Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man Zodiac Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship

I am a woman Taurus is simply obsessed with a man Scorpio. He is very passionate and seductive, in the bedroom sparks fly in all directions. But I don’t know if he is in love with me or for him it’s just an affair. Are Scorpios able to love deeply?

I meet Scorpio, I’ll only say one thing – wow! Each of his touches causes goosebumps. When I look into his eyes, I feel defenseless. He is so seductive and passionate that he has no strength to resist. And in combination with the sensitivity of Taurus, it is simply a union created in heaven.

My relationship with Scorpio can be described as breathtaking. He was extremely intelligent, insightful, seductive and sooo passionate. The time spent in his company was an unearthly pleasure. On the other hand, he always tried to dominate, but not with the help of brute force or prohibitions, but in some tricky way. You feel comfortable with this sign. I was drawn to him without any logic or common sense, I even forgot about my dignity and self-respect. He was rich, which made him somewhat selfish and arrogant, not everyone was able to endure such qualities, and I was also not enough. In the end, I found myself another Taurus, with him you can be open and calm. I am glad that I left this scorpion jungle and returned to the mortal world)) it was an interesting experience)

I meet with a man Scorpio for about 2 years, all this time just happy. He can be somewhat detached, but love with him is just crazy. In the beginning it can be complicated because we are very different in character. If you meet such a man, let him have a relationship, otherwise he might just be scared and run away. To all the girls of Taurus, if you can win the heart of a man of this sign, you will be the happiest in the world! They are loving caring, reliable and honest men, but at the same time they can be secretive.

I have been dating Scorpio for 3 years, there have been difficult periods, there have been good ones. When all is well, just a fantastic relationship! This feeling keeps me near him all this time, so long gone.

Four years of torment with a scorpion, sex was excellent, but he simply did not respect women, constantly raping my brain. Personally, I am full of such a relationship, I was just tormented! Maybe I just met not a decent Scorpio, but he bragged me specifically!

I agree with many reviews, he knows how to drive crazy and rape the brain, but I love him like no other. Even when we parted for 2 months, I could not forget about him, she was madly drawn 🙂..

I love my scorpion from the age of 16, now I am 43 and this feeling is still there. Life with is not always easy, but where are there no problems? My advice, do not try to change each other, loves the way you are. These relationships require a lot of trust, understanding and forgiveness, then this union will be beautiful.