Capricorn Woman and Libra Man Compatibility Percentage in Sex, Love and Life

The horoscope gives the Capricorn Woman and Libra Man bond a relatively low love compatibility.

The Capricorn-Libra relationship is not good… unless they put a lot of effort from both parties.

The Libra is a man who loves his freedom, if the Capricorn does not give it to him, he will feel asphyxiated.

Another typical problem is that the Capricorn woman needs affection and love, something that the Libra usually gives very little of, since they are cold and logical; besides being difficult to change in this aspect.

The Libra man expresses his love in a different way, it is something that the Capricorn hardly understands.

Communication between Capricorn Woman and Libra Man

Libras can be so charming that they dazzle Capricorn. Capricorn succumbs to emotional blindness because Libra spreads her charm so thickly. They are adept at turning up the charm when required. Although they enjoy talking, Libras tend to talk inanely. Capricorn should only take these two’s conversations lightly until they develop emotional intimacy.

Capricorn can focus at a level that Libra can’t quite match. They have a propensity to change the subject or jump from one idea to another. It’s not unusual for Libra to begin a project, only to need Capricorn to give it a solid push. They’ll be inspired to complete the task by their partner’s drive.

Good traits of the Capricorn Woman and Libra Man relationship

Capricorn woman and Libra man, despite the striking contrast between them, get along very well, find a common language. Their relationship cannot begin at first sight of love, but by mutual disposition, friendship, and interest as a person. A beautiful friendly tandem will grow over time into a strong and unwavering love, which only benefits both of you.

The Libra man is an incredibly kind and gentle person. Attention, help, and courtesy are their most important cards. This helps them to have anyone to themselves.

Libra Man Capricorn Woman Sexually

The personality of a Libra is endearing. They are drawn to the similarly charming Capricorn. Both of them are witty and darkly comedic, with just the right amount of sarcasm. Their “secrets” are the small jokes they play on each other. They develop emotional intimacy by exchanging lighthearted secrets.

Two extremely perceptive, aware lovers make up the Capricorn and Libra love match. They naturally have an ear for their partner’s needs. As a master of seduction, Libra is now ready for a sexual encounter. Capricorns have a tendency to make fun of their partners. This will initially appeal to Libra because Capricorn is being coy.

Libra finds Capricorn’s erratic adjustment of the thermostat annoying.

When this couple gets down to business, their physical chemistry is enticing. The sexual responsiveness of Capricorn makes Libra feel lucky. Naturally, a Capricorn is very eager to please their partner. There are many touching moments in this affair, which is both soothing and demonstrative. The only drawback is Capricorn’s propensity to wander. If emotional fulfillment wanes, they are more likely to have affairs. The demanding sign of Libra might have a hard time forgiving the offense.

What does the Capricorn woman gain from Libra man

A Capricorn woman is powerful. She is a fighter for justice. She is stubborn and capricious by nature. She wants romance in her life, she wants to meet a person who will soften her strong and tough character. Capricorn is quite a demanding woman, for you and for others.

This woman is sustained, determined, will have enough strength to manage domestic life, the distribution of responsibilities and control over its application.

The Capricorn woman can draw from the Libra man her equanimity, seriousness, and poise.

Capricorn, after looking closely and making a decision for herself, to be with the Libra man, will try in every possible way to adjust him to her way of life. It really is possible, but only as long as you have tact, patience, feminine wisdom, and observance of the gradualness of actions.

What problems can arise in the Capricorn-Libra relationship

The Libra man does not tolerate pressure, especially when it comes to personal space, lifestyle, habits, interests, and the pace of life. If the couple can find a good balance, then they can live happily together.

The Capricorn woman is not stupid and understands your excessive activity, the inability to contain anger, the fury of unfair accusations. The Libra man in a conflict situation will try to close the subject as gently as possible, or wait for a storm of misunderstandings and return to the subject with a “cool” head.

Unfortunately, there is also the financial side of the problem in your relationships. The Capricorn woman considers the material base to be the base of security, comfort, and ease of life. She is inclined to accumulate and invest money in profitable projects. The Libra man thinks that money must be spent urgently.

As a consequence, brutal scandals and rudeness can arise.

Capricorn Woman and Libra Man marriage

Deciding to be together for life, the couple must be patient and wise, agree on all aspects, preferably before marriage. They should discuss in advance the issues of the family budget, agree on a course of conduct in conflicts, and ways to combat unnecessary negative emotions.

The star chart says that the Libra man and the Capricorn woman can be happy, raise beautiful heirs, but only on the condition that they reduce their ambition, tame their speed and take control of their words and actions. Having lived to a very old age, the couple will look with gratitude at the person they spent their life with.

Capricorn woman and Libra man compatibility: positive traits

Many people think that there can be nothing in common between a rational, pragmatic Capricorn woman and a romantic Libra man. However it is not always so.

In the compatibility couple of the Capricorn woman and the Libra man or Capricorn man and the Libra woman there is love, mutual understanding and physical attraction between them - in general everything that makes a couple compatible and gives an opportunity for a long and happy life together.

In an ideal couple, the Capricorn woman and the Libra man complement each other and enhance the quality of character of both themselves and their partner.

Thus, the Capricorn woman is very hard by nature. When paired with a Libra man, she acquires softness and tenderness. The Libra man appreciates humor, so he is confident in himself, but learns to hide his rigidity.

A Libra man, always passive, soft and frivolous, living with a Capricorn woman, on the contrary, becomes rigid. The Libra will learn next to a woman who is not afraid to act out in the open. In this case, the Libra man gets good support and stops pretending his helplessness. In most cases, he begins to show the strength of his character, but at the same time retains his external charm.

A Capricorn woman likes a Libra man’s ability to think first and then do. One man, Libra, however, appreciates the Capricorn woman for her firmness and determination.

Negative features of this relationship

The main problem of the compatibility of the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Libra is that there is often a misunderstanding between them.

The Capricorn woman is very direct, and the Libra man is contradictory. Your moods and, most importantly, your decisions change so often that a solid “yes” or “no” can never be heard. And for the Capricorn woman, certainty is important, and this behavior of the Libra man causes her displeasure. In addition, she expresses her outrage directly to the face and violates the dignity of the Libra man.

Also, Capricorn and Libra compatibility issues manifest themselves very strongly in the trivia of the home. The Libra man is a true aesthete, and he wants to live among beautiful things, although sometimes unnecessary. And in the house of the Capricorn woman everything is strict, there is nothing superfluous and everything is functional and practical. For a man, Libra, this dry atmosphere in the house is not acceptable.

The Libra man experiences constant dissatisfaction with the type of furniture, utensils, clothing, or other household items that a Capricorn woman chooses. And the Capricorn woman, in turn, is unhappy with the fact that the Libra man spends money on trifles, on all sorts of “beauties” that have no functional purpose.

The Libra Man Capricorn Woman family

According to the Capricorn and Libra compatibility horoscope, in order for her family to have harmony, the Capricorn woman needs to learn to listen to her husband’s requests, and most importantly, to fulfill them.

The Capricorn woman is a very powerful type of woman who tends to take care of her loved ones. She does not take into account his wishes, as she herself knows, “what is better for them.” This behavior in a relationship with a Libra man will not lead to anything good. Despite its apparent softness and flexibility, this is a very strong leadership signal.

You can calmly manipulate or tolerate as long as there are forces to endure. And when patience runs out, it will just go away. Therefore, if you want a harmonious relationship with the Libra man, give in to him.

The biggest misunderstandings or fights that can arise in this family will be in the expenses: they will not agree on where to invest the money.

How to improve this relationship

The Capricorn-Libra bond has a low love compatibility. This does not mean that they will not work, but that they will have to work much harder to achieve the right balance.

The Capricorn always needs a sensitive and loving man who makes her feel comfortable. Unfortunately many Libras are not like that, they are not very sensitive, and are cold and clumsy. So, the Libra men must learn to grasp the needs of the Capricorn.

It is difficult to express loving feelings in words, therefore you can do it with simple gestures or small gifts. If you like to feel loved and desired, then it’s always good to let your partner know too, right?

In any case, the Capricorn is proud and always has a lot of will power. She does not like to lose or make mistakes, therefore she always wants the couple to work and will do the impossible.

The Capricorn woman is usually sure whether or not she loves her man. But this does not imply that if she feels she doesn’t want him anymore, she will make a hasty decision and leave him. Quick decisions should never be made as she may later regret them.

The Libra man is someone who likes to be free. The woman should never suffocate him because if she does, he will walk away.

Luckily for the Libra, the Capricorn is usually organized, patient and stable, especially when she is more mature. They are ideal characteristics to be a good wife and mother, something that the Libra man who seeks a stable relationship values.

Sometimes the Capricorn woman can feel insecure and unloved by her partner. You must really find out whether this is so, or, as is likely, the insecurity comes from her itself. It is very important that the Libra, as we said before, always gives her love and respects her, with this he will show her that he loves her.

The woman of this sign is also quite curious, just a warning: beware of that excessive curiosity! Because, the Libra can be greatly affected in their self-esteem if they discover that they were persecuted and their trust broken. The woman must be very sure that her man is unfaithful before confronting him.

Capricorn Woman and Libra Man Compatibility Reviews


I never fell in love with the Libra men, not even knowing that according to horoscopes we are not particularly compatible. I already have many friends of this sign, but we just have a good time and hang out. I never could have imagined what would happen to one of them in a relationship.


Libras are very romantic, ready to put everything at stake, for the sake of a relationship. Even if something does not work out, they will correct it to the very end. I just want to say that Libra men themselves do not notice how many problems they create for themselves when they are in love. I didn’t want to offend anyone, just such comments about these men.


I am a Capricorn girl, dating a Libra man for about 2 years. From the beginning there was a lot of controversy, but over time, they somehow got used to it and got closer. Every day our love grows. It’s just great that we met. If you truly love your Libra man, take a chance!


I agree, Libra men will pull the relationship, even if there is no common perspective and everything fell apart. I am a Capricorn, dating a Libra man for 5 years. We love our friend very deeply… it makes me forget about college and work and helps me just enjoy life. However, when it comes to achieving goals and aspirations in life, there he gives in.

All these 5 years I tried to direct him into some practical direction in my career, but nothing worked. This person is simply not possible to change, especially if he does not want to change.


Libra men are amazing lovers… however, you need to think outside the box and find your own identity. In general, this is my only complaint about the men of this sign. Until I manage to endure his weaknesses and stay with him.


I’m a Capricorn women, in relationship with Libra man. I’m talkative, and like to be in the spotlight. We can suddenly break into another city for the weekend and there is no discomfort, or stitching around the city all night just like that. I just then sometimes have the need to be alone. But he has this damn thing… he’s a despot with my manners, he’s jealous and loves to stick his nose into my phone. But in general he suits me. Just initially agreed with him not to lie to each other and to accept each other as we are and not to try to forcefully change something.


Libra men are not able to provide Capricorns with a “beautiful” life — they are too lazy and always look for where their sweethearts are, in short, hence all the talk about Capricorn’s “greed,” etc.


Totally agree. Libras are lazy, they can sleep for days and do nothing.


This union was simply terrible. My biggest mistake was to try to glue something out of nothing.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Capricorn woman and Libra man
Emotional connection Below average 2 STARS
Communication Below average 2 STARS
Trust and dependency Average 3 STARS
Common values Average 3 STARS
Intimacy and sex Average 3 STARS
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