Aquarius Woman and Libra Man Zodiac Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship

I am a Aquarius woman and my best friend is a Libra man … we have a great relationship, but I was always interested in growing into something more …

I met a Libra man, over time I became kind of dull and dull, because of this I parted, now she is running after me everywhere.

I meet a Libra man, at the moments when he behaves like a big boy, makes serious decisions and generally acts wisely, this union is ideal, but unfortunately in most cases he behaves like a selfish child. Sometimes she is completely indifferent to me, at such moments you start to think that he has someone else. He likes to flirt with other ladies, but I don’t think he cheated on me. Good luck to everyone who meets this man. I think we Aquarius will be able to tolerate their indecision, I hope in the future it will become more mature.

At first I thought it was a perfect combination, seemed so wonderful, I was able to overcome all my walls. He is so romantic and attentive, he always took my hand when I was shy about something. Once he said that I was the love of his life) said that he wanted to grow old with me) In the beginning it all seemed sweet, but then it began to bore. He takes all decisions individually. Any quarrel turns into a global conflict. Any attempt to convince, infuriated him.

One fine day, he simply decided that he no longer loved me. I felt terrible, but in general, he taught me something in life.

I am a Libra man, I will never leave my Aquarius woman … I will pursue her for the rest of my life.

I am a Aquarius woman, I meet a Libra man, much that the true truth is written here. We have known each other almost all our life, but we started to see each other about 2 years ago and no matter how we are a couple. She doesn’t want to make me an offer and it drives me crazy. He says that he does not want to rush and that everything will be in the near future, in general, everything is not clear. The problem is how much patience I have until he decides something there.

Fell in love with Libra at first sight, never experienced such feelings for any other sign. He is strange, unpredictable and indecisive, which turns me on even more. Our relations are developing very slowly, but on the other hand it teaches me to be patient, otherwise I usually rush at everything like a whirlpool with my head. Every day I spend next to him and feel like falling in love even more. I am delighted with this guy. He is charming and speaks very beautifully. Very talkative, can even chat at a bus stop with some old woman. Of course, his sociability with other girls can be annoying, but I’m deeply in love with him. By the way, he kisses best of all that I had. I can’t wait when we are together!