully, but stubbornly tries to achieve this.

Cancer Capricorn Soulmate Compatibility

The union is problematic and rare, as these signs are not compatible. Capricorn makes exorbitant demands on Cancer, seeks to establish his own order in everything, to “fix” a partner in his own way. And Cancer cannot be fixed. Prolonged conflicts begin, mutual attraction and repulsion, and, finally, complete disappointment and breakup.

Cancer Aquarius Soulmate Compatibility

Crazy, heavy, but often found alliance. They are attracted to each other and again repelled. They diverge and converge. Their relationship is similar to catharsis, transforming both of them. Cancer is used to holding and seducing a partner, but Aquarius cannot be seduced by anything: one day he will definitely leave. And Cancer will wait forever. But as soon as Aquarius returns, Cancer again begins to build a home prison for him. Aquarius immediately destroys it, and it all starts all over again.

Cancer Pisces Soulmate Compatibility

Emotional Cancer is always drawn to the deep secrets of Pisces, as students to the teacher. They draw in this union renewal, but are lost from the unknowability of Pisces. The union rests on spiritual compatibility and mutual understanding. Cancer are changeable, and Pisces’s emotions increase and disappear more slowly, like ebbs and flows. Whether they will tolerate such mood swings of each other depends on the horoscopes of both. If they start a business together, then they succeed. Living together in a marriage is not easy, it requires self-sacrifice from one of the partners, but it gives great happiness.

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