Libra Woman and Libra Man Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

The horoscope gives the Libra Woman and Libra Man bond a relatively good love compatibility.

The Libra likes to be a great hostess. You need a home that brings you serenity and peace, an elegant home. The house should be a reflection of what she feels internally.

While the Libra has many dreams that he wants to fulfill throughout his life, he needs a woman who understands this and supports him. The Libra is intelligent, courteous, a bit whimsical, and somewhat romantic as well. He is a man who stands out for his optimism.

This union shares many points in common: a vocation for a good marriage, a house that is a reflection of its interior and good projects.

Unfortunately everything can go to waste if mediocrity and selfishness take over this couple.

The Libra Woman and Libra Man Obsession and Connection

If having two Libras as a couple was already a big step towards a perfect relationship, given their boundless love, understanding nature, and even character, then what if two of them got together?

Both work on an intuitive level, and being in good balance with each other, it is very difficult for them to become unstable and out of sync. In fact, that’s the key word, “synchronicity.” If they succeed, it will be very difficult to bring down this relationship.

Edgy from start to finish, Libras have learned to appreciate and aspire towards the bright side of life, the beautiful and mesmerizing side.

This principle and passion has guided them all their lives in the form of cultural interests, a keen and unique view of life, and last but not the least, imagination and colorful intuition that acts as a cathartic point of view.

Also, communication is one of its strengths, and it always has been. A conversation often starts, then they instantly take your hand and lead you into unknown realms of hidden knowledge and fascinating new things.

Libras are intrinsically linked to each other through such a strong bond that not even the most destructive cataclysms could hope to break it. And this bond is based on absolute loyalty, devotion, love, and affection.

They will fight for their partner with reckless abandon, fighting with every breath to deal with all potential problems, so that nothing can harm or erase the smile from their faces.

How to improve this relationship

The Libra-Libra link is relatively good. Not ideal, because a lot of problems will arise, but a happy match can be made with just the right seasonings.

Luckily they are both from Libra, this means that they are quite rational and know how to respect each other. Injustice and disrespect will end any Libra-Libra relationship. Therefore it is important to think well before acting, you can both regret it over time.

Although they are of the same sign, they are a man and a woman who have very different ways of seeing the world. It is difficult for them to agree on certain important issues. Do not try to convince the other at all costs because it can turn into aggressive confrontations. Sometimes they should take this more naturally: they should accept the fact that they think differently, period; so they should periodically remind themselves not to clash over minor problems.

Libra Man and Libra woman Bond

Luckily, the Libra-Libra bond shares certain characteristics such as: having good intentions, being patient, and they both also like to love deeply. They should use this in common to always strengthen the couple.

Seek harmony, because it is not a couple that works well if you constantly fight. It is not one of those bonds that is strengthened by fighting. It is quite the contrary with them.

What they can agree on are long-term goals. But they can also be very disappointed if they do not comply or if they feel that their partner is making little effort to achieve them. It will always be essential to strive to meet the proposed goals, otherwise this link could easily be dismantled.

She loves that mixture between a mature man and a boy at the same time in her Libra, because it gives him a particular charm. The Libra must never lose his youthful grace, because a bored woman is an unhappy woman.

Another important point is: don’t be selfish, in any way. Selfishness can destroy this relationship.

Finally, the Libra woman is quite curious, just a warning: beware of that excessive curiosity! Because the Librans can be greatly affected in their self-esteem if they discover that they are persecuted and distrustful. The woman must be very sure that her man may be unfaithful before confronting him in such things.

Libra Male And Libra Female: Benefits And Challenges

The Libra man and Libra woman have a strong connection, yet maintaining a relationship has both positive and negative aspects. This is because the way in which they approach the partnership is what ultimately determines whether or not they are compatible with one another as a couple.

One thing that the Libra man and Libra woman need to make sure of is that they do not end up discussing things that frequently, as there are chances for a conversation to escalate to a point where even a simple conversation may lead to a heated argument. This is something that both the Libra man and Libra woman need to take care of. If one or both of them are restless, it will have an effect on their ability to bond with one another and their compatibility, so it is important for them to give each other plenty of space (since Libras also appreciate quiet and seclusion) and the necessary amount of sleep to enable them to calm down.

There is a good point for Libras, which is that they have this remarkable ability to fix their difficulties through casual dialogues and discussions. This talent is a point in their favor, and it can enable them to keep mental calm. Additionally, the planet Venus contributes a great deal of optimism and hope to their relationship. However, appropriate precautions need to be made to ensure that there will not be any arguments or disagreements that could potentially harm this marriage.

The Libra female is by nature highly emotional, and she has a charming personality; on the other hand, the Libra male has a strong character, which provides for a great balance of personalities in this sign. A Libra man and a Libra woman who are compatible with one another may have a relationship that is dynamic and exhilarating thanks to the influence of the planet Venus.

Libra Woman and Libra Man Compatibility Reviews

Francisca Arihi

Throughout my life I met with three Libra men, I even married one. However, despite the large number of common interests, there are a huge number of stumbling blocks. I start arguing with them on every little thing. They’ll keep them in the friend zone next time. Only great friends are made of us.

Jane Rox Baradas

I was married to a Libra man. For all the time we spent together I realized that we are complete opposites in all respects. He was handsome, kind, well-groomed and sociable. But he constantly argued and always wanted everything to be as he wants.

MJ Rosales

I met with two Libra men. I am a Libra too!

The first was funny, cute, and observant. We spent a lot of time together, but then he cheated on me out of the blue! My pride suffered a lot, so we broke up. He constantly controlled me, it seemed that he wanted to control my life. We constantly argued and hated each other’s friends. He is the worst experience of my life.

The second was incredibly charming and ready to settle down. But I was very bored with him. Once I advised him to find a job, he was so offended that he left.

Now I met an Aquarius, at first glance I realized that I was in love, but I do not think that he is ready for any serious relationship. Leos are also great!

Sarsi Santos

I also met a Libra guy. I agree with previous reviews that he likes to control everything. In the beginning, he was so cute and charming, but eventually turned into a monster. He thinks only about himself and his needs. I think our relationship is going to break up.

Katenia Nathan

I met my Libra boyfriend a little over 2 years ago. Now, recently, he broke up with me because he could not cope with me. In fact, he was just paranoid and was trying to control me in everything. He just could not put up with the fact that I did not obey him. I think the Libra man is an ideal candidate for a walk, but something serious will not work. We belong to the same signs, but still I can’t believe how much we differ in character and outlook on life.

I have a different relationship now, we have been meeting for a long time… there is an understanding between us. We try to be as honest as possible with each other. We both realized that we were stubborn and during a quarrel we were trying to be mature and look for a solution that would suit both. I do not regret that I decided to connect my life with a Libra man. I can confidently say that he makes me happy.

We have been dating for 7 months, maybe we can’t draw conclusions early, but everything is fine with us. Both fell in love at first sight! He is very cute, takes care of me. Yes, we argue a lot, but that’s perfectly normal. In general, they are very similar to each other. The only problem is we both love luxurious things, so the money disappears quickly. Despite periodic disagreements, I love him more than anyone else. And he does everything so that I feel loved.

Jenilyn Feliciano Bautista

I am married to a Libra man. I think the relationship will exist until one is leading, and the second is led. In my relationship, I am the leader. Unlike him, I make decisions very quickly and easily, and do not think for several weeks. He always treated me well and we are perfectly understanding of each other. With Libra you feel calm, you can just be yourself.

Mirroring Each Other: Unveiling Libra Man and Libra Woman Compatibility with FAQs

Libra men and Libra women, sharing the airy scales of justice, create a connection that sparks curiosity about their compatibility. Let’s delve into the complexities of this intriguing pairing:

Are Libra Man and Libra Woman compatible?

This pairing is considered highly compatible. Sharing the element of air (Libra), they represent balance, harmony, and intellectual stimulation. Their shared values and similar communication styles can foster a strong and fulfilling relationship.

What are Libra Men and Libra Women like in relationships?

Both Libra men and women are diplomatic, charming, and seek harmony. They desire partners who are intelligent, engaging in conversation, and appreciate their social nature . They value fairness, equality, and creating a peaceful environment within the relationship.

How are Libra men different from Libra women?

While they share many similarities, subtle differences can exist. Libra men might be slightly more indecisive and seek external validation, while Libra women might be more decisive and more focused on maintaining inner balance. However, these are generalizations, and individual personalities can vary greatly.

What are Libra Men and Libra Women like in bed?

Both signs are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure. This suggests the potential for an aesthetically pleasing, sensual, and emotionally balanced connection in the bedroom. Their shared appreciation for beauty and harmony can translate into a deeply satisfying and fulfilling intimate experience.

What challenges might this pairing face?

Both partners’ desire for harmony might lead to avoiding conflict, which could mask underlying issues. Additionally, their indecisiveness could lead to difficulty making choices together.

What mistakes should they avoid?

Both Libra men and women should avoid being too indecisive, overly passive-aggressive, or neglecting their individual needs in favor of maintaining harmony. They should strive for open communication, even when it involves addressing uncomfortable topics.

Can Libra Men and Libra Women have a successful relationship?

Yes, absolutely. Their compatibility is high, and their shared values and communication styles create a strong foundation for a successful relationship. However, effort and communication are still essential for any relationship to thrive.

Is Libra Man and Libra Woman a good match?

This pairing has the potential to be excellent. Their compatibility fosters a natural understanding and connection, making them a good match. However, individual personalities and life experiences still play a significant role in the success of any relationship.

When Libra Men and Libra Women fall in love?

Theirs can be a love at first sight scenario, ignited by mutual respect, shared values, and an undeniable attraction. They are likely to be drawn to each other’s charm, wit, and ability to see things from different perspectives.

What happens when a Libra man falls in love with a Libra woman?

He becomes  enchanted by her beauty, grace, and intellectual depth. He’ll likely cherish the harmony and balance she brings to the relationship, while also encouraging her to express her individuality and be assertive when needed.

Can Libra Men and Libra Women be soulmates?

While the concept of soulmates is subjective, this pairing has the potential to develop a deep and meaningful connection that transcends a typical relationship. Their shared values, communication styles, and appreciation for beauty and harmony create a foundation for a truly special and fulfilling bond. However, individual growth, open communication, and a willingness to compromise are still crucial for such a bond to blossom.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Libra woman and Libra man
Emotional connection Strong 4 STARS
Communication Very strong 5 STARS
Trust and dependency Average 3 STARS
Common values Strong 4 STARS
Intimacy and sex Below average 2 STARS
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    Gary Hoover

    I'm a Libra born on October 19,1944 and most of the important women in my life are, or were Libras also. I never did plan it that way it just happened to work out that way. To begin with my mother was a Libra (Sep., 03) the majority of my girlfriends that I had while growing up were Libras. My first wife wasn't a Libra and we ended up being almost totally incompatible. I can't even remember what Astrological sign she was born under and back then I really didn't even pay any attention to that sort of thing. My second wife however, was a Libra, born on Sep./07/1945. She was the love of my life and even though we ended up getting a divorce after 20+ happy years together, I have never managed to find that kind of deep to my core, total love in another human being since we separated and eventually divorced a few years later. She died last January and it devastated me, much to my surprise. I didn't think it would affect me so profoundly, since she had remarried about 10 years ago. I guess that somewhere way back in a hidden part of my mind I still harbored a slim hope that some day we might somehow get back together. We both had children by previous marriages when we first met. She had 4 and I had 3, we had 2 more children together after we married, making a total of 9 kids between us. It was a struggle raising and supporting that many kids, but they were the happiest days of my life. One of the many coincidences we had while together was that her oldest Daughter's name was Tammy Lee, my oldest Daughter's name was Tammy Lynn and their birthdays were only a few months apart. We didn't even think of it at the time but our youngest son who we created together was named Dustin and got the nickname of Dusty while growing up. My second wife, Dusty's mother's name was Sandra, nicknamed Sandy. The first time that it soaked in and we realized the names were similar Sandy and Dusty, we just about couldn't stop laughing until our sides hurt. Throughout most of my life most of my best friends that I grew close to were Libras also. I had 9 Birthdays in September alone to deal with. They ranged all the way from my Mother, Wife, Grandchildren, friends and Girlfriends and they were all Libras. Right now I share my home with my ex-Girlfriend and my current Girlfriend. We live together and get along fine. The ex-Girlfriend has her own bedroom and shares the housework and cooking duties with my Girlfriend. They each cook and do the dishes every other day so every other day they are off and don't have to work at all. I do my part by paying all the normal bills, food, electricity, internet, etc. and the girls split the housework, grocery shopping, and cooking. Did I already mention that my ex-Girlfriend and my current Girlfriend are both Libras? I didn't plan it this way, I didn't go out looking for Libras to date It just keeps happening this way.

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