Pisces Man Virgo Woman Love and Friendship Compatibility


Love compatibility between Virgo woman and Pisces man

The horoscope gives the Virgo-Pisces bond a good love compatibility.

Pisces are warm, friendly, intimate, but they live in true inner chaos; actually, to be exact, they live in a sense of peace and calm within their own disorder.

This personality can initially attract the Virgo woman, as is known, she likes perfection and her great virtue is to put order in the life of the disorderly man, for all this makes them feel a strong attraction with difficulty she can pass from that. Pisces is a little nervous about the company of Virgo.

While the Virgo woman stands out for the ability to flirt with any man she is attracted to, for that reason she will try to go much further than a simple physical attraction.

The Virgo-Pisces connection: the positive

When a Virgo and a Pisces meet, the stars align and shine brightly to signify their unending love for each other, as well as the incredible future that awaits them if they do things the right way.

As for how these signs act and behave, let’s say it is a harmonious and balanced pair. They can directly feel the heartbeat of their partner, each of their wishes and dreams.

With Pisces’ tremendous imaginative drive and access to the higher plane of intuition and insight, it is not really a surprise that Virgo, a woman with quite high expectations, finds herself hypnotized and trapped in the illusory web that Pisces threw at her.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, both have to face a big problem, namely a lack of confidence in themselves, and a dangerous low confidence in each other that could quickly unravel the couple.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Virgo woman and Pisces man
Emotional connection Very strong 5 STARS
Communication Average 3 STARS
Trust and dependency Below average 2 STARS
Common values Below average 2 STARS
Intimacy and sex Very strong 5 STARS

How to improve this relationship

The Virgo-Pisces bond has a good love compatibility. They should, in any case, always take care of the relationship because a major crisis could crumble it like a house of cards.

Luckily for the Virgo, the Pisces man is usually quite calm, especially the more mature. The Virgo woman always needs solitude and independence ... something that the Pisces can give her.

Both are very attracted to each other or, at least at the beginning of the relationship it was like that. The Virgo saw her Pisces man almost perfect. Over time you may become a little disappointed, but you must understand that there is no perfect man and people have defects, she has them too.

Always the key to improving the Virgo-Pisces relationship is DIALOGUE.

If a problem arises: talk. Never try to hide or silence a problem that really bothers you, because this will end up exploding later and, probably, with worse consequences.

It is also important that the Pisces respects the independence of the Virgo. It is true that she is his partner, but the woman is not his object, he cannot do with her what he wants. Therefore it is essential to talk a lot. Boundaries must be established in the relationship: what is allowed and what is not.

While the Virgo is quite curious, beware of that curiosity! because the Pisces can be greatly affected in their self-esteem if they discover that they are persecuted and distrustful. The Virgo must be very sure that her Pisces may be unfaithful to her before confronting him.

Another point against this Virgo-Pisces relationship is the lack of loving expressiveness. They should talk about this to get doubts, maybe neither of them needs to be constantly reminded that they love each other ... but some insecurities and doubts can arise if the relationship completely lacks affection and words of love.

It is difficult out there to express loving feelings in words, therefore you can do it with simple gestures or small gifts. If you like to feel loved and desired, then it’s always good to let your partner know too, right?

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