Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Zodiac Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship

I met a Scorpio man. Sex was great, but his character is terrible. The most difficult person of all that I have met in my life. This relationship is best for one night. They are furious with the smallest details, in general there was no trust in him. Even my phone conversations with friends annoyed him. And these guys were generally gay. He is incredibly emotional, the mere mention of my ex made him angry. The only interesting thing with him is sex, at another time he constantly tried to criticize me, he would have had enough health, would have kicked his back 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to throw out emotions lol🙂

Terribly cunning, prudent, thinks over his own and others’ steps far ahead, takes all decisions individually, and then leads me so neatly, like we don’t have a choice, except this decision. But in general the sign is terrible. If there is time and opportunity, girls, fall in love with other signs, do not waste your nerves and time on them, chemistry will pass in 3 years, and then only the heart tormented by insults will remain.

for sure! a despot, a sadyuga, whom the world had not seen, jealousy – 9 points. Vengeful to paranoia. For that I love this scorpion I don’t know

Tyrant! I don’t know why I love him … Probably masochism is inherent in the scales. A. The truth is that they are vindictive … I didn’t notice jealousy, for endless ceilings and humiliating sarcastic jokes this is their integral part.

I’m Libra, I’ve met Scorpio for the fifth year, it feels like I still don’t know him, with friends I’m more sociable, emotional, cheerful, alone with me more restrained in communication, and not very emotional, I don’t have strong feelings for him, But, according to his actions, he is ideal, he will always come to the rescue, although an errand or request, anyone leads a healthy lifestyle, without bad habits, purposeful, it keeps me close, we don’t have the opportunity to get married now, but I don’t know what to do next, because I don’t feel that we are close in spirit, there is no spiritual warmth .

indeed, because of the unbearable jealousy of a scorpion, it is very difficult with him. Others can’t even think of such a thing that they can be tyrants, in public they are very polite, good, but actually … It’s better not to connect your life with them

And we are friends like 🙂 that is, he is watching me. The scales are not soft at all – the sharp tongue and mood swings give him a light. When there was a discharge of emotions – we hug and are even more glad to see each other. How strange it sounds, but with each quarrel we get closer.

This is a nightmare, not a relationship! Tyrant, this is still little said, and for some reason it doesn’t break up, because we forgive, forgive everything.