Leo Woman and Capricorn Man Zodiac Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship

I am a woman Leo, I met at one time with a man Capricorn. The attraction was simply unbelievable, never experienced anything like it, but everything rested on your joint stubbornness. Constant debate and struggle. For weeks they could not talk. Of course, such a relationship is not destined to last long, but I still think about it.

I get divorced from Capricorn. We just do not understand each other. He is very cruel and controls everything. After marriage, he began to pay less attention to me, he had some business there. Right now I want to file for a divorce, but he does not want to sign documents. Sometimes it feels like he treats me with complete contempt. Never again.

My advice, never argue with Capricorn, his obstinacy is invincible. I just try to relax and never mind, especially when he is nervous. He gives me everything that I need and I’m not going to destroy it with some minuses. I love my Capricorn very much.

Madly in love with my Capricorn. The attraction is simply unbelievable, I think many felt it. We talk a lot, sometimes it seems that he reads my thoughts. In bed, everything is just phenomenal, I have never been so happy before. He has no education, but he is independent, honest, hardworking and reliable, a real man! He is my love of all life, I won’t let him go just like that. I didn’t even think that such love happens at first sight.

Recently met with Capricorn. Chased me like crazy … wrote hundreds of love messages, lots of questions. Suddenly he came to visit, seduced, sang praises, hugged. We discussed our relationship for several hours. Then he left and disappeared! No messages, no sweet words and promises. Now I can hardly restrain myself not to remove him from my life. I do not understand all this movement.

All my life I have only met Capricorns. The attraction is incredible. However, they are so different. The first was very quiet and modest, never argued, but I wanted drama in the end it all ended after 2 years.

Then she married another Capricorn, he was the exact opposite. Cruel, controlled everything, tried to deceive, endured him for 8 years.

Now I met Capricorn again. He is somewhat different from the two previous characters, had never experienced such an attraction before. His calm nature just appeases me. Now I am more mature and mature and look at some things differently, see how our relations will develop.

I am a Leo, a husband Capricorn, the whole life together in war. The general qualities of pride, yes, and it’s simply endless, in the end inferior to Capricorn, but it takes a very long time … Both require some kind of worship for their own person …

I have a wife, a Leo, and everything is in order with us. everyone has disagreements, but all the same, they have been together for 7 years and everything is fine.