Cancer Man and Libra Woman Compatibility: Love, Dating, Obsession, Attraction and Breakup

The Cancer Man and Libra Woman Compatibility Match

The horoscope gives the Libra-Cancer bond a very good love compatibility.

Between a Cancer man and a Libra woman, there will be an immediate fascination. At first, he may only see her external beauty, but in time he will discover that she is more interesting, intelligent, and talkative than he took her to be.

She, the Libra woman, is very attracted to the Cancerian since it allows him to express himself and talk about all kinds of topics. It is very important that the Cancer man always pays close attention to him and values his opinions. This is essential for the Libra woman to feel completely comfortable.

There may be some tense moments in the relationship, but they will always be temporary. So, in short, the Cancer man and Libra woman bond are barbaric.

Compatibility between these signs of the elements water and air

The Cancer man and the Libra woman make the most fascinating amalgamation of all the signs of the Zodiac despite being a combination of the Water and Air sign. They definitely have a future together if they work towards it.

They both happily engage in their relationship to adjust to each other’s needs and can live very satisfying lives.

Both Cancer man and Libra woman are quite sensitive and committed to each other in a relationship.

Their relationship seems very tight at first as if both were tailor-made to meet each other’s requirements. But both are very emotionally sheltered initially. Neither of them reveals their true feelings to their partner. This works wonders, as they use this initial phase to establish a strong bond with each other, each of which discreetly agrees and adapts to the other.

They are not in a rush to speed things up. This results in a powerful relationship between the two making them safe and cool with each other.

The Libra woman can be a vicious rebellion, but the Cancer man is naturally blessed to wield such a rebellious streak, which makes the two of them very compatible.

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Cancer man

The Cancer man has a very keen intuition about things and is also a very temperamental person. He is blessed with a witty sense of humor.

The Cancer man also has a good foresight about things and before making any decisions, he analyzes the pros and cons.

His friends adore him for his friendly nature and witty humor. At times he may seem cold and distant, but in reality, he is very warm, caring, and homely.

When in a relationship with a Libra woman, the Cancerian man is fascinated by her natural charm and delicate nature. She has a beautiful smile that he adores. So, he tries to make her smile a lot through his funny jokes and she responds well to his humor. That’s how the Cancerian man and Libra woman get off to a good start.

The Libra woman has a balanced nature in life and this approach differs greatly from the Cancerian man. This can cause some problems.

Also in business, the Libra woman helps him a lot with her sensible ideas and creative input. He often seems heroic to her, which fascinates her and she always increases her power of determination.

Initially, it is the Libra woman who might think about the idea of marriage in their relationship. This could make the Cancerian man uncomfortable. He is a man who needs time to analyze situations and does not want to get into any relationship hastily.

The Cancerian man is irritated by the overly exciting and extravagant attitude of his Libra woman, at times he can also just seem cold. If the Libra woman corrects this trait, then together they can lead a very happy and comfortable life.

The Libra woman

A Libra woman is a very sensitive woman who understands all facets of life quite well.

She is full of life and has a sweet smile. Everyone likes her warm nature and charming character.

Her smart intellect is on par with male reasoning and with this trait, she can help her husband to prosper in business.

She is multitasking, who can handle home, family, and office with perfection.

When she’s in love with a Cancerian man, she feels safe with her homey and his protective nature. She admires him for his easygoing and fun-loving attitude towards life.

She also admires him for the way he deals with tense situations. With a Libra woman by his side, the Cancerian man flourishes in his career and overall life. She helps him remove all obstacles from his path.

The Libra woman is attracted to the Cancerian man because of his witty sense of humor and considerate nature.

The Libra woman loves the way he can make her smile. With him by her side, she feels free and safe in life.

The Libra woman also has some mood swings, but the Cancerian man is very understanding and compassionate about these traits of hers. He understands her well. Her serene way of seeing things makes her a very peaceful person.

After a few years of being with the Libra woman, the Cancer man seeks permanence in the relationship and also accepts marriage.

A Cancerian man can sometimes be a bit insecure about his relationships and this trait makes him feel a bit trapped. He also seems cold and distant at times, which irritates her a lot.

Cancer man and Libra woman: love compatibility

As time goes on, both the Libra woman and the Cancer man will develop deep love and respect for each other and will live as two lovebirds.

Their perfection will be an inspiration to others. Their home will be a place of happiness, laughter, and humor.

The Air element of the Libra woman always manages to keep the Water element of Cancer fresh.

As time goes by, the Cancerian man forgets his insecurities and fully opens up to her, and she delights in the love and warmth he provides by being just as devoted and loyal to him.

While it can’t be called the perfect match, they don’t have any major relationship disorder or love compatibility. They are both gentle beings with a love for similar things in life.

The Libra woman will never be disappointed in her hard-working Cancerian man and her love for him will only grow every day.

Commitment in a relationship is of utmost importance to the Libra woman and when she gets it from her Cancer man; she is very satisfied with the relationship.

No other sign beats Cancer when it comes to being faithful. The Cancer man knows how to love and appreciate his beloved and the Libra woman loves the abundant attention that she has newly begun to receive.

Cancer Man Libra Woman Sexually

Cancer man and Libra woman are highly compatible sexually. They use their physical intimacy as a means of keeping their tensions at bay. Over time, the Cancer man will express his emotions for his Libra wife sexually and without feeling insecure.

He can calm the tensions and restlessness in his Libra woman’s mind and together they reach great sexual heights.

The Cancer man enjoys his sexual relationship while immensely admiring the tenderness displayed by his Libra wife. Their sexual bond is very comforting and reassuring for each other and can be considered to be more on an emotional level.

Both engage in physical activity more to feel the presence of the other in their lives than to satisfy their sexual needs.

Sometimes one or both of them may face a lack of passion and this could trigger unnecessary complications in their lives. They both need to be very active in their lives sexually to maintain the health of their relationship.

Your sex lives could be uneventful in the long run if the two of you do not try to keep it exciting. The Cancerian man is more inclined towards the sensual and emotional side of making love and the Libra woman is more inclined to satisfy their partner while in bed and neither of them has a passion for taking initiative.

Both are cooperative sexually but it is more of a dependent combination that can eventually go unnoticed. So they both need to talk about this and be able to express their sexual creativity to each other.

Cancer man and Libra woman’s marriage compatibility

Although there is a lot of caring in their marriage, they are both very different in their natures.

The Cancer man is more emotionally inclined when showing love and the Libra woman is more intellectually inclined.

Libra women can be very quarrelsome at times and he can be very possessive which leads to awkwardness in their marriage. If not checked in at the right time, the Cancer man will end up building a wall around him and restricting the conversation.

A little attempt should be made on the part of both to keep communication to the maximum to avoid such detachment and the possibility of miscommunication.

A Libra woman is very balanced and fair in her opinions and the Cancer man is very emotional in his opinions and points of view. This difference of opinion can lead to some problems in their life after marriage.

The Libra woman has always inclined towards justice no matter the emotional connection, but the Cancer man’s emotions rule everything else in his world. They both do not try to get into any fight if they know that the other’s opinion is going to be different. But this causes them to enter a kind of shell, showing a cold and uncoupled behavior.

A Libra woman has a lack of emotional stability. The Cancer man can ruin the sweetness of the relationship with his bad mood that often balances the Libra woman. But sometimes, she gets too moody herself and can’t handle emotional conflicts at home.

They both hate being alone and they truly enjoy each other’s company.

A Cancer man always looks at a relationship to have a long-lasting one. On the other hand, the Libra woman goes where her desires lead. If she has made up her mind to have a short-term casual relationship, then it is very difficult for anyone to change her mind. But she is always very clear about her intentions from the beginning, because Librans are by nature just people.

As a couple, they both love peace, love, and cooperation and make for a secure partner.

How to improve this relationship?

The Libra-Cancerian bond has a very good love compatibility. This does not mean that everything will be rosy, problems can arise over time and if there are shortcomings from the beginning of the relationship, these will get bigger over time and can flare up at any moment.

In these two zodiac signs, there is usually a great initial passion and attraction: they were fascinated with each other. Unfortunately, this leads to idealizing each other, to see each other perfectly but, over time, they can become very disappointed when they begin to get in touch with each other’s real flaws.

Put your feet on the ground! We all have flaws and there is no such thing as the perfect fairy tale person.

The Libra is a very interesting woman and this is very attractive to the Cancerian man. It is essential that she does not lose that charm that a Cancerian man falls in love with: spark, intelligence, creativity, and optimism. They are keywords that she must memorize and put into practice all her life.

A point against this Libra-Cancerian relationship, especially those who have been together for a long time, is the lack of loving expressiveness. This lack of affection leads to the insecurity of feeling unloved, especially the Virgo woman (who is not usually a woman who is too demanding of love). The relationship should not be devoid of affection and words of love, even if they feel they don’t need them.

Sometimes it is difficult to say how much you love someone in words, but it can be done with simple gestures or small gifts. Feeling loved and desired is important for self-esteem and to keep the partner healthy and happy.

Luckily for the Libra woman, the Cancer man tends to listen to her and respect her. This man must never lose the ability to value his wife, otherwise, the relationship will be doomed. The Libran woman will be very disappointed if she does not feel valued.

The Libra-Cancerian couple always dreams and plans projects for the long term, luckily they coincide a lot in their objectives. But they can also be very disappointed if they do not comply or if they feel that their partner is making little effort to achieve them. It will always be essential to strive to meet the proposed goals, otherwise, this link could easily be dismantled.

Compatibility in friendship

The connection between Cancer and Libra is quite pleasant. If they are not careful, though, there is a possibility that it will turn sour. Their similarities strengthen their relationship, yet their differences could drive a wedge between them. To begin, Cancer is the quintessential example of an introvert. They take great pleasure in being at home and tending to their family. They favor the protection and security of their shell, just like the crab. If they could do so, Cancer would bring them home with them wherever they go.

On the other hand, Libra is a natural-born people person. The Libra personality is the quintessential example of what it means to be an extrovert. They have many friends and acquaintances, and they enjoy spending time with all of them. The Cancer personality is reserved and brooding. The vibrant and assertive sign of Libra.

In this way, the Cancer and Libra connection are very different from one another, much like night and day. When both parties do not accept the differences between Cancer and Libra, they can become a serious source of contention in their friendship. Cancer tends out how they feel when confronted by Libra’s need to discuss things. When is around or otherwise not in a good mood, Libra will try to cheer them up as much as possible. Cancer and Libra are two signs that can easily aggravate one another.

Communication compatibility

Libra and Cancer will likely be drawn to one another, which will only deepen the esteem both signs already have for one another. Libra finds Cancer entertaining and delightful to be around, particularly because of the way Cancer keeps them entertained with their off-the-wall thoughts and sense of humor.

Cancer ensures that Libra has all the love and patience they require, while Libra is responsible for bringing the partnership to a deeper degree of closeness and harmony. Libra and Cancer may find themselves competing to exhaustion. Libra may start to neglect Cancer’s feelings, particularly if they are preoccupied with assessing the benefits and drawbacks of various scenarios.

On the other hand, Cancer tends to be a little bit of a nag. Despite the odds, this is truly their way of demonstrating their concern, which, sadly, Libra will not comprehend or value. Despite this, if Libra and Cancer can the things that thee in common with one another and concentrate on improving the aspects of their relationship that need improvement, then they will make pro in a constructive direction.

Tips for your relationship

The relationship between Libra and Cancer is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling in the zodiac, even though it is likely one of the most difficult partnerships between the signs. Cancer is more in sync with their feelings, while Libra is more analytical and exact in their thought processes. Despite this, both of them can find a happy medium between their differences so that their relationship can thrive. Accepting and taking what they can learn from one another is essential for the health of this partnership.

Amidst Cancer’s negative view, Libra must learn to appreciate their other qualities, such as Cancer’s creativity, intuition, and love for their family and friends. This is especially important because Cancer rules Libra. The Cancerian needs to go past the Libran’s critical mindset and try to understand how Librans teach time management and how they fight against inequity and discrimination.

Because of their sensitivity, Libra should avoid taking things as seriously as a Cancer would, especially when things are not going well between them. It is in both of their best interests to concentrate on the positive aspects of their connection, as this will help them move closer to exciting opportunities that they may enjoy together.

Libra Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility Reviews


I am a Libra woman. I was in a relationship with a Cancer man. In the beginning, it was a very loving and faithful bond. But he didn’t like my independence. He simply did not understand that I want to achieve something in my career and work. I had to work hard, but I spent all my free time with him. In general, Cancer man is very cute, kind, and gallant. However, we have completely different lifestyles. I love concerts, clubs, and theater, and he just had to endure it all.

From time to time I became very moody. Time passed and I realized that we simply do not fit each other’s characters. I’m just not so sensual and not ready to devote my whole life to love. There were no unpleasant moments in our relations, there was simply no love and we are too different.


I met a Cancer man, in the end, I realized that we just can’t get what we want from each other. He is very caring and sweet, but his constant affection, to be honest, gets on my nerves, “how much do you love me?” “Did you miss me?” From time to time simply gets annoying.


A very difficult union in my opinion. I have been married to a Cancerian for 16 years. If he is not at the center of my attention and love, he becomes moody and annoyed. She loves her mother very much, probably if she told him to jump from a rock into a well filled with acid, he would do it without any hesitation.

At first, too, it all started amazingly, but over time one just start to feel suffocated. Libra is a freedom-loving sign, and the Cancerian man constantly ends up crushing her with his sensual snot.

He is a good family man, an excellent father, and a faithful husband. For many potential women he may become an ideal husband, but the Libra woman needs a little more than that. The Cancerian man has to be mindful of this fact and find ways to fulfill her wants and wishes.


I am a Libra girl. I have been dating a Cancer man for about 6 months. He is funny, sensual, caring, and gentle. But when you need personal space, he will still be pulled towards you. His care simply has no boundaries. In general, he is beautiful and I have never met such a man before. He taught me a lot of new things, and our relations are now developing in positive directions. I’m sure we will be together for a very long time.


Hello everyone, I’m a Libra woman. I met with a Cancerian man. In the beginning, everything was fun, they could not get enough of each other, they fell in love very quickly. In general, our relationship developed very quickly.

He is charming and handsome, sexy and strong, everything was perfect in bed too! He was very passionate and loved me very much, he could cherish and fall asleep while complimenting every part of my body ... but be careful that you may not end up fooling yourself ...

If he suddenly feels that you love him less, he becomes nervous and aggressive. His passion eventually becomes an obsession. His obsession one day nearly robbed me of my work. Meetings with my girl friends caused him to feel jealousy and anger which led to him attacking me verbally. He simply does not know how to control his emotions and feelings. When he became aggressive, I was just scared to be near him. Over time, I just did not know what to expect from him.

Fortunately, we are no longer together. No matter how happy you will be at the beginning, if you are not ready to change according to his needs, then he will turn into an incomprehensible thing.


At first, everything was romantic, beautiful, and we were in love ... you don’t even believe in this fairy tale, because they are very good. Interesting interlocutors, smart, gentle, gallant, and educated, with a great sense of humor. Then, digestion of what is happening begins and they rush here and there. This is so exhausting! It seems that you already think everything, sandals are tight and for a moment it seems like they are out of the way, but NOOOO! They come back as if nothing had changed… and everything starts all over again.

In short, all brains will endure with their incomprehensible actions. At the same time, you know a 100% that if they have no feelings, they will never continue to promise, force themselves to do what they do not want. They also like to walk very much !!! In general, they are on their wave ... But Libra can either reconcile with this charming reptile and get used to these kooky people, or run away without looking back. To add a few good things as a conclusion they are great fathers, caring husbands, and excellent businessmen.


Everything is true ... these relations started well, they were almost an ideal couple, but after a while, everything came to naught, in this union the scales only suffer and don’t understand why They think that everything can change and the cancer will finally understand, but alas, such a relationship is doomed to stagnation.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Libra woman and Cancer man
Emotional connection Below average 2 STARS
Communication Below average 2 STARS
Trust and dependency Strong 4 STARS
Common values Very strong 5 STARS
Intimacy and sex Average 3 STARS

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