Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility: Love and Relationship

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility: Love and Relationship

The horoscope gives the Taurus Woman and Cancer Man bond zero compatibility.

This relationship seems very good at first, but most likely it will not end well.

Both can be compatible in terms of pampering because she is very affectionate and he likes to be pampered ... but sexually they are not compatible. She asks for passion, but he cannot offer it to her. As a Cancerian, he can give him sincerity, but not passion.

Taurus women are very patient, but they also end up losing it sometimes and the relationship ends with their patience.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man love and relationship

When two people of the opposite sex with the zodiac signs of Taurus and Cancer enter into a relationship or marriage, they generally form good compatibility. Taurus and Cancer are only two positions distant from each other in the zodiac, which means they tend to form a strong karmic connection and deep mutual understanding.

They both appreciate the security and stability of the relationship, more than anything else. They want to take care of themselves and feed themselves. Therefore, the Cancerian wants to emotionally nurture the Taurus, and the Taurus reflects her love by giving the Cancer sensual pleasures, expensive gifts, and beautiful rich foods.

The two of them enjoy a charming home environment, so the perfect option for their love affair is a night at home, in a sexual embrace of their souls.

A love relationship made of Taurus and Cancer tends to be very happy, due to their mutual enjoyment of the safety and comfort that the home atmosphere offers.

They want to have a nice home, a strong love or marriage relationship, quality food, and expensive material things. They want to enjoy all the comforts that the family lifestyle offers.

Taurus and Cancer are probably capable of forming an ideal family that is more oriented towards family life than the outside world, which is why anyone else would envy them.

The only major problem among these can occur if the Taurus insists that everything be as she wants, and the Cancer reacts to it by showing a bad mood and anger. The Taurus must understand the emotional nature of Cancer, and Cancer must learn to speak openly and honestly and stop using emotional manipulation and blackmail.

Taurus is an earth sign, and Cancer is a water sign, and in this sense, Cancer nourishes Taurus, in the same way, that rain nourishes the earth and allows them to grow.

The Taurus, on the other hand, has a more stable outlook on life and is less prone to emotional turbulence than the Cancer. Because of this, the Taurus can help Cancer learn to control their “restless” feelings.

The two partners should be careful in their behavior towards each other, because Taurus may be bored with Cancer’s change in mood, and Cancer, on the other hand, may think that Taurus is insensitive to their needs.

Cancer Man Taurus Woman Sexually

The sex between a Cancer man and a Taurus woman is passionate, emotional, and intense. The caring ways of the Cancer will cause the Taurus to experience emotions they never believed they could.

He will require a lot of love and attention from the Taurus, and she may find this to be too much to handle. If he feels hurt, he will want to talk about it, which can aggravate her even more because she is more logical and less emotionally invested.

What is the best aspect of the love relationship between Taurus Woman and Cancer Man?

The best aspect of the Cancer-Taurus love nest is the ability to create a clever, durable, and reliable team of themselves.

Both signs depend on each other and are capable of nurturing each other, focusing on their life together.

Their mutual love compatibility for home and security makes this relationship ideal, long-lasting, and family-oriented.

Communication and Trust Between a Cancer Man and a Taurus Woman

When a Cancer man and a Taurus woman first meet, their connection to one another is emotional rather than physical. Never rushing into anything, the two will always take their time. They will reach a point in their relationship where they have a “sixth sense” for one another, paving the way for a dynamic one.

Due to their shared traits of love and loyalty, Cancer and Taurus enjoy a profound level of understanding. The most stable sign in the zodiac, Taurus, can provide stability to a Cancer guy who is sensitive, wears his heart on his sleeve, and yearns for it.

Emotional compatibility between a Cancer man and a Taurus woman

Both a Cancer man and a Taurus woman are intelligent, sensitive, and affectionate; they enjoy each other’s company and trust in one another. With kisses, massages, and sweet emails, a Cancer woman adores pampering her Taurus boyfriend, who becomes intoxicated by her. He has a strong desire for stability and security, and the Taurus lady fills that need when she enters his life.

A Cancer man is more emotional and sensitive than a Taurus lady who is rational and realistic. In the event of conflict, they will approach it in various ways. Taurus wants the conversation to end, and Cancer will be quiet and emotional. Taurus may perceive Cancer as being careless, and Cancer may feel that Taurus doesn’t care.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Taurus woman and Cancer man
Emotional connection Very strong 5 STARS
Communication Average 3 STARS
Trust and dependency Below average 2 STARS
Common values Average 3 STARS
Intimacy and sex Very strong 5 STARS

How to improve the relationship between Cancer Man and Taurus Woman

The taurine-cancer link has very little compatibility. Does this mean that this relationship cannot come to fruition? Of course not, it just means that they will have to try a little harder than the rest.

At the beginning of the relationship, there don’t seem to be any problems, but then they can start to arise. From the beginning, they both have an irrepressible passion for each other. Unfortunately, that is what brought them together and can be the breaking point of the relationship. This is mainly because they wonder, ‘what happened to that past passion? Will there no longer be love? Do we really love each other?’

Both have very different ways of seeing the world. Sometimes they will not agree on many issues, therefore they should take this naturally and never confront unimportant issues.

Taurine is usually very affectionate and likes to feel pampered, this is a plus. The problem can arise in the sexual sphere, from incompatibility in bed to fatigue and routine.

Therefore, it is fundamental to innovate in bed. Routine sex can kill the relationship. Talking about sexual tastes, fantasies, and surprises in bed can improve this relationship. The woman should know that the man works differently in bed and, many times what is erotic for him is not for her and vice versa. Therefore detecting what can turn on and drive the other crazy on the sexual plane will help this relationship.

A remarkable characteristic of the Cancerian is that he is usually sincere, but little passionate for the taurine. There is one of the keys for this relationship to work ... if she manages to awaken the passion in this man, they will be able to establish a happy and stable couple.

Taurine is a patient woman, but sometimes she can lose it. You must learn to control those impulsive lapses that you have. Although she is not usually a jealous or overly problematic woman, when jealousy or other character problems arise, she uncovers herself like an erupting volcano. This can exasperate her man, break the relationship and the bond of trust.

Another very important point on the family and friends plane is being liked by your partner’s family and friends. It can help you, and you don’t know how! Gaining the trust of the environment will help detect problems and, in addition, they will help you solve them. They know your partner better than anyone; they may even know him better than you.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility Reviews


In all my life I had only one man, Cancer. It was one continuous depression/moods/pessimism and sensitivity. He, like me, was taciturn; I don’t really want to draw words of love, approval, and compliments from him. I’m generally silent about the discussion of the future.

In general, life with him was not easy. He was bored, the lack of brilliance and wit made me lose heart. Maybe I could be friends with him, but most of the time he would make me bored.


Met with a guy of Cancer sign for 6 years, now 4 years married to him. They keep their emotions and feelings under a thick layer of the shell. In general, he does not like to share his feelings. We have to adapt to this. In general, everything suits me, my advice to you is to let them be what they are, they will slowly but surely come to the openness of feelings and emotions ... and you will get what you want.


4 years met with a man of Cancer sign. We parted, but because we had to leave for different cities. We have remained friends. Now we have met again but still live in different cities. I feel that I’m still crazy about him. He is very touchy. I need advice on how to make him come to me and stay forever. We spent a long time at a distance and in fact, now we are just friends. Please help me if you have any recommendations?


I have been dating my cancer man for 1.5 years. I love this guy with all my heart, but he’s loading everything so slowly. Very touchy and in bed also very lascivious. Indeed, as they wrote here, moody too. Any attempts to push him to open in terms of feelings make him hide in his carapace.

We have to give him time to think everything over and he returns to his normal state again. In general, a good client.


I just started dating a Cancerian. I love him with all my heart. He is always fun with him. He understands me, he is always ready to listen. I used to worry so much about guys, but I feel safe with my Cancerian man. Every day with him makes him happy. He already told me that he wants to get married. I will never forget our first night in bed.


I was pleasantly surprised to read so many success stories about this alliance. When I meet a Cancerian man, I feel a special connection between us. Nevertheless, their mood swings and hypersensitivity repel me. Everything was just perfect in the bedroom! But despite all these advantages, I do not see a future with him.

My Cancerian is a great cook, but I would like to just have fun in the bedroom, and he is already striving to introduce me to his parents. I know that I’m selfish and use it for sex and good food. But I’m very straightforward, any of my words drive him into his sink and all the romance melts. Help with any advice, please ?!


I can confirm all of the above. In the beginning, he thought of my perfection and soulmate, but over time, his secrecy came to the fore. He absolutely does not know how to handle money. Over time, we got married and had children. But even after that he doesn’t open, I thought he would become more romantic and open in words. On the whole, he is a wonderful father, worked a lot for the family, but over time he could not keep up the pace and gave up. He became more cruel and moody. I had to take parenting completely into my own hands.

Over time, he hides more and more in his shell Any attempts to put pressure on him only exacerbate the situation. What can I say, when we met for 10 years it was a time full of bliss. But the remaining 16 years of marriage were just hysteria and depression. We had financial difficulties and he just locked himself in the sink. Do not think that you can change it. Now I’m looking cautiously at any crayfish, I don’t think that I will ever risk it again.


Not so long ago I met a Taurus guy, we already knew each other, drank coffee, during that time they would throw the phrase “I love you.” She thought he would call but he called only a month later. On the whole, the conversation was pleasant, he invited me to come to him, but I refused because I had to go far and would have had to spend the night. He has a 3-month-old baby and 5 year old. I’m still puzzling why he didn’t call for so long. I don’t know what to do ...

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    Susan Miller

    The relationship between Taurus and Cancer has its greatest compatibility for marriage, especially if the woman is Cancer: born protective, sweet, romantic and madrassa, she will prepare for the Taurus man, a house and a perfect family. The only risk is that, being both hypersensitive and emotional, they can get bored or shipwrecked in a glass of water in front of practical things, especially during the courtship period. In a relationship, both enjoy showing their affection to their partner. They are motivated by romanticism, passion and will always project a well-planned future to guarantee a wonderful stay at home that they decide to build. The family they form will be protected by harmonious and loving parents, who will prioritize respect and companionship. Children born to a Taurus - Cancer couple will receive a lot of affection and protection. In order for this couple relationship to finally triumph, they must overcome the great mood swings that characterize them and respect the differences of opinion that may arise between them. In turn, they must learn to respect each other's times, understanding their mood changes and not taking them so tremendously. Both professionally and in friendship, this combination can be valid and useful reciprocally. Both signs have very compatible tastes, are sensitive and enjoy the simple things in life. A calm and homely atmosphere is the preference of these signs since they enjoy harmony and well-being to develop any activity they decide to undertake. These signs will be understood very well also in the field of business because both Taurus and Cancer have two priorities in their lives: security and stability. Both are cautious and careful with expenses. Taurus will provide its practical sense while Cancer will provide its innate sense of protection. Perhaps the differences that may arise are caused by the familiar stubbornness of Taurus that does not allow reaching a decision together. In any case, Taurus will help to stabilize the emotional character of Cancer, at the same time that he will contribute his practical sense to relieve the tension present in Taurus. On the sexual level, Cancer and Taurus reach a very special degree of excitement and warmth. Taurus will enjoy frequent demonstrations of love from his partner Cancer, achieving both a very high and sensual climax.

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