Capricorn Woman and Scorpio Man Zodiac Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship

Scorpions have always been drawn to an inexplicable passion. Between our signs, trust arises from the very beginning, even if this is the first conversation. Compatibility and understanding at many levels. But we are both very stubborn, so the debate continues until someone surrenders. Even the simplest things can lead to disputes, and disputes to conflicts. Even a trifle can cause his anger and our parting. By the way, I’m not better, I also break out due to trifles.

On the other hand, I love him for his kindness, loyalty and affectionate nature. I do not want to lose my greatest love in life. We need to somehow figure out how to overcome our differences. In this union, everyone needs to look at themselves and improve themselves. I love drama, winning and being offended … but for what is all this? This is all so stupid. In general, I think that the relationship of Capricorn and Scorpio is once and for all life.

I met with Scorpio for 11 years. In my opinion, I am more flexible than him. His pride and stubbornness simply makes it difficult to compromise. I am old-fashioned and I believe that a man should be the first to take a step towards relations. But the men of Scorpio think differently, I think that the girl in front of him should lie down with bones. That is why our relationship moved very slowly.

We broke up not because both are stubborn, but because I need a man who knows what he wants and can take the first step. Now I meet with Taurus, an amazing person. And Scorpio is just a psycho who can bring to the grave.

I was in a relationship with a man Scorpio for 2 years. At first they were madly in love with each other, but then they began to argue a lot, his stubbornness became more and more obvious. From a passionate lover turned into a cold and insensitive person. After many quarrels and disputes, I just stopped talking to me. Through a mutual friend, she found out that he was cheating on me, but he was too ashamed to admit it. We broke up, now I can say that life without him is much better.

initially it is crazy passion, then grinding in. a lot of clarification of relations. but the most important thing in such an alliance is not to be silent. the most important thing is to say! a Capricorn woman should not keep her grievances in herself, but it’s necessary to calm down and at a convenient moment, calmly, without extra emotions, tell the man that you wouldn’t be happy with what you want to change. but not to set conditions for him and not to push him into the framework, but as if “you know, dear, I would like, I would be pleased, etc.”. and believe me, he will carry you in his arms

Love, like a disease … 18 years together, but it is impossible to recover … Become one and feel each other without words and at a distance.

into the furnace of scorpions. perpetual removal of the brain. no relationship. only sekas and all.