Best Jobs for Pisces Male and Female: Top 10 Professional Careers and Occupations

Always being the collective maximum and the individual minimum, Pisces is guided by intuition and applied to the group, whether in personal or professional life.

Although it is good to work in groups, the fish person has difficulty with long working hours, very limited routines and too much bureaucracy. Every Pisces needs to express their emotions and discharge their energies through their creativity and action.

They are inspirational as well as inspiring, like innovative and mind-boggling ideas and creative yet financially successful jobs.

The best careers for Pisces are:

1. Animator / Instructor

Party animators need a lot of energy and imagination, they should speak well and interact with everyone. Nevertheless, they must be very concentrated during their working hours, which is characteristic of Pisces. They have the challenge of willingness and concentration in this work but may get along very well.

2. Film-maker

With high creativity and motivation to “travel” on different ideas, Pisces has the incredible ability to execute very creative projects and put them into practice, so filmmaking is a good way to apply all this imaginative vision.

3. Religious life

Although it may not seem like it, Pisceans can do well by being nuns, monks, or pursuing a career that requires retreat and abdication. Being very imaginative and creative, with a little concentration you can make these skills a way to go inside and head into the precepts and religious life.

4. Counselors and / or psychologists

Always concerned about the collective spirit, Pisceans adapt well to professions that require care of others. They can be good counselors within associations such as anonymous alcoholics and others, and can also give good advice and guides as psychologists.

5. Navigator

A profession, not much thought of but which is the sign of Pisces is that of the navigator. Living on the seas can be a great source of inspiration for Pisces’ active ideas. Also, the refuge from the city’s traffic and chaos attracts the Pisces individually.

6. Bartender

Sociable and comfortable in collective environments, Pisceans can work in this profession that involves meeting new people and always being creative, without much routine and delimitation.

7. Ecology

Again addressing the quality of Piscean group thinking, ecology is about the environment and thinking about the effects on the general population. The fish person can feel comfortable in this act mainly having ideas and seeing their execution and result.

8. Fashion

Putting all creativity to the surface, in fashion the Pisces does not leave creativity aside and has room to exercise it.

9. Pharmaceutical

Taking care of others from your knowledge pleases the Pisces, who would probably devote much to the profession to help others.

10. Actor

Accuracy, commitment, and creativity can make Pisces a great actor and artist.




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