Pisces Soulmate: Find Best Life Partner For Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Aries Soulmate Compatibility

This is a strange, difficult, but often found alliance of an understanding “old man” and defenseless “lamb” or hungry for the power of an invader (depending on the type of Aries) and the meek, humble Cinderella. He can hold on to any idea: religious, scientific, or the idea of ​​joint success.

Pisces Taurus Soulmate Compatibility

From the outside, this couple gives the impression of being safe, but in fact the sensitive Pisces is hurt by the rudeness of Taurus. She is not able to satisfy his tireless sexuality, and he does not understand the ups and downs of her feelings - from complete coldness to the relaxedness and playfulness that causes Taurus’s outburst of jealousy. This marriage will be lasting only if Taurus is soft and tolerant. Then they have a calm, harmonious understanding. The simpler the “grounded” Pisces, the easier it finds a common language with Taurus. Often both secretly dream of another partner.

Pisces Gemini Soulmate Compatibility

A partner born under the sign of Pisces, intellectually the pinnacle of achievement for Gemini, they are ready to “pray” to Pisces. Teamwork or marriage between them is similar to the relationship of two investigators: Gemini sees that Pisces knows everything about them, and Pisces understands that Gemini sees it. Intense game of two intelligences. But they rarely have the patience for a long marriage, as Pisces does not forgive inconstancy.

Pisces Cancer Soulmate Compatibility

Emotional Pisces is always drawn to the deep secrets of Pisces, as students to the teacher. They draw in this union renewal, but are lost from the unknowability of Pisces. The union is based on spiritual compatibility and mutual understanding. Pisces are changeable, and Pisces’s emotions increase and disappear more slowly, like ebbs and flows. Whether they will tolerate such mood swings of each other depends on the horoscopes of both. If they start a business together, then they succeed. Living together in a marriage is not easy, it requires self-sacrifice from one of the partners, but it gives great happiness.

Pisces Leo Soulmate Compatibility

The most difficult union of all the signs for Leo. The lion here is like a knight who brought the whole world as a gift to a tender girl. It melts and melts from the depths and mystery of Pisces. After all, this love is tragic for him, it brings death. Or the rebirth of personality, if Leo is ready for metamorphoses and without looking back follows Pisces.

Pisces Virgo Soulmate Compatibility

Complex and rare union. Virgo is economic, marriage for her is frugality and hoarding. In love, the Virgo can be likened to the beautiful Snegurochka: she is sweet and sweet, but “I want to love, but I don’t know the words of love.” It is especially bad if Pisces is a woman: she is humiliated by the criticality of the Virgo-man. Mystical, scattered Pisces and concrete Virgos often do not understand each other at all. In fact, they just have a different energy and worldview.

Pisces Libra Soulmate Compatibility

For Pisces, this is a fatal union. Libra loves a strict form, a game of relationships, a well-defined framework in everything, and Pisces “come off the coast” in feelings. Scales are self-sufficient and picky individualistic partners: “I am me, you are you, children are children”, and Pisces strives for unity and dissolution in a partner.

Pisces Scorpio Soulmate Compatibility

In this union, Pisces are usually driven. Scorpios are sensitive partners, they see and understand everything, and sometimes even conjecture what is not there. They keep Pisces in suspense, torment them, but also feel sorry for them. This union is characterized by passion in all kinds of relationships, but Pisces often leave Scorpions, suffering from their heavy nature.

Pisces Sagittarius Soulmate Compatibility

Only religion, mysticism and common fanatical ideals can unite these people, as the law of man is able to unite with the law of God. A happy union is possible subject to the high spiritual potential of both. Sagittarius personifies the shown authority, generally accepted norms and rules, and Pisces - the hidden authority, they are the shadowy informal leader behind him. If the spouses manage to understand each other and they are connected by a common cause, their union is perfection itself. But at the household level - alas! - An active, life-hungry Sagittarius and Pisces immersed in themselves can rarely converge. They annoy each other.

Pisces Capricorn Soulmate Compatibility

It could be a perfect union. Selfless love turning into complete dissolution in a partner. All the heights, depths and open spaces of the world are open to these two idealists and mystics. Their union, if it is not built on pragmatism, is eternal and similar to rocks and the ocean. Together they are able to learn all the secrets of the universe. But if Capricorn is too “grounded”, if its formula is: only a person with money has self-consciousness, he will want to make Pisces work tirelessly in his career. The Pisces will not accept this and sooner or later will leave in grave disappointment. Or, having reconciled and having accepted such a lifestyle, he will not feel happy.

Pisces Aquarius Soulmate Compatibility

Idealism and faith in the unknown, unfulfilled, inventions and fantasies, illusions of the mystery of life attract these people. They seem mysterious countries to each other, but not always “crossing the border” is possible - fear prevents losing your identity and dissolving into a partner. In marriage, magical pictures can be replaced by a sober and unattractive reality. Life for both will become a stumbling block. No matter how he became the cause of lack of money and homeless wanderings.

Pisces Pisces Soulmate Compatibility

“I look at you like in a mirror - to the point of dizziness!” Whose ocean is bigger? They seek to measure the depths of others. They know each other’s price: once you get into a distorted world, you will never come back from there. A marriage where it is useless to hypocrite and try to find compromises: you need to either sail together to light or darkness, or to disperse, breaking the umbilical cord. This is a very rare alliance.

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