Best Jobs for Scorpio Male and Female: Top 10 Professional Careers and Occupations

Choosing which career path to pursue is a very complicated decision that involves self-knowledge and a lot of responsibility. That’s why people often wonder which career path to choose. But don’t worry, because Virtual Horoscope is here to help you. If you are a Scorpio, we have listed below a list of professions that value your qualities and match what you have to offer in the professional environment. Check out the list and choose which profession suits you best!

What Are the Best Career Paths for a Scorpio?

Scorpios have divisive, sometimes contradicting personality features. For instance, they can cling to individuals close to them yet being quite autonomous. Intuitive, aggressive, resourceful, enigmatic, goal-oriented, and adaptable traits are also associated with the Scorpio sign. These qualities are very helpful in the workplace. Scorpios perform best and feel most happy when they can help others, get only little supervision—not micromanagement—and are engaged in meaningful work. Human services, medicine, and organizational development are possible good career choices.

What Are Scorpios Like in the Workplace?

Scorpions’ coworkers should count themselves fortunate. Scorpios are honest and have a talent for spotting people’s hidden agendas. The likelihood of success increases dramatically when a Scorpio is present and there is a project or task at hand. Scorpios have a strong sense of self and are charming in work. Despite having appealing personalities that entice colleagues, they greatly favour working individually.

Scorpios enjoy taking the initiative but are capable of following when given explicit directions. Scorpios are tenacious in their pursuit of their objectives, but they like to be left alone. They are good at leveraging failure to propel them toward achievement and have a special type of loyalty, so they are sure to present a perspective that few others have considered. Scorpios make excellent team players yet like working alone.

This could be a problem at work, but Scorpios can get through it by making a compromise and dividing their time between team and individual tasks. If the work is worthwhile, Scorpios can accomplish it in practically any setting, including remote areas, medical facilities, and labs. Team members must stay committed to the objective or run the risk of being revealed by the Scorpio, who is continually focused on finding the most effective way to complete the task.

The need to properly carry out the company’s aim will ultimately make colleagues enjoy having a Scorpio on board, even though the Scorpio personality may clash with those whose primary purpose is to acquire an edge and win.

The best careers for Scorpio are:

1. Medicine

Scorpios are extremely determined and make no effort to achieve their goals. If you have a knack for taking care of people’s health and don’t mind seeing blood and more serious injuries daily, why not invest your time studying to become a doctor? It is a profession that requires a lot of dedication because there are shifts up to 24 hours and they are more common than you think. One must also have a strong stomach and a strong desire to help others. Not to mention that thinking only of the basic study to become a doctor, it is six years of college plus three years of residency, that is, practically a decade of study without counting extra courses. It is certainly a very exhausting path, but there is no doubt that it is worth it!

2. Astrology

Scorpios have a very strong intuition, they are sensitive and reflective people. What better than astrology itself, then? Astrology is a natural science that studies the way stars influence people’s future and destiny. The astrology professional interprets the relationship of the stars to each other with the zodiac signs and, especially, among many other activities, makes the astrological chart of people. To be an astrologer you must study geography, history, mythology, physics, psychology, among other aspects related to the segment.

3. Private Detective

Scorpios are insightful, intuitive and will not give up for anything until they reach their goals - this last feature is perhaps the most important to be a successful detective. The ambition to achieve what you want is indispensable for this profession and ambition is a characteristic not lacking in the people of Scorpio. Also, it is possible to have a solid and very successful career if you are responsible and determined, which is common for a Scorpio.

4. Economist

Anyone from Scorpio knows how analyst he is. Besides, it knows how to manage financial resources well. Therefore, the economy can be a very interesting segment for Scorpios who are still looking for the ideal career. As an economist, you will play a very important role within the organization you work for, whether business, industry or any other type of business, as you will work directly with the local finance or administrative department. You can conduct market analysis, suggest potential investments, advise on deals that may go wrong, manage your local cash flow and so many other activities.

5. Chemical

It is not uncommon to find a scorpion in laboratories, developing formulas, finding solutions to difficult problems and creating new products. For those who like cosmetics or medicines, pharmaceutical companies or big brands of makeup or skincare products are extremely interesting. If you want to go deeper into health, suddenly you can aim to find a medicine that cures a disease! Get ready to study and work hard, but it sure is an extremely rewarding area.

6. Engineer

Having a career as an engineer is knowing that you have a lot of work to do, but this is not something that worries a Scorpio it encourages you even more. The cool thing about Engineering is that, just like in Medicine, the area is extremely wide and you can specialize in many different segments, such as Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and many others. You’ll have direct contact with numbers and formulas, so be prepared to do the math!

7. Psychiatrist

Being a psychiatrist is a great way to listen to people’s many problems - or find out what the problems are if patients themselves aren’t sure - and help them solve everything they can. It takes a lot of sensitivity, a critical sense, a high degree of responsibility and discretion.

8. Military

The military career, though frightening many, is not a problem for Scorpios, who are always prepared for challenges and overcoming their limits. Therefore, some military positions would be ideal for Scorpio people, who will have new goals with each passing day, as well as a career plan and well-structured future positions.

9. Mortician or coroner

It may seem a little sinister, but Scorpios look at both life and death in a completely natural way, after all, they know that you can’t escape death, so why fear it? As such, they would have no problem in professions that face death daily and so closely. Mortician or coroner are great options in this case!

10. Biologist

Precisely by facing life processes so naturally, as described in the previous section, being a biologist would be an extremely exciting challenge for Scorpios. Biology studies the different life forms present on our planet, their constant evolution over time and the direct relationship of each life to the environment.




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