Best Jobs for Cancer Male and Female: Top 10 Professional Careers and Occupations

It is undeniable that there are now many different professions to choose from, and with so many career options, it is really difficult to decide which one to pursue for the rest of our lives - or at least for a part of our lives. But you needn’t despair, because My Today’s Horoscope team helps you make that decision.

If you are from the Cancer zodiac sign, see below for Top 10 Careers for Cancerian who, like you, have yet to make that decision, or regret the decision they have made in the past and plan to change their lives by switching to a new career. See which career best suits your personal characteristics and invest in your future accordingly!

The best careers for Cancerians are:

1. Chef

Cancerians do everything to please the people they love and make them happy. And what better way to do it than through the stomach? Of course! As a cook, you will not only delight your family and friends in your free time but also will make many other people happy with your wonderful food! Besides, you can choose which type of food you like and know how to specialize in more than one - Mediterranean, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, French, confectionery, Japanese food, or any other style. There are many options! Not to mention that this is one of the professions that has the least financial crisis, no matter where you are on the planet - after all, people can stop buying everything but food, right?

2. Nutritionist

Being a nutritionist is a great choice for Cancerian natives, as this profession helps others stay healthy and have habits that will keep their health good for as long as possible. If you choose this career, you will teach your clients and patients how to eat healthily. You will guide them in ways to hydrate their bodies, inform them about the importance of regular physical activity; not to mention that it will certainly help and support them in breaking harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption. There are several places you can work: in schools, hospitals, gyms or you may even opt for setting up your own private practice.

3. Psychologist

Cancerians love helping others. Therefore, psychology can be a very interesting profession for people of this sign, as they will hear all the problems and dilemmas of their patients’ lives and help them to overcome each difficulty. The psychologists assist people with problems related to emotions, thinking, personality, behaviour, and many more. In the study of psychology and professions associated with this subject, human behavior is studied to identify and analyze behavioral patterns and thus treat them when necessary. The psychologist can work in various areas, such as a clinic, and treat patients individually or in groups. They can work in hospitals, schools, or in companies as a Human Resources executive. They can also work directly with professional athletes or with forensics. There are many such possibilities.

4. Oceanographer

Cancer is a water sign, so a profession that has direct contact with the sea will be very well suited for Cancerians. If you are from this sign, do consider this option! Being an oceanography professional will make you study the characteristics of the seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes. You will research about all animals and plants that live in the marine environment, and study the environment itself. It will analyze the physical, chemical, biological, and geological conditions of all aquatic environments. With these studies, you will be able to develop techniques for exploring natural resources in the planet’s waters, so as to increase awareness of not degrading our planet’s natural environment. Not to mention that, as a good Cancerian, you will feel at home when you are in the middle of the sea. Do it sound too much?!

5. Veterinary

Studying veterinary and working effectively with this profession means having direct and daily contact with various animals. As a veterinarian, you can work by giving clinical assistance to domestic pets such as dogs, cats, and small birds, for example; or you can broaden your horizons and specialize in wildlife - in which case you will have contact with all types of animals, such as horses, snakes, reptiles in general, large birds, among others. Your job will be to take care of the animal’s health, keep it stable, or when it has a problem, find out what it is and cure it. To choose this profession, one must love animals and respect them. If this is your case, vetting may be the perfect career for you!

6. Teacher

Cancerians are often very patient and happy with other people’s progress. These are prime characteristics of a good teacher. You will be proud when you realize that your students have learned more, and you will feel even better when you realize that you taught them and helped improve their lives! Pride in being part of other people’s evolution will fill your heart with love and light. Believe! If you have the patience to teach, are not too lazy to explain both simple and complex concepts, are happy to see others evolve, choose to teach and you will not regret it. The possibilities are extremely varied. If you like children, consider teaching in a preschool (the early years are very important). If you prefer to be in contact with adults, teach at a college. See the teaching style that suits you and go for it!

7. Photographer

Because they are so attached to memories and loved ones, Cancer natives tend to love memories forever. They always want to photograph or film important moments with family and friends. So why not turn this passion into a profession? Have you ever thought about how beautiful it is to be able to eternalize other people’s important moments? Being a photographer involves being present at beautiful moments in one’s life, such as birthday parties, weddings, births, baptisms, weddings, graduations, and so many other remarkable events. The only caveat is that you need to be prepared for a crazy work routine, since all these events can happen on weekends, in the evening, early in the morning or even late at night. But if you don’t mind that, then you can opt for this profession!

8. Nurse

Cancerians are so attached to people that over time they become family members. To even those whom they have just met, Cancerians already convey care and affection to them through their eyes, their way of speaking and the way they perform every action. That’s why Cancerians can be great nurses. To be a nursing professional, you must have characteristics such as love, care, and affection as your second nature. It is also important to know how to deal well with blood and deeper injuries, as it is completely normal to have situations involving these aspects in the daily life of a nurse. You will have to give all the necessary assistance to the patients you are treating, including psychological and affective assistance, showing that you care about them and are by their side for whatever they need. In this profession, you will also not be able to demand a shift during usual business working hours, because the working hours and shifts of medical staff can vary drastically depending upon circumstances. So, be prepared for it!

9. Online seller

What would be better than combining your ability to sell a product and the ever-expanding and evolving internet? Cancer natives are very good at building conversational and convincing tactics that are based on real arguments and not nonsense! Therefore, they are often very good at careers involving sales. Allied to all this, the internet offers a world of possibilities where you can sell the most varied types and styles of products from within your home. Of course, if you prefer, you can set up a physical trade somewhere, because it gets along very well with people. If you prefer, you can also make phone sales or schedule face-to-face visits to your clients’ homes. The important thing is to choose the sales tactic that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

10. Historian

It is a fact that one of the many hobbies that the Cancerians have is to find out about the past of their own ancestors as well as ancient civilizations. Turning this taste into a career can be a great option. As a historian, you will have the opportunity to work in places such as libraries, museums, universities, research centers, schools, and archaeological centers. There are several specialties you can choose from, such as social, economic, cultural, art history, or archaeology, for example. However, regardless of the specialty you choose, it is important to know that to become a good historian, you must enjoy reading and research, as well as being patient, inquisitive, and focused.

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