Libra Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility Percentage in Sex, Love and Life

Love compatibility between Libra woman and Pisces man

The horoscope gives the Libra-Pisces bond a relatively good love compatibility.

This is a bond that works very well as friendship ... The Pisces man loves fiction, showing others a somewhat different version of what he really is. He may also have authoritarian attitudes and some mood swings at times.

He is naturally attracted to the Libra woman, but if she becomes bossy and demanding it could lead to bond problems.

The love between these two sometimes lasts little, as I said at the beginning, it is more usual that between these two signs true friendships are formed rather than stable couples. Anyway, all is not lost ...

Libra-Pisces connection: the positive

The important thing in this bond is to achieve a romantic and loving relationship.

Libra and Pisces are signs that can love deeply and passionately. The important thing is to get them to do it with each other.

Nothing escapes their minds and they show their affection in the most interesting and unexpected ways.

Remember the saying that the little things matter the most? Well, guess what? It couldn’t be more true, and the couple takes this opportunity to deepen their bond to unfathomable levels.

Furthermore, it can be said that these two have fallen in love with love itself, because they cannot live any longer without that feeling arising in their hearts.

They will always feel affection and compassion for each other, even when distance, obstacles, conflict, or other people keep them away.

They have so many traits and values in common that it’s hard to believe that these people don’t generally look out for each other, and instead somehow sometimes end up unhappy with someone they don’t love.

How to improve this relationship

The Libra woman and Pisces man link is good, although it is not exceptional. It is a relationship that must progress step by step, even if slowly because, if it stagnates, it will be very difficult to move forward.

This relationship is usually short-lived, but if they get the right chemistry they can last for many years.

The Libra woman and Pisces man must base their bond on the same components that a good friendship would have: companionship, sharing moments together, joy. Share a book, a sports activity, have adventures; always look for the novelty so that the spark is not extinguished.

The Pisces man is somewhat changeable for the Libra woman, who is more balanced and rational. Luckily for him, she is quite patient.

Unfortunately Libra-Pisces have certain characteristics that make them very different from each other. This can generate friction in the couple’s relationship.

They are not characteristics that can be changed from one day to the next; in fact some are inseparable from each sign. Therefore, they must learn to live with these defects. It is always important to dialogue to detect these problems and find ways to overcome them.

In the relationship Libra woman and Pisces man or Libra man and Pisces woman, daily friction can arise; It is not that this is bad, many times those small inconveniences help us to improve and change for the better. But sometimes those little annoying details, which at first seem insignificant, start to add up, and over time they can become really unbearable. There are people who come to hate their partner because they make noise when they eat!

Therefore, it is important to dialogue, to always express the things that bother us about each one, because this will end up exploding sooner or later and probably with worse consequences.

Both should respect each other’s independence. You cannot be on top of your partner all the time and leaving some air helps improve the relationship. Never treat your partner as an object, it is not your property.

Each couple must establish and agree on the limits talking, they should never be imposed.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Libra woman and Pisces man
Emotional connection Average 3 STARS
Communication Weak 1 STAR
Trust and dependency Average 3 STARS
Common values Very strong 5 STARS
Intimacy and sex Strong 4 STARS

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