Libra Woman and Aquarius Man Zodiac Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship

Just crazy about his Aquarius! He is the best in bed, best of all that I had before. Attentive, gentle, but sometimes rude. It constantly teases me and makes me wait, but I just can not enjoy it and do not want to wait for anything. Very passionate relationship!

My man Aquarius is also very seductive, broad shoulders, blue eyes, he just makes me melt. Even when next to him I feel goosebumps despite the fact that we have been together for about 4 years. When we are not together, I can’t stop thinking about him, he just drives me crazy.

I agree with all the previous comments, my man Aquarius is irresistibly handsome and tall, a gentleman. Love was at first sight. But because of his freedom of love, there are sometimes disputes and conflicts, but I think we will find a common solution. The rest is a very hot union.

When I met Aquarius, I just forgot about other men. He is incredibly beautiful, we have been together for 8 years, but he still fascinates me. Sex with him is simply stunning. I can’t imagine that I’ll marry someone else.

I’ve been married to a driver for 10 years, everything was fine, but I learned about my husband’s betrayals. It’s unbearably painful! I thought that this problem would not affect me, but alas … I think I file for divorce!

My Aquarius is a close and beloved person. I’m on the horoscope of Libra. Everything is written correctly. We have love_ friendship. I even began to write poetry.

My Aquarius is the most talented and kind. We lived with him for 15 years. We have always been friends, supported each other. But he fell ill – he was paralyzed. An artist without a right hand. For what? And to find someone like him is not real

I have the most wonderful, gentle, courageous, very pretty, affectionate, and very smart, funny Aquarius. And I’m scales. I’m so good with him. Yes, we are just 2 half of the same. I’m not going anywhere without him.)

I now have a girl, scales, and I’m insanely good with her, so good that I’m flying with tenderness and love with her … In general, I have a wonderful one !!!

nonsense right. Especially a comment about the January and February … okay to read about astrology, but like this to drive. Nobody will make strong relationships for you!

I had a relationship with an Aquarius guy. I do not advise. Horror ……. it was February, I have suspicions that January is better … although, of course, all people are different