Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility: Love and Relationship

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility: Love and Relationship

Love compatibility between Virgo woman and Aquarius man

The horoscope gives the Virgo-Aquarius bond a very good love compatibility.

The Virgo-Aquarius relationship for stable and lasting love is very good. It is also a very sexual and passionate relationship, both signs are very compatible in that sense.

The Virgo orders the messy life of the Aquarius man. The Virgo woman is demanding and intelligent, and must work hard to be successful.

Being signs that get along in the sexual sphere, this may wear out over time. So they must manage to strengthen other ties, otherwise the couple will fail.

Aquarius and Virgo: a match made on earth!

At first glance, pairing the two fiercely independent minds Aquarius and Virgo might seem like a catastrophic idea. But, if they work to maintain a healthy bond, they will eventually become the best partner for each other.

Your incompatibilities and differences will start to work in your favor if you wish. Yes, a lot of patience on both sides and mutual respect will help you get through the tough times.

The key to your relationship is acceptance. If both of you can accept your difference and accept mutual inconveniences, then you will find a middle way that will lead you to a happy married life.

Compatibility Scores: Aquarius and Virgo

When two strong-willed people come together as friends, they can be the best of friends, but when it comes to a committed relationship, then the ground can be shaky for them.

In a love relationship, understanding and commitment are the basic requirements and this is where the Aquarius and the Virgo can collide.

When all is said and done, if these two signs, Aquarius and Virgo are hell-bent on making the relationship work, they will make it happen regardless of all the odds they face.

Compatibility, at the end of the day, is something that exists between two people. Although there is a rare possibility that an Aquarius and a Virgo will be attracted to each other romantically; if the natal charts work like Cupid, then you will see them merge.

Compatibility is something that Aquarius and Virgo have to work on because according to the zodiac sign; they are not so compatible.

Aquarius and Virgo: air and earth

One is an earth sign, and the other is an air sign. From the beginning, these two signs are separate poles but connected through their independent features.

Aquarius is spontaneous, while Virgo is diligent, so when these two signs finally come together, they both have some serious work to do.

Cleanliness and Virgo are almost as if synonymous, while Aquarius has nothing to do with cleanliness. If a clean space is provided, Aquarius will appreciate it, but they will not be the ones to clean any space.

In order for there to be ANY order in your environment, cleanliness must be left to the discerning Virgo and decoration or arrangement must be Aquarius’ offering.

Aquarius and Virgo: making things work for them

If Aquarius and Virgo are to become a couple, household chores should be shared primarily by Virgo because Aquarius doesn’t like daily chores.

Aquarius can be very lazy, but as long as they are busy with their creativity, they are good to go. According to Aquarians, Virgos have more parental qualities than they do, but that does not give Virgo any authority to bark orders at their Aquarius partner. Aquarius cannot deal with negativity and is easily carried away by negative vibes around them.

On the other hand, Virgo understands better in the midst of negativity. In case of a fight between Aquarius and Virgo, the latter should not use negative words because it will harm the Aquarius more and make the situation worse.

Virgos are also likened to a sensitive woman and they detest the idea of being controlled by another person. Virgos can bring the right balance and calmness to the rebellious Aquarius. Similarly, Virgo can settle down peacefully with a little help from Aquarius.

When they are in a relationship, both of them will fight a lot, but in the end, they will grow closer. While fighting, or generally also, Virgos should avoid judging Aquarians. Otherwise, it could ruin the whole relationship.

Aquarius compatibility

Communication shouldn’t be a big deal either because they are both good listeners. Therefore, when one is speaking, the other will listen patiently.

Aquarians use their past as a basis to move towards a better future and berate themselves if that goal is not achieved. There are times when Aquarians come across as cold and unemotional, but that’s not really the case with them internally.

They are not good at expressing their emotions through words. Aquarians clings to their excitement until the moment they start to overflow. The way they show their emotion is different from that of others, and this is one of the reasons why most people misunderstand them.

Virgo compatibility

Virgo is the sign of the earth, so they are critical, analytical, and methodical in everything they do. One thing that both Aquarians and Virgos have in common is that they are both very logical.

Virgos doesn’t believe in gut feelings. Instead, they go by logic. As a couple, Virgo will tend to avoid confrontation and be level-headed.

Virgo is more conservative and cautious in her approach. With Aquarius there may be a lack of passion and warmth.

Aquarius Man Virgo Woman Sexually

Aquarius and Virgo sex life is quite adventurous. When it comes to handling the relationship outside of the bedroom, they will handle themselves quite well, but when it comes to sex, then the true test of the Aquarius and Virgo couple begins.

Sex can make or break your marriage. Following the traits that Aquarius and Virgo have, it seems that sex will be almost like a planned thing in which spontaneity will surely be lost, if they do not make an effort to maintain it.

Variety and excitement is needed. To understand the relationship compatibility between them, it is important to consider the different aspects of a relationship.

The sun sign alone cannot be the deciding factor in the compatibility challenge between Aquarius and Virgo. To get the exact information on compatibility, in addition to the sun sign, it is necessary to compare your date of birth and the location of other planets in the birth chart. Based on these calculations, a clear picture of compatibility can be successfully interpreted.

But, going only by the sun sign, it can be assumed that in bed Aquarius needs to take over, or else spontaneity and fun will be reduced to zero. Aquarians with their rebellious and spontaneous nature can seduce his Virgo partner into something naughty and wild.

Compatibility as a couple

Both Aquarius and Virgo are trustworthy, but more than that, they trust their love almost as if they are blindfolded because it seems silly to be in love.

Although trust could never be an issue between the two of them, if they let the passion out of their lives, then both Aquarius and Virgo could deviate from the relationship.

The earth and air elements of Aquarius and Virgo will cross the road again and again. They will have to share a common interest so that they have something in common to talk about and continue communication as a couple.

People who are in love can do strange things, but the Aquarius and Virgo couple will never do anything that is outright crazy.

Although the Virgo woman feels that the ideas shared by her Aquarius partner are all unrealistic and crazy, they will still steer clear of doing something stupid in love. Both of you must accept each other as you are and appreciate the true value of love.

Mercury rules Virgo, so a Virgo person is highly likely to be adaptable to any given situation, and this is where they could get hurt by Aquarius, who tends to walk their way without overly compromising with others. The sensitive Virgo may find this trait objectionable.

Aquarius and Virgo: inspire each other

Aquarius is the one who presents beautiful and innovative ideas, but does not have the strength or the will to follow them. This is where Virgos comes in. Virgos are known for their iron will, and if they decide something, they will see it through to the end. They don’t give up easily.

When an Aquarius man and a Virgo woman come together as a couple, they are a great match because one will be the visionary and the other will work hard to achieve that vision.

Virgos can act as the strong pillar of support and help the Aquarius world come to life. An Aquarius can be a singer or a writer, and Virgos can endorse you as a producer or editor or as a manager. In a way, they complete each other because one person has the traits that the other person does not.

Both are not afraid to try new ideas or explore new things, but the problem is that Aquarius loses interest midway, and Virgo has a strong personality that makes sure the vision is successfully achieved.

Aquarius would love to start the relationship out of friendship, where conversation will play a key role. The two of you can share different ideas and make plans to achieve them together because, without Virgo’s support, an Aquarius will not be able to reach his peak.

Acceptance is the key

An Aquarius and a Virgo are best suited for each other only when they realize and accept that they are both different from each other. But somehow these differences really work for them. They know what each other is lacking and when required they can help each other out in that situation.

Aquarians possesses some quirky habits and feats that Virgos can nurture. On the other hand, Aquarians can help Virgos embrace life by not judging. They are inquisitive people, so Aquarians and Virgos will not be short of ideas for conversation.

Virgos as lovers are quite attentive, and Aquarians are the eccentric ones, so they have to work hard to break the ice. Once this is accomplished, they can take it slowly from there.

Aquarians cannot bear negativity, but Virgos are very skilled at handling negativity. As a matter of fact, Virgos find ways to communicate negative messages in a way that is not harmful. But, when you are dealing with your Aquarian partner, you need to be very careful with negativity.

Aquarius and Virgo: a strange pair with immense love

In the marriage of an Aquarius with a Virgo, the latter swears by devotion and the former takes care of it. Many may be skeptical about this love pairing, but Aquarius is rare and no matter who they are paired with, this oddity cannot take them away.

Love or marriage is unlikely to happen at first, but when they start with friendship and begin to understand each other for the better, then there are chances of a great bond between the two. That bond will surely culminate into love and eventually a fulfilling marriage.

In a marriage or love relationship where communication plays an important role, these two signs may find it a bit difficult when addressing issues.

Aquarius gets deeply hurt when they are judged whereas Virgo, on the other hand, cannot accept the fact that their plan has gotten out of hand because of someone else. Virgo will have to make an effort to stay away from his usual way of speaking to avoid hurting his Aquarius partner with his words.

Conflicting emotions can make compatibility difficult

Virgo is someone who is very particular about everything and is a sign of daily routine and health. Aquarius, on the other hand, will avoid the common practice of visiting a doctor, opting for unconventional medications.

As a couple, they can turn into a complicated emotional relationship as Virgo cannot stop worrying about their Aquarius partner. The Aquarius partner will not be grateful to them because they do not want to be cared for that way. Virgo’s rational mind will come as an obstacle in their relationship.

Usually both of you need partners who are warm and emotional to make each other happy in a marriage. Aquarius and Virgo have clear minds, but that doesn’t mean they like the same things.

If Aquarius is excited about someone, Virgo is unlikely to share the same vibe about that person as well. Virgo is predictable and cautious and has a hard time adjusting to the exciting and unpredictable world of an Aquarius.


Virgo is the practical type of person and Aquarius is the maniac. They only have one thing in common, and that is their rational mind.

They will have a hard time starting a love relationship, but once they do, they can create magic.

Virgo acts best as a caregiver, and this is a quality that will help because the Aquarius together with the Virgo partner work to beautify the world. They want to make the world a better place and this common ground can unite them.

Concern about the compatibility of the two signs can be ruled out because when they hug each other then they will become the perfect team.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Virgo woman and Aquarius man
Emotional connection Strong 4 STARS
Communication Average 3 STARS
Trust and dependency Average 3 STARS
Common values Average 3 STARS
Intimacy and sex Strong 4 STARS

How to improve the relationship in between Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman

The Virgo-Aquarius bond has very good love compatibility. It’s important to not be complacent with your laurels as a couple. Overconfidence in the possibility that the relationship will smoothly continue the way it has before can turn out to be the main flaw. Constant and continuous effort is required for long term success in this pairing.

Virgo and Aquarius complement each other quite well in love and sex. This is a very sexual and passionate relationship, something that you can lose over time. Earlier you were close and got along very well in bed too. You may wonder, what happened to the relationship?

What happens, and it is something very common in any couple, is that the evil routine and tedious boredom tend to appear. It is important to find solutions to this if you want this relationship to improve. They must speak without conditioning, tell each other their fantasies and what the “ideal sex” would be like for you two. Not being selfish in bed (especially this is for him) can be the beginning of a better sex life.

The Virgo woman is very orderly, while the Aquarius is usually messier. If they strike the right balance, they can live very happily together. But you must find that balance! Otherwise, the disorder (or excess of order) will become a serious inconvenience in coexistence.

In bed it is essential not to be selfish: the pleasure is in giving and receiving, in every way that imagination and fantasies can conceive, but in such a way that it is enjoyable for both. If they maintain that initial spark, where they gave each other pleasure, the couple is guaranteed to be together for many more years.

The main problem that can arise in this Virgo-Aquarius couple is mutual tiredness, monotony, and routine. Therefore, one way to improve love is to change, to look for alternatives to routine ...

Small daily changes and big changes in the medium and long term is ideal. When I talk about small changes they can be really insignificant but that, in the long run, influences the general mood of this relationship: things as simple as changing the genre of film that you see together would help (instead of always watching action, change to romantic or European). Or you may even change the activity completely. For example, instead of watching movies they can share a book and then comment on it with each other. These are tiny details that take the couple out of the routine. You must look for these details to innovate.

Then there may be larger or long-term changes such as choosing a destination that’s more exotic and totally different from what you usually look for when planning a vacation. A complete change of arrangement of the furniture in the house (if you both live together), or making a mini-nursery together. Imagine how satisfying it will be for the both of you to take care of a plant and after several months you can see, as a result of persistent effort, the beautiful flower or the delicious fruit that you made together. They are details that seem minor, but they help a LOT.

Polarity of Aquarius and Virgo

In astrology, the concept of polarity refers to energy. Either male or feminine energy is present. The projective and receptive polarities, or yin and yang, are the same energies. The feminine energy is yin. Yin is energetically receptive, yielding, and submissive. Yang is a male energy. It is energetic, uncompromising, and projective. Compatibility is influenced by the couple’s Yang and Yin polarities.

A little circle in each half of the yin yang symbol displays the opposite hue. In the black side of the circle, there is a white dot, and vice versa. This is thus because every energy contains a small amount of its opposite. These energies become “polarised energies” if they are out of balance. Extremes in traits and manifestations are present when polarised energies are present.

The compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo will be influenced by Yin and Yang energies. When out of balance, Aquarius may display some aggression or dominance. Virgo comes seem as corny, sarcastic, and passive-aggressive. Extreme Virgo traits lead to martyr-like actions.

Virgo and Aquarius Aspects

The distance between the two signs is crucial when discussing astrology. It aids in compatibility assessment. Aspects make it evident what a couple has in common in terms of beliefs, emotions, and characteristics. The aspect on the Zodiac Wheel is the separation between the two signs. Virgo and Aquarius are five houses apart in signs. Quincunx signs are those that are five spaces apart.

The quincunx aspect will show a couple with opposing signs, Aquarius and Virgo. Think of the relationship between Aquarius and Virgo as Felix and Oscar from The Odd Couple. It will be up to the Aquarian and Virgo-born to overcome all obstacles and make their relationship work. This partnership confronts significant difficulties. It can happen that Virgo views Aquarius as being partnered with Satan. Perhaps Aquarius wonders if Virgo is aiming for sainthood. Where is the pod, both sides ask as they turn to face each other.

Love Compatibility - A Concern

Astrologically, Aquarius, and Virgo are an odd couple. Its signs move at two different and almost opposite operating speeds. This causes timing problems.

Virgo, being an earth sign, wants stability. On the other hand, Aquarius, the air sign, is always looking for changes.

Virgo is a hustler and Aquarius is mostly the talker. So, when they first meet, a Virgo may think of Aquarius as hot air and when Virgo meets Aquarius they feel like having met someone who is boring.

Compatibility is a serious concern when both are trying to prove themselves correct and the other wrong or inefficient. They will have great compatibility when they both start working towards the same goal.

An Aquarius can bring their ideas to Virgo and the Virgo will strategically plan to make it a tangible reality. When it comes to handling family relationships or social causes, let Aquarius handle these things with their creativity. The air sign must fulfill some plans to please Virgo. Then they can easily manage the rest with their creativity and spontaneity.

Similarly, the Virgos should kick back a bit and join the party without getting bogged down by plans. Virgos are stable, but if they want to improve compatibility with Aquarius, then they have to get out of their comfort zone and accept new things.

In a marriage, an Aquarius and a Virgo can be soul mates or the demon and devil personified. The bond that these two signs share in a marriage is tacit, intense, and somehow almost secret.

Aquarius and Virgo are within five signs of each other and have nothing in common astrologically. Aquarius and Virgo will have to adjust to the differences in their marriage to make it work.

In your marriage, both of you will have to give up your old lifestyle and make a big adjustment. Marriages are successful when the couple makes the adjustments and here in this case, if they are able to do so, then they will be a formidable team with a combined set of strengths.

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility Reviews


Relationships are completely dependent on the patience and understanding of the Virgo woman. We have to be more optimistic. There is generally no way to change the Aquarius man. He will come whenever he wants. If you want warmth and tenderness, you won’t be questioned. Sometimes you will feel abandoned, because when he needs something he will be gone for it. In fact, he is shy and afraid of loneliness, therefore, rarely shows feelings and can not get away :). He has a lot of friends. To be with you, you need to become his best friend and be a very special part of his life.


The men of Aquarius, I can say with confidence, are very selfish, but at the same time, Virgo should also stand on her convictions, otherwise he just starts to mock. You must remember that to convince you of something, only some mental tricks will not do. Aquarians are very smart and try to manipulate, especially if you disagree with him in something.


Aquarians are the most wonderful people. Do not rush into a serious relationship though. So also, avoid the need to rush with things by pushing them in a certain direction. If you can understand this and still be patient, over time, you will win his heart. Lisa has noticed that Aquarian men like patient and understanding women, and the attraction is more if she has a kind heart. They spend a lot of time on themselves and their friends. There is nothing personal about it. They just function like that. I have been dating Aquarius for over 1.5 years now. So believe me when I say this - please be patient and don’t take his sometimes moody behavior to heart. In these respects, it’s better to just go with the flow, because to force or convince him of something is simply impossible!


My Aquarius man also ran after me at first. He wanted a serious relationship, as soon as I began to give in. Very soon I lost interest in him. Very stubborn and he was never ever the first to call. Then he began to say that he was not interested in a relationship and that he needed someone else. In general, he tried to trick me into sleeping with him. So, be careful.


Aquarius is the biggest mistake for Virgo. He was very unpredictable in love and marriage. I had to go through a bunch of surprises and troubles. He tried to control and manage me all the time. After we slept, it became generally boring with him. I was just a sex doll for him. It generally was a silent act for him. He likes to trick and embellish. Despite all the problems, he is a devoted and good father. He knows how to manage money very well, at least for himself, but for me it’s incredibly greedy.


I had an Aquarius man in my life. I had a passionate relationship, but I did not dare to create a family with him. Now he is spinning around, and the other exes are on their heels too… but I’ve been a married lady for many years now, although I have been drawn to Aquarians, maybe it’s just not like what I have had… which definitely wasn’t a healthy attraction to have!

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    Susan Miller

    When the natives of Virgo and Aquarius meet , difficulties can arise: the hypercritical Virgo does not support the eccentric Aquarius well who, at the same time, can get bored. However, the union could be favorable if they carry out a common work activity or if they have known each other since childhood. If both are educated and have a common social life, they can also develop a joint spiritual evolution. The Virgo native loves to put order to chaos, while Aquarius loves to put chaos in order, which is why the combination between these two sun signs will often represent a great challenge. The Aquarius tend to jump from one place to another by making predictions and prophecies with great enthusiasm. They defend their individualism to a large extent, they do not take life to heart, approaching it with a refined and negligent dissatisfaction. This profile fascinates the methodical and ordained Virgo , who would never dare to prophesy or predict the future, who take everything seriously and who do not approach anything with negligent dissatisfaction. The Aquarians , ruled by the planet Uranus, rebel to speak, think or act like others, but pretend that everyone wants them and understands them. Their attraction to any concept or idea that goes around catches them, until they get bored and move on to the next seductive proposal. The Virgo , on the other hand, stand out for their ability to hold information; the talent for details: they almost never forget a name, a face, a date or a phone. Aquarians, on the other hand, may even forget their child when they go on vacation. For this combination of signs to succeed, Virgo must try to be a little less cautious and let go more to the adventure to adapt to the versatility of Aquarius. On the other hand, if Aquarius understands how to use Virgo's strengths to help the relationship work, things will be even easier. On the sexual level, both natives are very different in intimacy, although it does not mean that they are not compatible because of this. Aquarius is usually more curious and needs to explore new terrain than his Virgo partner , something that may be a bit threatening for some Virgo at the beginning, although the fact of being so attracted to the humanitarian side of Aquarius will allow them to slowly let go and show themselves more free in their intimate relationships.

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